CrossFit NYC: We’re one percent!

Monitoring the registration result for the 2012 CrossFit Games Open, it appears that CrossFit NYC may account for a full one percent of all participants worldwide! Our goal is to register 500 athletes, and we’re already close to half way at 229 athletes thus far. For those of you who have been hesitant to register, because you’ll be out of town, because you’re injured or planning to be injured, because you can’t do WOD’s RX’d, because you’re still in Elements, because you haven’t been to the Box in a month, because you’re no longer an active member, because the dog ate your homework, or whatever, do us all a favor: REGISTER. Here’s why:

1) We will be creating a special t-shirt for everyone who registers for the Open and does at least one WOD. These shirts will only be given from us to you. They will not be for sale. They will be a thank you for supporting our team.

2) If you are currently an inactive CrossFit NYC alumni, we will waive the drop-in fee during for the Open WODs, provided you are registered on the CrossFit NYC team. So, sign up for our team, come back and get you ass kicked a few more times. Don’t worry, we’ll work with you and get you through.

3) Unlike most contests, where the more people who enter, the worse the odds of winning, this contest is the opposite: The more of you who register, the more likely it is that all our members will win, win tickets to the Regionals and win tickets to the Games. We have high hopes of sending a team to the Regionals again this year, and many of our members will want to be there to cheer them on. We will be spending significant resources to support our team, but nothing can compare to having their fellow members there at game time. Whether you can be there or not, your registration in the Open is likely to make it that most easier for your fellow members to be there.

4) Registering for the Open will give you a great way to monitor your progress. If you do WODs RX’d, you will be able to see your ranking relative to tens of thousands of other CrossFitters. Even if you don’t choose to report your scores, you will be able to estimate you relative rankings.

5) We will be judging these WODs accurately, which means you will be able to use them as benchmarks of your progress going forward. Even if you scale, you will have a precise record of where you are. Over the next year, we will be integrating the Open WODs into our programming, allowing you to see precisely how much you have improved.

–Court, Hari, and Josh

Monday 120213

Three rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
15 Pull-ups
50 Squats
15 Pull-ups

NOTE: Tonight’s NYC Endurance running class meets at 6:30pm at 25 W. 26th St.

Say hello to our newest members of Team CFNYC for the 2012 CrossFit Games Open: Paul Seltmann, Michael Wilkerson, Chimi Tornow, Andrew Brinkman, Carmen Cardenas, David Stogsdill, Damian Torrisi, Joanna Welsh, Jeffrey Werner, Jared Blank, Michael Senft, Kamil Szczegot, Will Hutchinson, Greg Moss, Paul Pai, Ben Fund, John Durant, Maggie Durant, TJ O’Brien, Schuyler Kaye, Jason Maier, Diego Gomez, John Tysseland, Bo Babenko, Chris Martalus, Austin Frenkel, Amelia Kutschbach, Annie Yearwood, Peter Boerboom, Timothy Huth, John Clarke, Craig Tamamoto, Matt Amalfitano, Joe Rosen, Angelika Jarosz, John Wolff, Allison Bojarski, Sophie Blahd, blake kimball, Judy Truong, and Deverell Smith.

Trying out for the Games from Mike Doyle on Vimeo.

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A brief intro to muscle fiber types and motor unit recruitment
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* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s WOD classes:

Jerk – 82% x 2 x 4
Back squat – 88% x 3 x


  • Standings as of 2/12/12 6:30PM

    CrossFit NYC                                229
    CrossFit Enhance                         136 
    Diablo CrossFit                              113
    CrossFit Chicago                            75 
    NorCal CrossFit                              72 
    CrossFit Sydney                             71  
    CrossFit Brisbane                           68
    Cynergy CrossFit                            66
    Eugene Crossfit                               65
    CrossFit New England                     63

    Total athletes registered with an affiliate: 22,184

  • Jason

    Just want to say that the Catalyst Athletics Olympic Lifting Seminar that a bunch of us went to was great.  Greg Everett knows his shit and is hilarious.  Our group was also great – Naveen, Michael, Ian, Steve, Sean, and Adam are some of the most entertaining people to spend the weekend with.

    • Naveen

      I’ll echo that.  Great weekend!

  • Anonymous

    A: 14:21 rx’d

    B: Sit Up Tabata: 88

    C: Hand Stand Push Ups with Matt M. 3 sets of 6

  • Matt M.

    A. 14:56 rx’d (subbed 400k row for the run) 
    Felt awesome to during and after the row. Excited to have it back as one of my “safe” movements.B. Tabata sit ups: 102C. HSPU with Greg: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

    • Jason W

       400k row . . . . that’s freakin’ burly!!!

      • Anonymous

        I’m inclined to believe him…

        • Matt M.

          Note to self walking and typing on an iPhone leads to typos and claims of superhuman workouts, 400m was the distance.

    • Anonymous

      400,000 meters = 248.54 miles … there’s a NYC to Washington DC row Matt told me he was training for.  sick!

  • The awkward moment when you are the last person in class trying to finish the WOD, (23.50).
    I didn’t count how many sit-ups…all I could think was “don’t throw up breakfast, don’t throw up breakfast, don’t throw up break…Oh, time for a plank! Don’t throw up breakfast.”

    Hey, little bit better everyday right? 😉

  • cass

    I was 2nd last to finish so no worries Kaleena, we have our good days and then our really challenging days!

    22:22 with strict pull ups using the green and red bands..this was my first attempt at strict pull-ups in a WOD and boy is it challenging, i’ve never used my lats like this

  • Jamie F.

