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Newest sign-ups for Team CrossFit NYC for the 2012 CrossFit Games Open!

Charlotte Goins
Heather Forester
Brad Hinkelman
Andrew Zmich
Kristin Glaudel
John Matthews
Kent Bailey
Erik Laney
Travis Paquet
Matt Dunne

Total athletes: 272

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Wednesday 120215

A: Push press – 87% x 4 x 2, 87% x 3 x 3

B: 3 Rounds for time:
10 Overhead squats @ 135#/95#
50 Double-Unders

NOTE: This morning’s NYC Endurance running class meets @ 6:30am at 25 W. 26th St.

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Here’s our first of (hopefully) several write-ups by members who took part in our 3rd Annual 30-Day Paleo Challenge. If you’d like to tell your story (with or without pictures, though preferably with), drop me a line at Allison AT crossfitnyc DOT com. Thanks!

My 30 Day Paleo Challenge Experience by Andrew L.:

Day 1: 214lbs
Day 30: 200 lbs

I’ve been crossfittng for 3 months, and I’ve completed 17 WOD’s during the paleo challenge.

First, I would have never been able to do this challenge without the support of my wife. My wife actually started the Atkins diet at the start of the month, which made it a very opportune time to start the Paleo challenge since our diets are very compatible. Even when she was on Atkins, she ate the same food as I did 98% of the time.

In the first week, the withdrawal from the carbs and grain made us both very cranky and short with each other. Eating a lot more fruit helped ease the transition off of the carbs, and by week two things were back to normal. What surprised me the most about the diet was just how quickly I progressed with the weight loss. Even my wife who does not work out, lost a lot of weight, and the entire time we never counted a single calorie, weighed anything and neither of us had to go hungry at any point. My favorite aspect about the diet is that it is self-regulating, I eat as much as I want, when I want and I don’t have to budget a thing: no math! no measuring! no setting timers to eat! Although this sounds easy, figuring out Paleo meals is probably the most difficult aspect of the challenge. The daily articles on the blog were a big help, and not just the recipes but also the science articles. is also an amazing resource which I used it to get ideas on what to eat, and what I can snack on. I also used it to stay accountable by posting pictures of all of my meals to it. The diet has not affected my recovery time or my energy levels, I feel like every calorie I consume on Paleo is packed with good proteins and nutrients. It just makes me feel better. As far as I can see, there’s no reason to go back… well except to eat cake and fried chicken once in a while.


Andrew before, then Andrew after!

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Put your dancin’ shoes on!
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The beverage wars move to coconuts
Secrets of ancient Chinese remedy revealed: Two-thousand-year-old herb regulates autoimmunity and inflammation
Could squirrel meat come back into vogue?

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Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s WOD classes:

A: Snatch deadlift – 110% (of snatch) x 4 x 5

20 Overhead Lunges w 45#/25# Plate each side
20 Push presses at 95#/65#


  • It’s just a matter of weeks before I can join the 6AM no-shirt WOD class! ūüôā

    • Cassie

      i’ve been working to join that group for over a year now..hasn’t happened yet lol.


    • Anonymous

      Good work, Andrew!

  • louiea

    Standings as of 2/13/12 6:30PM

    CrossFit NYC                                272
    CrossFit Enhance                         188 
    Diablo CrossFit                              117
    CrossFit New England                     96
    NorCal CrossFit                              87
    CrossFit Sydney                             79
    CrossFit Chicago                            78
    CrossFit Brisbane                           76
    Patriot CrossFit                              75 
    CrossFit Milford                                73

    CrossFit Enhance is pushing hard! Other boxes are also starting to push hard, big jump in total number of affiliate registrations.  

    Total athletes registered with an affiliate: 25,346

    C’mon guys/gals, we’re the little box that could, 500 members and only 6 rowers and 3 GHD machines to go around!

  • louiea

    Standings as of 2/14/12 8:00PM

    CrossFit NYC                                272
    CrossFit Enhance                         188 
    Diablo CrossFit                              117
    CrossFit New England                     96
    NorCal CrossFit                              87
    CrossFit Sydney                             79  
    CrossFit Chicago                            78 
    CrossFit Brisbane                           76
    Patriot CrossFit                              75  
    Crossfit Milford                               73

    Total athletes registered with an affiliate: 25,346

  • Standings as of 2/14/12 8:00PM

    CrossFit NYC                         272
    CrossFit Enhance                188
    Diablo CrossFit                      117
    CrossFit New England              96
    NorCal CrossFit                         87
    CrossFit Sydney                 79
    CrossFit Chicago                78
    CrossFit Brisbane               76
    Patriot CrossFit                       75
    CrossFit Milford                   73

    Total Athletes registered with an affiliate: 25,346

    • Hari

      We added 10 people yesterday. CrossFit Enhance added 32. If this trend continues, they will pass us. 

