Jackie’s back!

Tuesday 120228

A: Press 3 x 3

B: “Jackie”

1000 meter row
45#/33# thruster, 50 reps
30 pull-ups

NOTE: Tonight’s NYC Endurance running class meets @ 6:30pm at 25 W. 26th St. at the south end of the Mall in Central Park.

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Anyone who trains in the mornings at CFNYC has seen Matt M. do amazing things like these one-legged double-unders (thanks, Coach Sara, for the pic):

We asked him to tell us about how it’s been to train through injury. The accompanying photos, taken by Kayam, are from Open WOD 12.1.

“When I got hurt in January (I ruptured 60 percent of my achilles tendon), I was extremely disappointed. Reis a few days later posted a link to a K-Star article in the Crossfit Journal about training injured [plus part 2 here], which really hit home for me.”

“I committed to taking a week off to rest and then it was back to training the following Monday. I can’t thank [Coach] Sara and [Coach] Will enough for continuing to push me and forcing me to maintain standards despite the injury. This not only has helped in my recovery in the gym, but also in day-to-day activities.”

“It is hard to say you can’t do something when you have just done “the Chief” that morning! I couldn’t have gotten back to where I am today without the 6am crew aka “The Black Box Bench Press Club” (Greg W., Mike W., Michael, Rory, Peter, and Malcolm) who did more rounds of “Lynne” than anyone of them would care to admit. The support I received is a testament to the community at CFNYC, and has been invaluable to me as I work to get back to 100%. The best thing I did was get back in the gym.”

Today I sent another email to Matt asking him what it’s like to commit to doing the Open while injured. He responded with this:

“It is a bit bittersweet. I trained with a singular focus on the [upcoming] Open over the last 12 months so when the injury happened the first thing that crossed my mind was ‘Will I make it back for the Open?’ While I didn’t make it back to 100%, I have really enjoyed continuing my prep work for the Open and I loved competing this past weekend doing 12.1 (as much as you can doing a burpee WOD twice in 4 days). The silver lining in this is that my strength and conditioning is exactly where I was hoping it would be for the Open (which is a tribute to Will and Sara’s coaching), and in getting there over last 12 months I lost 30lbs from when I competed in the Open last year which I expect will give me an accurate assessment of how the one-legged me stacks against the overweight [two-legged] me.”

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s WOD classes:

A: Deadlift 3 x 3

B: In 12 minutes, complete as many rounds as possible of the following:

wallball (20/14#) x 10 reps
double-unders x 20 reps


  • The_Lisa

    I am so glad to see you are recovering so well, Matt. Very inspiring!

  • Anonymous

    I want to be like Matt M when I grow up.

    A: 95 – 115 – 135

    B: 8:51 Rx

    • Anonymous

      Anyone know the dates of the last couple times we’ve done Jackie? I know I’ve done this WOD before, but apparently I didn’t record my time anywhere besides the blog. Stupid.

      • Anonymous

        according to BTWB (which you should really sign up for…), looks like we last saw it on 12/19/11

        • Anonymous

          Before that, August 17, 2011.

        • Anonymous

          I’m signed up, sometimes I’m bad about recording my results. Or, in this case, I was out of town and did not do the WOD.

  • Justin Katz

    B: 12:12 RX’D

    • Anonymous

      Justin, your last two sets were 105#, fyi

  • Anonymous

    I, too, am inspired, Athlete Matt.  But sad that I didn’t get a 6AM shout-out.  How quickly we forget the glory days of Spring and Summer 2011.  #DonnaMartinGraduated #SociallyInsecureDickie


  • Anonymous

    i can’t even do double unders with 2 legs.
    A: 135-145-155 (2)
    B: 7:11  … 10 seconds faster than last time!

    • Anonymous

      Nice job, Greg.  Meow.

  • Cassie

    best answer to the question of the day
    will: what’s your favorite lady workout?
    rory: murph!
    will: uh..that’s not a girl

    A: 43-53-63 (PR)
    B: 11:01 rx..next time, 10 mins..for Jamie F

    • Anonymous

       It is the way I do it.  #SandyV

    • Anonymous

      Cass, I think it was Will and the whole gym…you can’t getting anything past the 6amers

    • Rory

      I propose a 6am Clam Bake Murph!!!

      glad i could provide some entertainment this am

      as for Matt M…gotta love that he tapes his boot for burpees but not for double unders…you da man!!!

