We Are Team CFNYC!

Thanks to the last of our athletes who signed up today before sign-ups closed out and helped us surpass our goal of 500 people on Team CrossFit NYC. Let’s do this!

Samantha Hecht
tait pollard
Vinay nadimpally
Jamie McAndrews
Anne Walters
Stefanos Missailidis
Vikash Shah
Angela Ranelli
Brandon Farmer
Heather Baiman
Peter Swanson
Hayley Orcutt
Tim Doherty
michelle foxman
David Newman
steven g
Mael Bredeche
Kristina Harrow
Mike Harrow
Joseph Gold
Mindy Golf
Morgan Schulman-Wing

Total Athletes: 505

While it seems that CrossFit Enhance did end up passing us at the last minute to win the biggest team award (no official announcement on the Games site yet), we are nonetheless exceedingly proud of the team spirit of our many, many members who signed up to participate in the 2012 CrossFit Games Open! Congratulations, Team CFNYC!!

Monday 120227


A: In 15 minutes, complete as many rounds as possible of the following:
135/95 Power Cleans x 3 reps
Push-Ups x 6 reps
24″ Box Jumps x 9 reps

Rest exactly five minutes, and then:

B: In 15 minutes, complete as many rounds as possible of the following:
Pull-Ups x 5 reps
Burpees x 10

For both the A and B portion, team members will cycle through full rounds one at a time, with only one member working at any time.

NOTES: Tonight’s Mobility class with Court Wing meets at 7:30pm @ 44 W. 28th St. Tonight’s NYC Endurance running class meets at 6:30pm @ 25 W. 26th St.

Kelly Starrett talks about the value of the CrossFit Games season.
More burpees in 7 minutes than you could even imagine… (and here he is doing his usual sport, “sport aerobics”)
Aging of the eyes is blamed for a range of health woes
Mastering the sear
Double-unders are like being a husband

“Crossfit NYC and Josh, Thanks for the encouragement today. It was a great way to spend the afternoon. Per your request, I’ve attached a photograph of David Rodriguez and me. We were each other’s judges and it was David’s first WOD. He scored 90 reps, which is pretty remarkable considering he hadn’t ever done a burpee for time before. Thanks to the gym and his screaming I got 126. Best, Zander”

And thanks to Michael W. for grabbing this pic of Kameron M.:

Got a story of your experience with WOD 12.1 for the CF Games Open? Send in a pic and tell us your story and I’ll post it on the blog. Email me at allison AT crossfitnyc DOT com. Thanks!

* * * * *

Stay tuned for Tuesday’s WOD, coming soon…


  • Jason W

    Of our 500+ team members how many completed the first workout?

    • Hari

      It’s hard to say, because not everyone posted scores, but my estimate is 300 or more.

      • Hari

        Actually, now I think it’s over 350. 

        • I think the number is even higher, though I’m not sure we did a great job communicating that people need to log their own scores for us to validate them.  I fear a good percentage did the WOD but didn’t get credit for it.

          • Michael North

            I am one of those people. I mistakenly thought the gym was posting the scores. I guess my chances of going to the Regionals are dashed. That, and my ridiculously low burpee score.

            Regardless I will be doing all the open WODs whether I can officially post them or not. And cheering on the rest of the team.

          • Philip Jonat

            i am in the same boat. is there any way that i can still post a score?

          • Hari

            Josh is correct. We have about 300 scores submitted and verified against our records as of this AM

            Assuming 3/4 of our members submitted scores, we had about 400 people do the WOD.If 2/3 submitted scores than it was about 450.

            I could count up all the scraps of paper. (Next time we’re having an official logbook.) But you get the picture.

          • Shannan Wilson

            sooo, it wasn’t clear we were to submit our own scores (not that being rank 17,950 will matter much)…i’m having trouble seeing where to submit scores on the page, is it too late?

          • Shannan Wilson

            sooo, it wasn’t clear we were to submit our own scores (not that being rank 17,950 will matter much)…i’m having trouble seeing where to submit scores on the page, is it too late?

          • Jason W

             perhaps everyone was still writhing on the floor when we announced that you had to submit your own scores?  I’m assuming a lot of the other boxes out there are having the same issue. is it worth an email to the games folks to see if they’d let us get the rest of them in?

    • Naveen

      as of this morning, it looked like 273 scores had been validated, and it sounds like there are more pending based on comments.

  • Hari

    Thank you, everyone.