      • mike r

        Looks like Crossfit Enhance is checking out our website… in reaction to¬†Hari’s call to crossfitnyc alumni, someone on their message board wrote…

        “so basically they are reanimating their dead members to participate. Its almost like chicago politics or something.”

        kinda funny considering they are from chicago, but seriously, we should should beat these guys

        • mike r

          some other lady wrote…

          “Here we are in little Midwest town of Decatur Il. and look at us competing with a gym in a city the size of New York.”

          seriously… can we please not lose to these people

          • they have 30 yards of indoor football turf, in addition to an O-lift area and a pull-up station porch area with a mulch running track. I bet their bathrooms are bigger than our entire box ūüôā ¬†

            Either way, more people in the open, the more fun the open will be…but seriously, we should try to win.

        • Hari

          I don’t know much about CrossFit Enhance, but I certainly admire their sense of community. Let’s not get distracted. If you’ve registered, thanks. Now get someone else to register.

        • Let’s do a member/square foot analysis and see where they stack up. And they are backed by a hospital. I think we are doing OK in our little “black box”….

          • I do think it’s funny that when I checked out their website, they are connected to a large hospital and have a more than adequate size box for their membership. ¬†NYC may be big, but our box square footage vs. membership size is not!

            STEVE SLO have you signed up yet???

            SERIOUSLY PM Do I have to come to classes at night to sign you up myself?  We should be well into the 300s by this point.

          • Steve Slo

            Not just yet… but I’m very much leaning towards doing so.¬†

          • Jim S

            Get off your ass Steve. If this old man signed up… ūüėČ

      • Hari

        They have now added 64 people in the time we added 14. Pretty much everyone who reads the blog has registered. Pretty much everyone in the AM has registered. In the evening, we have less than 50% participation. 

        (It’s now 276 to 210)

        • Naveen

          I think it’s time to transfer Will to night duty for a few days..

        • I think it is now solely up to the PM trainers to make this happen. Have anyone who hasn’t sign up do 100 burpees. It worked for Will and Sara in the AM.

  • Justin Katz

    A: 95-115-115-115
    B: 5:48
    45# subbed tuck jumps for double unders

  • Anonymous

    PP: 95-115-135-155-175(1)
    WOD:  6:34 with 115# and parallette jumps (left my jump rope at home)

  • Matt M.

    A. Push Press: 135, 145, 145, 155, 155
    B. 11:47 rx’d¬†

    • Cassie

      with one-legged double unders! MATTSANITY!

    • Anonymous

      one legged double unders… sicko.

      • Rory

        NO HE DIDN’T????

        • Dickie

          Yes.  He did.

  • Push Press 4×4-115 3×3-115
    WOD: 95# OHS, double-unders. 16:20

    I just learned double-unders last night at my local park. OHS and double unders is a brutual combination.  

  • Anonymous

    PP (4) 155-175 – (3) 175-175-175

    WOD: 12:07 – 135# + Parallette Jumps

    OHS sets unbroken – Huge thanks to Jeff & Tim for getting me thru the final jumps a lot faster than I would have…

  • Anonymous

    active rest day… but i am glad i came to the box this am b/c Matt M was doing ONE LEGGED DOUBLE UNDERS.¬† lol!¬† so sick!

    i can’t even do regular double unders and matt is doing them with a boot on one foot.¬†


  • Cassie

    love it when i’m the only female in the class, uh..not

    A: 63 (for 4) – 73 (for 4) then 80 (for 2) – 80 (for 2)

    B: 7:27 with 55#

    • Erika Ramos

      i’ll be back soon enough.. and will actually do some werq!

  • Jeff K

     I. Push press: 115,115,120,120, 125
    II. 6:45 – only 95 lbs. Thanks Jamie for the speed rope, it reduced cursing by almost 100%.