  • Matt M.

    Press – 115 – 135- 135
    Jackie – 7:30 rx’d (19 secs slower than last time)

    • Cassie

      it’s DAS BOOT!

  • Anonymous

    A: 95-105-105
    B: 9:32 rx’d

  • Anonymous

    Reading about Matt makes me feel like a girlie man..

    b:9:58 rx’d (first time)

    • Anonymous

       There’s the obvious joke — too obvious to even warrant mention on the blog.

  • Anonymous

    Matt your performance while injured solidifies everything K Star talks about in that lecture.  It’s been so inspiring to watch you rise above the limitations of your injury.  I assume once the boot comes off you’ll start doing triple-unders.  Well done sir…

    A (post-B):  135 – 145 – 155
    B: 14:20
    Row: 3:40

    I forgot everything I learned about Jackie last time when I also messed it up. People since I have not learned, please learn from me.  DO NOT GO HARD ON THE ROW.  Seven seconds faster on the row this time meant over a minute worse overall.

  • Malcolm

    a:  95 – 135 – 145 (2x)
    b:  9:50 (57 sec improvement though am still spending all my time doing pullups slowly)

    • Anonymous

      i’m with you, Malcolm.  I think I spent 3 minutes on the pullups

      • Anonymous

        But you killed the thrusters!

  • Nice job Matt! You are inspiring!

    Jackie: 10:13 – First time, felt pretty good. shoulder press: 95,115,125

  • Kristin Cunningham

    Matt – Amazing – very inspiring!

    A:  53 – 53 – 53
    B: I have no clue how long it took me to finish “Jackie.”  I am just glad I was able to complete it.  I attempted to use the green band and added the blue band (thanks Jim).  I think I was too ambitious in saying yesterday that I graduated from using the black band 🙁

    Thanks everyone for getting me through this one! 

    Cassie – thank you for yelling at me 🙂

    • Naveen

      The end of a rowing/thruster workout is a pretty tough time to do pullups – I wouldn’t discount your graduation just yet..

  • Amanda Long

    Matt –  you are awesome! You push us all to work harder!

    A. 33,43,53,63,68

    B. Jackie: 9:04 Rx’d

    Thanks to James for encouraging me through the end! And to Coach Sara – I appreciate your help on the pull-ups. I have a lot of work to do!!!!!

  • A. (after Jackie) 95×3, 115×3, 135×2

    B. 7:57 Rx’d (8 Second PR from last time) 3:30 Row.

    It was great actually meeting Matt M. this weekend doing Open Wod 12.1. I’ve always seen (and chased) his daily results here on the blog and they are always inspiring. 

  • Naveen

    Matt, Way to be – very inspiring!

    Jackie – 9:46 rxd. 9 seconds better than in December, but still 30 seconds off of my PR from the summer.  Thanks to Sara for the encouragement!

  • Rory

    A: 95 – 115 – 125
    B: 8:55 Rx’d (Greg W. saved me about a min by screaming at me to keep the bar up on thrusters!!! thanks)

  • Erika Ramos

    matt, you’re so awesome! you and your stupid boot.. i say this ALL the time because it motivates me to WERQ! 

  • The_Lisa

    This evening’s NYC Endurance Class meets in Central Park – 6:30pm at the South end of The Mall (The Bandshell is at the north end, if that helps). Wear your running clothes and bring a watch with stopwatch function if you have one. See you there!

  • Anonymous

    press triples (with 100# 3RM): 99-97-97
    deadlift triples (with 275# 3RM): 255-265-275-285
    chin-ups: 2-2-2-2

  • Anonymous

    Kudos btw to Coaches Sara and Will for yet another avoided sh*tshow…six rowers, 30+ people…and we all still got out there by 7am.  

    • Rory

      i second that!!!

  • Jana B.

    A:  73-73-73

    Jackie:  My first time 12:18 w black band.

    Agreed, Sara and Will and logistics magicians!!

  • Wendy

    Matt, this is amazing. I’m recovering from a foot surgery and have been staying away from Crossfit, but now, hell, I’m going. 

  • jenntang

    Jackie: 9:31 Rx

    • keller

      like omg go faster

  • BenS

    Jackie: 12:31, rx’d

  • Paul B.


    11:51 Rx’d

  • The_Lisa

    Jackie – 07:29 with 45#, did 10 kipping pull ups, the rest with skinny red band.