    The primary objective of the Open is to get a true assessment of where your are. I am certain that our team will do more total WOD’s than any team in the world. The next four WOD’s will almost surely be more complex. Take advantage of this opportunity. Do the WOD’s. Do your best. And help us get a team to the Regionals.

  • Matt M.

    Today’s Wod with Greg W.
    A. 28 rounds 
    B. 22 + 5 burpees

  • Anonymous

    Great workout with Malcolm and Eric  this a.m.
    A: 33 rounds + 4 push ups
    B: 22 rounds + 2 burpees

  • Jai

    I see our coaches have very supportive families… 🙂

  • my score is still in pending status on the website

  • Anonymous

    In retrospect maybe doing the Open WOD twice was not the best strategy for the rest of my schedule.  Jordan and Dan were crushing it today…Box jumps and burpees proceeded to crush me.

    A – 21 Rounds (20″ box for me)
    B – 17 + 1 Burpee (black band for me)

    • Dan

      Reis & Jordan,
      Excellent WOD this morning, you’re a motivating pair to train with.  The last set of box jumps was insane, see you tomorrow!

  • Amanda Long

    Team workout with Kristin and Stephanie – Great job ladies!!!

    A: 21 rounds (73 pds on the power cleans)
    B. 18 rounds

    • Kristin Cunningham

      I officially graduated from using the black band!  I am coming for you blue band….

      Great work ladies!!!!

      • Amanda Long

        YAY!!!! I am so proud! You did awesome today!!!!

        • Stephanie

          very fun team WOD with you two!
          i do not know how you make burpees look so easy amanda!

          as a side note, how appropriate that the sport aerobics video above was performed to what sounded like *eye of the tiger* on speed.

          • Kristin Cunningham

            Yeah Amanda.. you make that look easy and you were smiling the entire time! 😉

  • Hari

    You needed to do the WOD by last night. You can still post your scores, if you completed the WOD on time.

    • Jeff

      I’m having difficulty finding where to submit scores.  Where on the site is this?

  • Great workout with Ben and Mark this morning. 
    A. 30 rounds and 3 power cleans
    B. 22 Rounds and 5 Pullups and 2 Burpees.
    Awesome job this morning. That was a good sprint workout with good rest periods in between.

    • BenS

       Eerily similar WOD-score posting timing.

  • BenS

    With Nick and Mark:

    A: 30 rounds + 3 cleans
    B: 22 rounds + 5 pullups and 3 (I think) burpees.

    Great workout–thank you guys for pushing and keeping the pace up.

  • Hari

    Congratulations to our top three men and women:

    Amanda Long: 104
    Amanada Palermo: 102
    Sara Carr:101
    Courtney Salera: 101

    Alaxander Rafael: 126
    Michael Williamson: 125
    Viren Chandrasoma: 122

    The top thirty teams in each region go to the Regionals. (We all get free tickets for that.) 
    We are currently in 30th place in the Northeast.

    (Note for some reason our total using the above is 680, but the Games Site has 681. I could have missed a score, or there could be a mistake on the Games Site.)

    • Anonymous

      Ali Hovland got 102. She is a girl

      • Keka Schermerhorn

        There is the missing ‘one point’! 

      • Hari

        That explains it. Our top three scores are:

        Amanda Long: 104
        Ali Hovland: 102
        Amanda Palermo: 102

        And our Games Site Total is correct at 681

    • Wayne

      Hari – do you have any breakdowns for the various Master groups?

      • Hari

        What specifically are you looking for?  You can go on the Leader Board and see all the Masters ranked withing their age group. 

        I’m currently 196 of 823. 
        If I were a year older, I would be 68 of 402. 
        If I were six years older, I would be 11 of 213.

        A year from now, I will in fact be a year older, so I’ve got that to look forward to.

        • Wayne

          I’m referring to the Masters within our own Box. Don’t see how to get that breakdown from the Games site.

          • Naveen

            Not sure if this 100% correct:
            Men 55-59: Wayne Mareci (71)

            Men 50-54: Hari Singh (91), Joe Miller (66)

            Men 45-49: Daniel Windle (92), Jim Stogdill (86), Henry
            Farnam (67), Vince Catalanotto (60)

            Women 45-49: Judy Stobbe (99), Lauren Klingsberg (87)

          • Wayne

            Thanks Navenn – if you can let me know how you did this, I’ll do my own analysis. I know the category you’ve got me in is wrong, because I’m in the 60+.

