UPDATE: Our new space at 44 W. 28th St., 2nd floor, is now useable again starting tonight. If you’re signed up for a Beginners’ Class, Elements Class, or Post-Elements Class that’s scheduled for that new space, please go there, not 25 W. 26th Street. Thanks for your patience!
IMPORTANT NOTICE! Because of painting going on at 28 Street, we may need to combine all classes at 25 West 26 Street tomorrow night. We did not see this coming. (This is fireproof paint being applied to the structural columns by the landlord, not something we scheduled ourselves). Therefore, it may be extremely crowded at 26 Street tonight. We are not certain, but this is what happened last night. We will keep you posted as we figure this out. Thanks for your patience.

LATEST CrossFit Games Open Team CFNYC Update!
We’re still in the lead and are currently 262 people strong, and our most recent sign-ups are the following wonderful folks:
Michael Sullivan, Jenn Tang, Benjamin Weisenthal, Ari Meisel, Arun Ahuja, Ben Robbins, Brad Toborowsky, eric foster, Stephanie Killian, Christian Leue, Lisa Walsh, Stacy Johnson, Asya Tseytlin, Chris Strauss, Sanjay Amin, Eric Colton, Matt Muller, Kyle Seever, Jeff Kane, Benjamin Martish, Alec Hansen, Lukman Ramsey, Tayloe Dameron, Aaron Frank, Ian Gilbertson, Ross McNab, victoria tjoelker,Jeff Clinton, Jonathan Levin, Shannon Fish, Matthew Cooke, Joe Walker, and Joshua Grosbard.

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Tuesday 120214

Jerk – 82% x 2 x 4
Back squat – 88% x 3 x

NOTE: Tonight’s NYC Endurance running class meets at 6:30pm at the south end of the mall at Central Park.

How to take accurate body measurements (PDF file)
Once again, first to the 86th floor
Potato vines, meat glue, poultry paste, and banana ice cream
How will you measure your life?
How to compensate for civilized life and become un-chair-shaped

From member Greg W.: “This past Wednesday I ran up the Empire State Building to raise money for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. 86 Stories / 1576 stairs. 17:37 was my time. It was an amazing experience….By the way, I will run those stairs vs. doing “FRAN” any day of the week. The Empire State Building is a walk in the park compared to some of the madness we get up to at the box. LOL.”

And on this Valentine’s Day…a big, romantic congratulations to Coach Eric for tying the knot with his girlfriend (and recent CFNYCer) Kim! Here they were on their honeymoon last week, soaking up the sun in Aruba:

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s WOD classes:

A: Push press – 87% x 4 x 2, 87% x 3 x 3

B: 3 Rounds for time:
10 Overhead squats @ 135#/95#
50 Double-Unders


  • Standings as of 2/13/12 6:30PM

    CrossFit NYC                                262
    CrossFit Enhance                         156 
    Diablo CrossFit                              114
    CrossFit Chicago                            78 
    NorCal CrossFit                              78 
    CrossFit New England                     77
    CrossFit Sydney                             76
    Patriot CrossFit                              73  
    CrossFit Brisbane                           71
    Eugene Crossfit                               71

    A new comer to the top ten, Patriot CrossFit, and CFNE surges from 10th to 5th.

    Total athletes registered with an affiliate: 23,764

  • Stacey

    Wow!! Empire State Building Run up. That’s amazing!! Congrats to you for finishing and to Eric on the wedding!

    Its was a steam room in there tonight, but very cool to see the ‘old timers’ at 26th St.  🙂

    5:45 PE : 22:13

  • Anonymous

    Well done, Greg!

    Jerk:  135, 145, 165, 185F
    BS: 225-245-275-295F

    squat form goes to hell for me as the weights go up…mental?  scared of getting stuck down there?

    • Mike K

      Could be mental… for that just trust you spotters and squat.  They will help you if you get stuck.
      Or it could be that something else (upper back, short hip rotators, abs, etc) is the weak link vs you legs and that is holding you back.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks.  I’ll try to trust my spotters next time.  Hopefully that’s it as opposed to other weak links…

    • Hari

      For me, it wasn’t a simple as trusting my spotters. The challenge was trusting me. The solution was lots of squats, and moving up incrementally. In my opinion, all the people who handle heavy weights have done enough reps that their brains perceive a fairly low probability of failure as soon as they stand up with the bar. 

      They aren’t scared. Nor are they stupid. Their confidence is not misplaced. Further, they have been through the process of not quite making it and getting some help from their spotters. Though they may not know exactly what to expect, they know that catastrophic failure is not going to occur. Until you know that, your brain will be very protective of your body.

  • Anonymous

    A: Jerks & Squats

    B: Valentines Day Massacre … 3 RFT

    10 Thrusters #95
    10 Bar Facing Burpees
    10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

    7:58. aweful, just aweful

    • Anonymous

      I just did that trio on my lunch break , scaled

      10 thrusters 65lbs
      10 bar facing burpees
      10 chest to bar with a blue band


      • Anonymous

        wait, 6 am didnt get to have this fun! i want my money back!

