…’Til the fat lady sings

It ain’t over, folks. We won’t know we’ve won the who’s-got-the-biggest-team competition until 8pm tonight, February 26th, at 8pm EST. So….if you haven’t joined Team CFNYC just yet…

It’s NOT too late to join our team that is currently 480 people strong! If you’ve been thinking about joining Team CrossFit NYC for the 2012 CrossFit Games Open, TODAY IS YOUR LAST CHANCE! Help us win biggest team and you’ll be guaranteed a free ticket to the Games and you’ll also get one of the commemorative t-shirts we’re making for the Open (and won’t offer for sale). We’ll help you scale/modify WODs if you need to, and you don’t have to be an advanced crossfitter to participate. (Be sure to sign up before you come in at 1pm today to the 25 W. 26th St. location to do the 12.1 Open WOD.)

The deadline for signing up is TONIGHT, Sunday, February 26th, at 8pm EST. Sign up now!

And a BIG shout-out to the HUGE number of folks who signed up on Saturday, helping us increase our lead!

Alexander Rafael
Ian Massey
Anthony Bagnetto
Rory Stern
James Augustine
Sean H
Lauren Castiglia
Thomas Reagan
Heidee Tabudlong
Samuel Seng
Melina Fiszerman
Joseph Varvara
Bobby Hickey
Fatih Seyhanoglu
Karl Fremdy
Tracy Leary
Dimitri Roche
Jeffrey Blaugrund
Anna Ballard
Mike Kalajian
Eric Clemons
Sahel Farhangi
Kelsey Troy
Lindsay Curley
Michelle Grapel
Nicole Meserve
Jonathan Cotler
Brad Sherman
William Dory
matthew gruppo
Leonardo Rastelli
Jack de Glanville
marc grainger
Alissa Vladimir
Chris Caproni
Yaniv Dabach
Moritz Voges
Marc Pflieger
atilio ciucci
Nathan Rudnick
Meaghan McCann
Patrice Narayanan
Andy Allbee
Ashleigh VanHouten
Kristy Jackson
Marisa Hanson
Roger brandt
Phillip Cope
Matthew Tolliver
Edward Chung

Total Athletes: 480

Sunday 120226

B: Clean & jerk – heavy single; 80% (of single) x 1 x 4

From Coach Court: “Ikhoon wasn’t going to do the Open but I kept hassling him. He wanted to wait a year but then the simple evil of the first open WOD appeared. He decided to go for it and got 108. The next day he said he could do better and I said maybe he should wait a day to recover. Then he told me he’d be OOT this weekend and he had done FGB the day before (Score: 300) and had then done the open WOD a half hour later. When he did it the second time the next day he got 117…amazing. By the way, he says he’s been doing CrossFit for 8 months.”

In case you didn’t know…snatch balance faces are SERIOUS faces:

Stay tuned for a preview of Monday’s WOD, coming ASAP.


  • as of 7PM 2/25/12

    CFNYC            480 (+51)
    CF Enhance     394 (+8)

    Awesome! way to go CFNYC!! 

    • Thanks, Andrew, for all you’ve done to keep this daily tally for us!  And yes, way to go, CFNYC!

      If anyone took photos during today’s classes of Open WOD shenanigans, please email them to me ASAP at allison AT crossfitnyc DOT com. 

  • Just noticed this on the Games website: 

    “Each week, one athlete will be selected who represents the CrossFit community for the Spirit of the Open competition. Nominations for athletes with extraordinary stories, locations, or obstacles to competing in the Open, may be sent to support@crossfitgames.com with “Spirit of the Games” as the subject line. The athlete may compete in any division of the competition. The week’s Spirit of the Open award winner will receive $2,012!”

    Cool stuff…

    (Full article here: http://games.crossfit.com/article/rule-changes-2012-season)

  • Anonymous


    I’m sure this has already been posted during the week, but for those who haven’t seen it you owe it to yourself to check out the Mobility WOD video for Open WOD 12.1 before you compete today:  http://bit.ly/zouQwB

    Take 5 minutes to watch, and take at least another 5 to get your hips and shoulders mobilized so you can increase your burpeefficiency.  Good luck!