    Wendler: Front Squat

    5 Reps @ 145 LBS
    5 Reps @ 165 LBS
    Max Reps @ 185 LBS – 8 Reps


    16:31 as RX’d.

    Nothing felt good after those Front Squats…

  • Anonymous

    Broken Hand WOD: 5RFT
    400 m row
    15 goblet squats 1 pood
    10 GHD sit ups

  • Anonymous

    I hate hitting failure repeatedly and standing around waiting for my muscles to recover in metcons, so in the pull-up sets, I did as many as I could unbroken with a blue band, then made up the difference with pairs of 40# one-arm standing dumbbell rows.  22:42.

  • Anonymous

    17:03 Rx’d
    Broke the pullups into 5-5-5’s
    Not the best pullups but I’m working on it.
    Doing the fighter pullup program daily

    Way to work 6am crew!

  • Adena’s B-Day WOD: 12:59

    That sucked after a week of the flu!! Plus my clothes kept falling off- I felt like Will. 

    Happy Birthday to the beautiful and strong Adena=)))

    • Erika Ramos

       what was the bday wod? 

  • Jason W

    Wendler Backsquat 5-3-1

    Wod: 15:33 rx’d w/ C2B pullups

  • Jeff K

    Dead lift: 5 sets of 3. 235,245,245,250 and 250. Then 30 dead hang pullups and 30 rings dips in 11:35. Situp cash-out: 87 situps.

  • Jim S

    RX’d with strict pull ups. 27:58 Doing my part to help out all the folks who were feeling slow at 24 minutes. 🙂 

    • Jim S

      Btw, I should add… I’m actually really happy with this wod. When I started all this craziness I could do exactly one dead hang pull up. 

      • Way to rock the real pullup! I’m hoping to get there soon myself! 🙂

        I can barely do them with the black band, so I have a lot of ache-y arms in my future


  • Greetings from Vegas.
    I don’t normally expect to PR when I’m on the road because of poor sleep and undisciplined eating, but I slayed Fran this morning. Great start to the day!!

    A. Find your 1RM Thruster:  95, 125, 145, 155, 165(F), 165

    B. Fran:  5:31 Rx’d (15 second PR). Heavy thrusters definitely helped whether it was mental or otherwise. Thrusters felt light for the first 15 reps and then they went right back to feeling brutally hard again.

    I’m on the road to sub 5 min. Let’s do it….

    • Jamie F.

      Nice work Nick!

    • Anonymous


  • BenS

    23:30, Rx’d.  Now that I can do pullups, I need to do them faster.

  • Chadron

    Time to give credit where it’s due: Yesterday I had a chance to work out at a gym over in Philadelphia and went for a 1RM Clean & Jerk. About six months ago, max clean was 215 and jerk was 195. Yesterday, I made it to 220 for both. BW has not significantly changed. Not sure if it’s the programming, the day-to-day coaching, or something in the water, but it’s definitely working at the Black Box. I’d also point out that the full extent of my Olympic lifting is done at the box as part of the programmed WOD.

  • Zoe

    20:54 Rx’d, managed to tear my hand just at the last few pull ups.
    Tabata sit ups: 86

  • Sully

    Meathead Gone Bad
    From 3 rounds—1 minute of work per station.  30 seconds of rest between stations.  2 minutes of rest between rounds.GHD Situps Reps 61Double Unders Reps 122Russian KB swings Reps 68Row for meters 805Dumb Bell bench press Reps 60 This felt terrible, but really fun. 

  • Sam G

    5/3/1 backsquat 1st week 8th cycle

    5 at 245
    5 at 270
    12 at 306

    1 at 335, 1 at 375

    Sean Pull up program

    1,2,3,4. 1 I
    1,2,3,III. 1 I
    1,2,3. 1 I

    • Anonymous

      what is the sean pull up program?

    • Steve Lynch

      5/3/1 squat
      5 at 210
      5 at 245
      13 at 276

      Seconding (or thirding?) what Jason said above, the Catalyst seminar was great this weekend.  I’d encourage anyone to check them out if they have a chance in the future.  We definitely did have a great group representing Crossfit NYC.

  • Peter F

    WOD:  13:15

    Being absurdly small has its perks (bodyweight WODs are a breeze) and its pitfalls (I can’t get a Crossfit shirt that fits). 

    PS- We should get shirts for the Open in a mens small!

  • Asegal04

    WOD: 16:03 RXD, this one was a struggle for me

    B. Tabata situps – 106

    C. Hanstand pushups:  10, 7, 6, 6

  • Travis P

    6:45 Post Elements


  • dstogs

    5:45 post elements

    Big shoutout to Aaron who helped me push through the last set of pull ups without the band (the whole last round, really)…  Badly wanted to be finished but he pushed me past what I thought was possible. Thanks man!

    WOD: 24:03

    • Asegal04

      That was all you, solid work.

  • Courtney S

    14:42 Rx

  • Anonymous

    Home in NJ with a sick kid for a couple of days :(.  Finally putting my new kettlebell to good use though :).

    (sub Russian 2Pood KBS for pull-ups)

  • Jason L.

    2-handed get-up work up to 95# barbell
    Turkish get-up work up to 105# barbell (failed on the left side)

    4 sets:
    10 pistols
    15 hand-release pushups
    20 situps

  • Annie

    18:34 Rx. Good to be back!

  • Steve Slo

    21:51 rx’d

  • Anonymous

    6:45 Post Elements — 19:51