Return of “The Chief”

A huge thanks to Naveen, who created an Excel macro for interrogating the Games website and tallying the number of members who’ve signed up for Team CrossFit NYC thus far. Genius!

Here’s Naveen, pictured as “The Chief”, today’s WOD, at our Halloween party this year:

If you haven’t signed up yet, now is the time! All members will be doing the 2012 CrossFit Games Open WODs each week that the 5 weeks of the Open is happening, so you might as well officially register as part of our team. If we amass the largest team of Open participants, we’ll win some awesome prizes, including free tix to the 2012 Games. So sign up NOW!

And thanks to our latest sign-ups (as of 3:30pm on Wednesday)! Gerard Miller, Brad Hoover, Jim Peet, Nick Ryan, Christopher Frye, Katie McIntosh, Ali Huberlie, Yoomi Lee, Tiffany Huet, doug burkman, Akash Bharucha, kevin brogan, Magnus Hoglund, Chris Gimbel, Kayam Rajaram, Dan Simon, Stephanie Kokinos, Madeleine Thompson, Brett Baker, Qusaye Fahmawi, Hunter Van Horn, Andrew Loulousis, Emily Malinowski, Sean Connors, Ryan Reich, Paul Bonner, and Win Wharton.

“The Chief”

Max rounds in three minutes of:
135/95# Power Cleans x 3
Push-Ups x 6
Air Squats x 9

Rest one minute. Repeat for a total of five cycles – picking up each cycle where you left off when the last ended.

NOTE: Tonight’s NYC Endurance running class meets at 6:30pm at 25 W. 26th St.

Turn down the lights, turn up your metabolism
Mainly because of the meat
Where to drink coffee in NYC right now
Hey chronic desk-sitters…do this (every 15 minutes)
One-sport kids? Just don’t do it!

Coach Ryan says of this picture: “Mark in my 7am Elements proves that CrossFit is for anyone; all smiles, 100 percent effort, and always wanting to learn…not to mention he is 63 years young!” 🙂

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s WOD classes:

Snatch pull – 100% (of snatch) x 3 x 5
Snatch push press – 83% x 3 x 5


  • The Games just gave Blackbox a facebook shout out 🙂 NYC in the lead by a landslide!CrossFit NYC140CrossFit Enhance62CrossFit East Sacramento55Cynergy CrossFit50CrossFit Sydney50CrossFit Chicago49CrossFit Northwest Tuscon42CrossFit Huntsville42CrossFit Milford41NorCal CrossFit39

  • I scraped the entire website for all the affiliates (3411 of them) and counted all of the registered athletes for each affiliate and here is the top ten teams:
    as of 2/8/12 11PM

     CrossFit NYC                  148

    Diablo CrossFit                   94 

    CrossFit Enhance          64

    CrossFit Brisbane          64

    CrossFit East Sacramento 56

    Cynergy CrossFit         56

    CrossFit New England 54

    CrossFit Sydney         51

    CrossFit Chicago         51

    CrossFit Omaha        47

    I could update daily, scraping all the affiliate pages takes about 3.5 hours.

    • Hari

      Wow! This is great data. Please continue to update us. 

      I find it interesting that Diablo CrossFit didn’t make the top 10 when the Main Site posted its tally yesterday (so it had fewer than 39 members at that time) but already it’s up to 94. The point is that there may be some serious surges among the affiliates. I continue to believe that 500 is the number that puts us in a safe place.

      • Hari

        Diablo CrossFit  is at 103 as 7:30 AM.

      • Actually  I think the main site yesterday didn’t tally correctly, they left off Brisbane and Brisbane did have 64. 

      • Anonymous

        Can we register more than once?  

        • Hari

          Please don’t. That would violate the spirit. We want this win to be 100% legitimate.

  • Hari

    159 as of 7:30 AM
    341 to go

  • Matt M.

    28 + 1cl rx’d

    • Anonymous

      I’m running out of adjectives for you…so I’m breaking out the thesaurus.


    • Jamie F.

      We’re not worthy…

  • Cass

    20 + 2 squats 
    push-ups off a box


  • Anonymous

    16 reps

  • Anonymous

    Chief: 21 even…rx’d

  • Justin Katz


  • Sara

    Cleo:  We found your wallet in the shower.  It’s at the front desk.  

    • Cleo

       Thanks Sara!!

  • Anonymous

    13 + 1 Clean – RX’d

    I mentioned this to the 8AM’ers, but if you’re tight on funds and you’re not registering for the Open strictly for that reason, email me at I’ll gladly sponsor a couple of people.

    • Anonymous

      Can I file for a reimbursement?

      • Anonymous

        I’m sorry sir but we’re out of those forms right now.

    • same here – email me at – money shouldn’t be a reason not to participate in the Open…I’ll gladly help.