  • Hari

    Team Update (9:00 AM)


    As a team, CrossFit NYC is competing for one of 30 slots at the 2012
    Northeast Regional Competition. Teams rankings are calculated using the top
    three male and top three female scores from each WOD. An athlete may contribute a top
    score on only one WOD or on all five. It seems likely that we will
    have a number of athletes turn in top scores on some WOD’s but not others. For
    example, our top three scores on this first WOD are not likely to come from all
    the same people who might turn in our top three scores on, say, an AMRAP of heavy
    Clean and Jerks.


    We are currently in 24th place in the Northeast on this WOD with 664 reps total (and since
    it is the only WOD so far, in 24th place overall).


    Our top three males scores are:


    Viren Chandrasoma: 122

    Alex Punger: 119

    Alexander Rafael: 119


    Our top three female scores are:


    Amanda Palermo: 102

    Sara Carr: 101

    Courtney Salera: 101


    Our overall total will increase each time we add a male score over 119 or a
    female score over 101.


    I will be opening the Box later this evening around 5:00 PM to run anyone
    through who feels he or she may be able to move us up in the rankings. (Or
    anyone who just didn’t get a chance to do the WOD.)  If a couple of guys were to
    pull 125’s today, and a couple of  women were to pull 105’s, we could add 20
    points. At the moment, that would move us from 24th to 10th place.


    By the end of the Open, every rep will count in qualifying. Last year, we
    made the regionals by literally one rep.

    • Dan Lia

      Hari, I’d like to give it a second shot tonight. 5:00 at 26th street?

    • David Stogsdill

      I’m a bit confused..

      Is today the last day to submit scores for the 12.1 Wod?  I thought that we had the week to complete it, but I was looking at the games site and said to post scores by 5 pm today? Will I be able to do the workout tomorrow evening and still post or do I need to make time to get to the box this afternoon?


      • Court

        Today is the last day to submit your score by 8pm EST and so it will be each Sunday until the Open is over. 

  • Anonymous

    Open Wod 12.1 – Crossfit Morristown

    59 reps

    I fell one rep short of my non-RX’d score from Thursday, but I was moving the whole time, and I feel good about the result.  Let’s hope next week is amrap OHS at 155 for 10 minutes.

  • Matt M.

    Open Wod 12.1 – 101 reps (+11 from Thursday).

    • Anonymous

      101 ha.  nice work.  you had to do one more than me. lol.

  • Hari

    CrossFit NYC: 486
    CrossFit Enhance: 410

    We need 14 more people to reach 500.

  • Anonymous

    12.1  100

  • Asegal04


    175 all sets

  • Jim S

    C&J 125 140 135 135

    • Jim S

      Hey guys, I did the games WOD yesterday at 1 but my score still says pending. i definitely got on a score sheet. Is there simply a backlog? Thanks!

      • Jim S

        Awesome. It’s validated. Thanks! 

  • Michellefoxman

    if i sign up but dont do any of the wods will that still help us with numbers as a team for purposes of having the biggest team?

    • Anonymous

      No but if you do 1 burpee and have somebody see it and put your score in as 1 it will

  • Steve Slo

    A) C&J: 135, 145, 155, 155
    My left shoulder and my split-jerk were really stiff today. I couldn’t get too deep into the split-jerk with even an empty bar. Jim’s input on not letting the bar get away from me during the high pull (avoiding the reverse curl) was spot on.

    B) Snatch Practice: Worked up to 135# (my PR) WITHOUT donkey kicking! 
    The mental realignment away from the “jump” cue and towards “stand-up-sit-down” was huge. Also, I started much closer to my landing stance, and wore leather soled shoes that do a better job of keeping my feet planted to the floor. It all came together in a way that felt much more stable and natural.

    A sincere thanks to Kevin and Avery for all their input and coaching. Invaluable! 