    • Jaysus, Lisa, you should teach rowing Endurance.

      PS-  See ya in the early AM! 

      • The_Lisa

        Great, Peter, see you there!

  • Asegal04

    strict press: 135, 155, 155

    Jackie: 9:40, just had one of those days and did not show up mentally or physically.  Row was good, broke up the thrusters and pullups way too much.  Should have just taken the day off, thinking of doing this one again before weeks end.

  • A quick programming note, as a few people have asked how we’re going to square our big-picture programming (which tends to follow multi-month periodization, and chases specific goals) with Open WODs that pop up from the outside once a week.

    In short, we’ve now programmed Su-W WODS for the balance of the Open, giving us a periodization framewwork.  Then, when the Open WODs pop up, we’ll quickly program a WOD for the next day (Thursday) that incorporates the same (or similar) movements, though sliced and diced in a way that will help you practice (rather than just test) those same movements / metabolic pathways / etc.  On Friday, we’ll program both a strength movement that fits into the periodization but is complementary to (ie, doesn’t beat up the same muscles you’ll need for) the following day’s Open throw-down, along with some extended mobility / movement prep to help prepare for the Open WOD.  And, of course, on Saturday, we’ll have partner-scoring WOD-doing mayhem.  Should be fun.

    We’ve been upping the volume you’ve all been facing gradually for some time now, so you should be more than fine to do two or three days Su-W, along with as much as all of Th-S if you want, without feeling totally smoked.  

    Hope that helps.

    • Michael North

      Thanks for the update. Is there a way for people who did the workout at the box but didn’t submit their scores by Sunday 8pm ET to do so? There seemed to be quite a few in that boat based on yesterday’s comments.

      • Hari

        It looks like the Games Site is not going to accept scores submitted late. We are trying to appeal, but this seems to be a pretty firm decision.

        (As a practical matter, we can recalculate by hand precisely where you should stand in the final ratings, although the Game site mae not reflect this.)

  • Feeling accomplished today: 

    Press- 75/80/83   followed by 88 1RM!!!  After 8 months of Crossfit, I finally put three more pounds on the strict press. 

    Related note:  Strung two full ROM HSPUs together for the first time.  Woohoo.   

    Jackie: 9:52 rx, down from 10:26 on 12/19/11. 

  • williamson

    Wendler Press: 110-120-140×7

    Invictus Training:
    A. 1:15 – 1:05 – 1:05
    B. Sub Cleans, 185-205-205-210-210 3x5sets ~2min rest.
    C. 4 rounds, 10 c2b, 7 ring dips
    D. 2 rounds, 300m row.  God damn double unders fell completely apart and ruined the amrap.  Back to doing that every day.

    And now back to waiting to see what the Open WOD is.

  • Jason W

    Wender deadlift 5-5-5

    then straight into jackie.
    7:15 rx’d

    Row: 3:36
    Thrusters: 25-15-10
    Pullups: 10-5-5-5-5

    I always feel like i give up too soon on the thrusters with this workout.

  • Sam G

    5/3/1 Squat

    5 at 270
    3 at 305
    10 at 342

    Dynamic Warm up of
    7 Pullups, 5 back X, 10 one armed presses 15lb DB, 7 Kb swings 1 pood 5 rounds

    CrossFit Football Wod in Courtyard With Steve (good work by the way)

    5 DB thrusters at 45lbs15 yard sprintRest is walk back from sprint.10 rounds

  • Zoe

    11:50 w/ 45#… Hoping to go a bit faster, but still better than I did last time, which was with a lighter weight. So I’ll take it.

  • Anonymous

    A.  Press
         1 x 3, 95#     2 x 3, 115#B. Jackie     15:27      (black band-assisted pullups)

  • Ben M

    Great story Matt! I’m going to share this with my friends who take the time to dream up excusses.

    PE 5:45

    A. 145-145-145
    B. 11:41

    I have a couple good friends named Jackie. This Jackie is not one of them.

  • A. 95# x 1, 75# x 3, 85# x 3, 85 x 1 (failed on last two).

    B. Jackie – 11:16, Rx’d thrusters, 1 green band + 1 blue band on pull-ups (did all 30). This was 2:16 faster than the last time I did Jackie, and previously I used two green bands. So I’m happy.

  • Adam H

    8:55 rx