          • Naveen

            I wrote a program to download the data from the athlete profiles (e.g. http://games.crossfit.com/athlete/44661).  Your bday must be between now and gametime – not sure to deal with that.

          • Wayne

            Here are the cutoff dates for the Master groups:
            ii. Masters Men and Women 45-49 (Born on or between 7/15/62 and 7/14/67)iii. Masters Men and Women 50-54 (Born on or between 7/15/57 and 7/14/62)iv. Masters Men and Women 55-59 (Born on or between 7/15/52 and 7/14/57)v. Masters Men and Women 60+ (Born on or before 7/14/52)

          • I love that I’m not the only nerd at CFNYC data mining the games.crossfit website for custom sorted data =P

  • Team: Dan, Kristie and Linnea

    A: 24 + 3 cleans
    B: 20 + 5 pullups

    • Thanks for being a great team! The weights were 115# for Dan, 73# for me and Kristie.

  • Anonymous

    Still can’t believe we lost the team competition. But look at the great lengths CF Enhance had to go to to beat us. Anyone who signed up for their team on the 14th had their March dues waived. WOW.  With incentives like that, how did they not beat us by a larger margin?

    Court/Hari/Josh – T-shirts are awesome, but a month of dues definitely would have gotten the job done. Hahaha 😉

    505 is a staggering number. Great job.

    • Naveen

      It’s disappointing to lose, but it would be a worthwhile loss if it means that 500 random hospital workers actually signed up for crossfit.  Hopefully they all give it a real try and stick with it.

    • Jai

      I heard their dues are only $35 a month because they are a workplace gym (a hospital), so waiving that fee isn’t ridiculous. Not too different than offering a T-shirt. But now I’m jealous that they only have to pay $35 a month. 🙂

    • Hari

      I didn’t see that. If it’s correct, then they in fact they actually saved money by signing up. 
      Of course, we could have paid everyone’s fee, but we thought that violated what we perceived to be the spirit of the contest. We thought a free t-shirt was a reasonable compromise. We’re finishing off the design now, and should have the shirts around the end of the Open.

  • Anonymous

    Team Wod with Nick and Mike C
    30 and 22 rounds as Rx’d
    Nice job guys, way to work!

  • Serendipitoustable

    where is tomorrow’s wod?

    • Anonymous

      3×3 Press



  • Jim S

    I did this one by myself today. So I worked then stood there for 2x my work time. Pretty slow today. A: 6 rds even at RX weight and 26″ box. B: 5 rds plus five pull ups.

  • I am not so patiently awaiting Tuesday’s WOD. 

    • Anonymous

      3×3 Press



  • David Stogsdill

    PE 5:45

    2-man team with Ben:

    A: 18 rounds + 3 PC, 3 pushups (PC@#95)

    B:  14 rounds + 3 pullups

  • submit your own scored… ahhh… okay, that’s why…

  • I had alot of fun with today’s WOD! I’m alittle dissappointed that I had to miss 7am due to AMTRAK track training, but 5:30 was just as awesome with Rory. 
    (we count total rounds completed by each team member right? we were an odd couple out 🙂 ) A: 18 + 6 push ups and 1 box jumpB: 19 + 5 pull ups

  • Jason L.

    Deadlift 5×285 5×325 9×365

    A1. Barbell Row – 170×3
    A2. KB Snatch (2 pood) – 5×3 (each side)

    5 sets:
    max unbroken muscle-ups (working on kipping)
    rest 3 mins
    5, 5, 7, 6, 7

    3 rounds:
    300m row
    20 wallball, 20#
    10 c2b pullups
    rest 5 mins b/t rounds
    2:08, 2:12, 2:13 – Funny that Jackie is tomorrow, this was a very good workout if any firebreathers want to try, keep wallballs and c2b’s unbroken.

  • Steve Slo

    A lot of work today:

    A) Practice with cleans at 135#: Stiff and uncomfortable. Mostly unproductive. Must not have warmed up sufficiently.

    B) WOD: 11/6 ROUNDS
    Worked with Arun and Aman. We had all 3 team members working the entire time. Power cleans at 115#. We should have gone rx’d. We would not have lost much time doing so.

    C) Mobility with Court:
    This was fantastic! Highly recommended! Afterwards, my shoulders were so loose that I felt compelled to do some O-lift work… I’m going to make this a part of my routine.

    D) O-lifting practice:
    I’m trying to internalize better mechanics by doing 10 successful o-lifts every day (with proper form at lighter weights) until it’s second nature. Every donkey kick adds an additional rep required to complete.

    A good day.