    • Rory

      congrats greg!!! sick time

      • Gw

        that should be a sub 5min work out… i had no gas in the tank this am… will try that again next time i am feeling fired up.  tell Jack i said hello

  • Matt M.

    5 Rounds for time:
    10 thrusters
    10 bar facing butlers
    10 c2b pull ups
    11:50 rx’d lost a lot of time on the burpees

  • Anonymous

    split jerk doubles: 115-125-135-145F
    front squat triples: 185-185(1)-175-175

    Today is going to be a good day.

  • Cass

    Strict pull up practice

    Back squats 103-123-133-143 (PR), it’s totally those new crossfit reebok shoes!

  • Naveen

    Jerks – doubles at 155
    Squats – triples up to 245.  went high-bar for the first time, inspired by this weekend’s oly seminar.

    • Sean M.

      No one wants to hear about your fancy high-bar.  

      • Naveen

        I could feel it hitting new muscle groups.   My neck is going to be jacked.

  • The_Lisa

    Great time, Greg. That is an amazing feat.
    So happy for Eric and Kim, congratulations!

    Jerk – worked up to 100#x2. First time getting 100# overhead.
    Back squat – stayed at 125# to work on form (knees caving in)

  • Michael North

    A: worked up to 135 with a bunch of missed and/or ugly reps. Need to split wider and bend back knee a LOT more
    B: worked up to a triple at 275. Set a 1RM PR at 320

    Been a while since a did a 1RM back squat. Thanks to Naveen and Andrew for pushing me.

  • Lisa Congrats on 100# overhead! That’s awesome.

    Also to Greg for kicking butt on the stair climb (the winner is only about seven minutes faster) – anything sub 20 IMO is amaze balls…

    Finally to Eric and Kim – hope you had an amazing honeymoon and wonderful wedding day.

  • Jason L

    just trying to ruffle some feathers

    • Sean M.

      I’ll bite my tongue on this one.

      • Adam R

        Waste of time.  Squat more.

    • Anonymous

      It seems Mr. Twight has dedicated his personal and professional life to refuting the validity of all things Crossfit.  You could call this another chapter, but it’s the same argument in sheep’s clothing.  Whether discussing strength, general athletic performance, or now endurance, his message is clear…Crossfit doesn’t work, Gym Jones does.

      • Jason L

        FYI He’s not talking about the average joe, he’s talking about elite endurance athletes.  The ones that go to the olympics and the people who try to climb everest.  I know him and crossfit don’t get along, but he’s also an extremely smart guy, his programming is solid, and he trains very high profile clients (SOF Operators, actors, athletes). 

        • I think posts such as these would be more useful if he would initially clarify what sorts of athletes he thinks will maximally benefit from such a specific training methodology for endurance.  He’s referring to an elite level (national/international) athlete where technical minutiae and training volume take on an entirely different context when that’s your full time profession, but then anecdotally adds his own training experience to the mix which makes the post a bit confusing and of course, inflammatory to some.  He is then comparing those training experiences with endurance athletes using a lower volume training protocol but not giving any specifics on their actual training and results, just using his own to declare that said methodology doesn’t work.

          Frankly, there aren’t enough specifics or details in this article to make me take this too seriously.  I’d like to see actual data to back up the things that he is claiming or disputing.  Asking elite competitors for their opinions is quite interesting, but not enough evidence either.I don’t know enough about his competitive background or experience to comment whether it should be included in the post…but I’m guessing not.  I think he is conflating two different arguments here. Is an international level athlete who competes the majority of the year going to train like a Crossfitter?  No.  For a sport specific situation this doesn’t even make any sense.  Does a general fitness or even lower level endurance enthusiast need (or is even able) to train like an elite level competitor?  Again No. 

          If he thinks that all of his clients (which to be noted are not people that walk in off the street looking for a general workout to stay in shape) should train in said specific manner and he gets results with minimal to zero injury, then that would again be another argument all together.

        • Anonymous

          I take no issue with his intelligence or his clientele, just his motivation and how Crossfit-hating is so central to it.  The infamous discussion about his departure from Crossfit is here: – Top of the page is a link to the Gym Jones pdf (with Coach’s comments) and Coach’s reaction is comment #85 on the blog.

          The guy might have invented fitness gold for all I know, but his incessant negativity will never earn my dollars. 

          Seems is also a solid resource for fitness in that community, and their workouts are free.

  • Sara

    Yesterday’s WOD:  14:22, subbed rowing (did this at 5am with my clients… I am not an advocate of subbing rowing for running unless you have a legit excuse).  

    Congrats Eric!

  • Randy Lampert

    545 PE 

    A: Jerks at 165
    B: BS at 215 <—should maybe done more hard to gauge these workouts. 

    did some sweet burpee pullups after!