  • Jenn Tang

    8:45 (83#)

  • Naveen

    Push press – 135, 135, 155, 155, 155
    Metcon Рfirst round at 115, then 95.  Finished in 9:10 or so.   Shoulders are toast!

    Good job Andrew!

  • A. Push press: ¬†115×4, 125×4, 135×3, 145×3, 150×3

    B. 9:17 95#. Those OHS got very heavy quickly and never really got in a groove with DU’s

  • Court Wing

    Nice work, Andrew! Keep going…

  • Jason W

    FYI, we last did this wod on 2011-08-24.

    6:40 rx’d

    I have incredibly bad mojo with this wod. last time, it took me a minute to do my last OHS. This time, it took me a minute to do my last double under. can’t wait to get into the new space where there will be actual room and i won’t be pressed up against the cubbies doing ohs and catching my rope on shit. end rant. oh, wait. hold on. f*cking, f*ck. f*ck. wod.¬† ok,

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone had any experience with Rock Tape? ¬†I’ve seen it used at the Games, and I’m curious if it really works well on previously injured areas, or if it’s more of a glorified compression product. –¬†

    • Mike K

      It can work very well, depending on how you are applying it and what you are using it for.  Personally I have gotten some good results with my own injuries and have used it to help with mobility issues too.

      However I do also think that it has a powerful placebo effect for a lot of people too, and sometimes it becomes an unnecessary fashion accessory…

      Email me if you have more specific questions mike at crossfitnyc dot com

  • Jeff K

    After today’s WOD, I decided I am going to get a speed rope. Any suggestions of a good website/brand?

    • Matt M.

      Jeff, I ordered mine from Again Faster.

  • Thanks everyone for the encouragement. The Paleo Challenge experience was amazing. ¬† Thanks especially to Will and Sara and 7AM WOD class for being the best reason to wake up early. ¬†Working out alongside everyone really keeps me motivated!

  • Ryan

    Just received the latest email from Coach Will about the games. That stinking photo of his abs just forced me to call the therapist. They HAVE to be painted on. ūüôā That’s just not natural!


  • Zoe

    11:08, 73#
    Double unders are still a huge goat for me, I didn’t get into any sort of a rhythm until the end of the 2nd round. But the only way to get better is to just do them, so I’ll just have to keep trying!

  • Asegal04

    Push press: 135×4 135×4 145×3 155×3 165×3

    Wod: 6:03 with 95#, mix of dunders and singles. Pretty messy

  • Jim S

    A: 4×115 4×120 3×125, 125, 125
    B: 3 x (10x 140lb front squat, 50 jump ropes 2 single / 1 double ratio): 9:14
    After reading that T Nation article last week on the OHS I think I might just be one of those guys that has dysfunctional shoulders. If I really really mobilize my shoulders first I can manage a few up to about 100lbs. But I hurt for days and I’m not convinced that I’m doing myself any favors. Tonight I could barely do them with a pvc so I decided to just go with front squats. Oh, and the reason it was 140 was because for some brain dead reason I added a five pound plate on the left side. So that was 140lbs unbalanced for extra difficulty points. ūüėČ

    • Jim S

      Oh, and awesome job Andrew. That’s great progress!

  • Jason L.

    A. Deadlift 5×315 3×355 3×395
    B1. Weighted Pullup 4×5 20kg-22.5kg-25kg-26kg
    B2. Dead-stop Bench Press 4×5 165-175-180-185
    C. 3 rounds:
    7 deadlifts (315#)
    10 KB snatches (1.5pd)
    4 lengths of the gym bear crawl
    rest 3 minutes between rounds

    A. 5 sets of max unbroken muscle-ups, rest 2 minutes between sets – working on kipping
    B. 3 Rounds:
    10 OHS, 135#
    50 Dus
    6:27 Rx’d – I sucked at this, especially round 2

    I left a light grey reebok (not elite reebok crossfit unfortunately) pull-over at the gym tonight.¬† If anyone finds it please put it behind the desk, I’ll pick it up tomorrow.¬† Also left my dignity, but that’s a different story…


    • Sam G.

      did the dignity smell like vinegar?

  • The_Lisa

    Worked up to 73# on push press.
    Weak sauce on the WOD – 3:51 with 45# and barbell jumps. OHS’S just felt awful with anything heavier.
    Then had the best post workout meal ever – chateaubriand, medium rare, at Keen’s Steakhouse.