  • Tifany

    18 + 3 Cleans + 4 Push-ups

  • 21 rounds plus 1 clean Rx’d

  • Rory

    Chief: 21 1/3 rds 115#

  • The_Lisa

    Just a reminder about this evening’s NYC Endurance Session. Come one, come all whether you love running or hate it. I will be at the Black Box by 6:30pm this evening. Wear layers if you are worried about the cold as you WILL get warm during the workout. Bring a watch with stopwatch function if you have it. See you there!

    • The_Lisa

      Great effort tonight by Yumi, Jay, Rickey, Avery and Wayne. They ran 2 x 400M followed by 2 x 800M. That is a fast 1.5 miles in total. And as Yumi pointed out, no stair running was required 🙂 

  • Jason W

    Wendler OHS 3-3-3

    Kept it in control to avoid the drop. Can’t wait to get to the new space so i don’t have to re-rack this action.

    The Chief: 24 rounds rx’d.

    A buddy of mine did this workout earlier in the week. At their gym, they weren’t allowed to do partial rounds, so i did it his way for the sake of comparison.  I really need someone to count rounds for me on these types of workouts cause i just get lost in a haze.

    • You should just record it on your phone or something, set up a tripod at the power clean station and then don’t worry about rounds while you’re doing them. You can count them on the video review.

  • Hari

    168 as of 12:30 PM
    Past the 1/3 mark.
    332 to go.

  • Jamie F.

    20 Rounds + 1 Power Clean RX’d.

    I learned a valuable lesson in time and apparel maintenance today.  Note to Self:  Take your shirt off when its only mildly sweaty as opposed to when it’s fully sweaty and taking it off costs you extra time in the final round.

    • cass

      or just wear shirts that fit you properly instead of ones that are too tight..

      • Anonymous


      • Jamie F.

        they don’t make size Marge!

        • Sam G.

          Cass is just jelly of your Muscles.

          • Jamie F.

            To anyone who is inetersted, dead-hang pull-ups and the high-heat setting in your dryer (more so the latter) is a sure fire way to ensure a snug and tailored fit.

    • Anonymous

      shirts.   why bother with them to begin with.

      • Anonymous

        I second that…

      • that is ALWAYS my motto

  • BenS

    15 rounds + 1 clean, 115#

  • Paul B.

    19 rounds + 6 push ups 95#

  • Peter F

    21 rounds even at 85#… Probably could have pushed for 95, but 85 made for a sustainable pace.  Really liked this one. 

  • Hari

    180 as of 4:30 PM
    We have a shot at 200 by the end of the day.

  • Anonymous

    23 rounds + 2 PC RX’d 
    then with PaulS Ari Bo (Sara, Kevin) 100 Muscle ups HAPPY BRITHDAY ARI
    then Burpees til we got bored

    • Sully

      You guys were killing it today! 

  • John Landers

    19 rds rx’d

  • 16 rx’d 

  • Ryan R

    17 + 1rd clean + 1rd push ups

    6:45 elements

  • Anonymous

    6:45 post-elements

    12 rounds + 3 cleans (105#, resorted to knee pushups for rounds 9-12)

  • Paul Seltmann

    16 Rounds + 2 Cleans @ 95#
    6:45 pm Post Elements!

  • Courtney S

    16 rounds, 95#

  • Zoe

    18 rds even, 88#. Should have tried the Rx’d weight. Next time. 

  • FrenchPierre

    5:45 post elements
    16 rounds +1 clean 115#

  • Jenn Tang

    16 rounds +1clean Rx

  • Robert Bosslet

    PE – 20 @ 115#

  • Randy Lampert

    Post Elements: 16@105# plus 3 reps of the power clean. I also left some blood on the wood floors. 

  •  5:45 PE – 17 rounds at 68# with 3 cleans + 6 pushups. Thanks, Coach Sully, for an awesome WOD!

  • Jason L.

    This evening:
    KB Swing, 40kg russian
    Wallball, 20#
    Rest 4 min
    c2b pullups
    Rest 4 min
    GHD situp
    KB high-pull, 40kg

    3:36, 4:53, 4:39 – If you want to feel that post-Fran sick feeling three times in a row, do this.

  • Joe W

    The Chief: 25 rds + 3 cleans + 6 push-ups Rx’d

  • Stacey

    Post Elements: The Chief: 15 rds +2PC 45# knee pushups.

  • Steve Slo

    Really good class today at 4:30.

    The Chief at 115#
    17 Rounds + 3 pushups

    Note to future self: I wouldn’t have lost a ton of time going 135… It’s the pushups that really slowed me down. Always the pushups.

    But yes… great WOD.

  • Phil

    23 rounds + some Rx’d.

  • Jana B.

    The Chief 15 rounds 70#

  • Julie if Ithaca

    The Chief: 15 rounds Rx’d.