  • WOOT. Nice work Steve.  So much of lifting is indeed “mental realignment”.  

  • A. C&J – 75# x 2, 85# x 1, 65# x 1.

    Thanks to Jim and Steve for helping me out. I can’t figure out which one I suck at more – cleans or snatches. I’m going to say snatches, only because I can’t OHS either.

    B. Back squats – 135# x 5, 155# x 5, 185# x 3 x 3. 

    Thanks to Naveen for comments on back squats.

    Today was NOT my day for technical perfection.

    • Jim S

      I thought you were making great progress Kayam. Just takes reps!

  • Michellefoxman

    K. The old lady signed up

  • Anonymous

    Open WOD: 75 (up from 51 on Thursday)

  • Erica G

    Is someone validating scores tonight? I got 98 today (entered on the official sheet). Thanks!

    • Court

      Make sure you login to the Games site, submit
      your score and select us as your affiliate & team.

      • Erica G

        Yup, did that. It says ‘pending’ still. 

      • Erica G

        I noticed Kevin P’s score is also not posted – he went today also! 

  • Elaina Gemelas

    I completed the Open WOD yesterday at the 2pm class, got my name on the score sheet and logged it on the Games website today. Right now the status online is still pending. Will someone be validating my score later this evening so I can see it among the other rankings? 

  • Holy crap!  We’re down to the wire.  We just hit 500 members on the team, but Enhance is on our tail hard with 494.  


  • Anonymous

    Open Wod 117 reps
    Thank you Hari/Court/Dave and the rest of the guys this evening for keepin me moving.

  • Cleo Kirkland

    516 Enhance

    500 CrossFitNYC

    How did they get so many people in twenty minutes?

  • Erica G

    How long do you guys have to validate? 

  • Anonymous

    Well……..whats the result!?!?!?

  • David Stogsdill

    Open Wod: 108 reps

    Thanks for the support near the end there guys!

  • 12.1: 67 with a bad cold, was hoping for 70

  • bad news, Enhance got 520 and we ended up with 505.
    rough, it was so close!

  • We’ll have to see when HQ cut off additional registrations, but it looks like they likely passed us by in the end.  

    I’ll leave off discussion as to the difference between Enhance members who actually use the gym versus ‘members’ who just work at the hospital and therefore hold memberships by default (given that they had “about 100” people do the WOD in their entire big Saturday throwdown – roughly what we hit in an hour after 9:00am yesterday.)

    However it shakes out, 500 people on our team was as a crazy goal to shoot for – one we weren’t sure we’d be able to hit – and Team CFNYC came in at least at 504. (!!!)You guys are totally awesome.  Huge work all on this ridiculous accomplishment!

    • Anonymous

      People from the hospital get free memberships.  Paid memberships are
      either $25 or $35.  Mathematically this should not have been close at
      all when you consider the scope and source of their enrollment.

      They won fair & square.  Regardless of their unique scenario or how
      many of their “members” are actually on the team, the requirements for
      the contest were to simply register the most athletes to their team.  Congrats to them.

      From their blog: “CMON! they are big city hipsters from NYC… we should be crushing them!”

      This quote (or at least the latter half 😉 is correct, though they fell very short of that highly-feasible goal.

      Great job to everyone this past month…this is a tremendous accomplishment!

      • Anonymous

        Well said. Their Facebook wall sporting the quote “put that in your New York pipe and smoke it” missed the mark. People smoke cigarettes here, and smoking isn’t paleo.

  • Court

    Amazing effort on everyone’s part, we have to wait for final tally but we have definitely won for our region so we will get tickets for everyone on the team.  These are huge numbers and a special thanks to everyone that came back in and did this WOD again tonight and helped to raise our standing in the Regionals.  We appreciate all your efforts so much.  Aaaaand as soon as we get an accurate number for how many sign-ups we had this past week, it looks like I owe all you folks some KB snatches!

  • Signed up a touch late, but it still let me put in the team name. Who knows if it worked or not.