Hell’s (kettle)bells

Thursday 120202

A: 2-position clean (floor, knee) – 70% x 2 x 5

B: Complete 3 rounds for time of the following:
5 Deadlifts @ 275#/180#
10 Goblet Squats @ 32kg/24kg
15 Kettlebell Swings @ 32kg/24kg

REMINDER:  Morning Post-Elements Courses are offered at 6:30AM and 7:30AM. If you register and are unable to attend, please be sure to cancel your reservation so others can register!

NOTE: Tonight’s NYC Endurance running class meets at 6:30pm at 25 W. 26th St. location.

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Two new graduating classes of Elements students:

Team Bulldog!

Team 66%! (sorry for the sideways angle, couldn’t get it to rotate!)

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s WOD classes:

Snatch – 70% x 3 x 2, 75% x 2 x 3
Back squat – Cluster @ 5 rep max (4×2 w/10sec) x 3


  • Sam Gaberal

    Damn this woke out looks good Straight from a Dan John book.

    • Sam Gaberal


  • Anonymous

    Has anyone had good results using this (apparently) popular program while also doing CrossFit?  I did it once a few years ago and definitely got to close to 60, but those weren’t full ROM push-ups, nor did I combine it with CrossFit.


    • Jim S

      Yup. Went through it once. Found that it started slow and then it came on like a hurricane in the last couple of weeks and it was very difficult to complete the optimistic programming.. I got to where I was doing 60 too but that’s it. I did 51 full rom push ups last time I tried so I think it was useful in forcing me to focus on a lot of pushups, but not particularly smart programming.

      • Anonymous

        I think Coach Sara said that a great way to improve push-ups is to do Tabata Push-Ups 3 times a week.  Does anyone else have any suggestions?  I have strict push-ups, it just takes me 20 minutes to squeeze out 100.  #ineedjapanesesteel

        • Pushups, more than almost anything else, work well with ‘greasing the groove’ – doing small, frequent sets over the course of the day, to reinforce the neurological activation pathway for the movement.  

          Choose a door in your house; drop and do 5 pushups each time you go through it.  Coach Sara does this with pullups and her bathroom door.  Though, to my dismay, she apparently doesn’t actually use the toilet while hanging from the bar.

        • Anonymous

          Sara gave me the same advice and it eventually got me doing real pushups vs. knee pushups.  Now I need to start it up again so I can do 100 pushups in less than an hour (making up Angie tomorrow – I might have to stay overnight to complete it).

          • Dickie

            She had you do GTG or Tabata?

          • Anonymous

            Tabata. But Mike mentioned GTG the other day and Im easing into that one, since tabata real pushups would fry me (Im averaging 4 WODs a week now vs. less during the time I did tabata)

        • Sean M.

          The BUD/S Warning Order worked well for me back in 2005:I worked up to 182 unbroken in 2 mins.

          There is a phase 2 version as well.  

          Every M/W/F – rest as needed:

          WEEK 1: 4 X15 PUSHUPS WEEK 2: 5 X 20 PUSHUPS WEEK 3&4: 5 X 25 PUSHUPS WEEKS 5& 6: 6 X 25 PUSHUPSWEEKS 7&8: 6 X 30 PUSHUPSWEEK #9: 6 X 30 PUSHUPSAlso, I’ve had good success with tabata push ups once a week and only for 6 rounds.  .

          • Sean M.

            Hope this clears the formatting up:

            WEEK 1: 4 X15 PUSHUPS 
            WEEK 2: 5 X 20 PUSHUPS 

            WEEK 3&4: 5 X 25 PUSHUPS 

            WEEKS 5& 6: 6 X 25 PUSHUPS

            WEEKS 7&8: 6 X 30 PUSHUPS

            WEEK #9: 6 X 30 PUSHUPS

          • keller

            is the goal of that to do it all in one sitting, i.e. 4×15 maybe with 5 minute breaks or space it out over a day and just get it done, i.e. 2×15 in the morning and 2×15 at night or four sets of one time permitting

          • Sean M.

            short breaks in between – the program also normally has situps and pull ups, which you would just rotate through with no rest, but if you just want the push ups, you can just rest the 2 mins between sets.  

          • keller

            time for big poppa to get more swoll

          • Anonymous

            How much time do u rest btw sets?

          • Sean M.

            1-3 mins based on how you feel.  

          • Brett_nyc

            I went through this cycle way back in the day before I found mainsite. You’ll get good at doing pushups…

        • Anonymous

          What is the tabata push up program? Can you give the details?

          • Anonymous

            Tabata is a four-minute workout.  20 seconds of as many reps as possible.  10 seconds rest.  Repeat until you’ve completed 8 total rounds of work. There are free Tabata stopwatch apps for Android. I assume they exist for iPhones as well, but they might be more than free.

        • Jamie F.

          +1 #hattorihanzoreferences

        • Mike K

          I second the grease the groove program for pushups.  Tabata’s are a good idea too, but personally, I would probably do 4 rounds 3-4x per week rather than 8 so you don’t overdo it.  Remember, it’s supplemental work.

          Also, get better at holding a plank.  Once your position starts to break down, the pushup gets harder.
          Kinda like like how if you can only hang on the bar for 30 sec before your grip fails, you will never do more consecutive pullups then you can do in 30 sec.

    • Zoe

      I think this is similar to Sean’s program, but I did this leading up to training that I had to do last summer, and I think it was helpful: 


      There’s also a sit up plan if you look at the links on the left, if anyone’s looking to get better at those too.

    • Jason W

       so, like, a couple years ago, some co-workers started a pushup-thursday club. Every thursday we’d have 24 hours to complete X number of pushups, and the following thursday we’d do X + 100. It went pretty well for the first 10 weeks where everyone dropped out figuring 1000 pushups in a day was a pretty good place to stop. I ended up quiting at week 23 cause i felt obliged to stop on a prime number and the next one after that was 29. it was also getting ridiculous cause i was doing 50 pushups every 10 minutes or so and it was becoming a drag to drop to the floor at the cafeteria and during meetings. . .

      oh, i’m going to be responsible here and say, “i don’t recommend anyone doing 2300 pushups in a day.”

      • Anonymous

        That’s hysterical

  • Justkatzny

    A: 2X5@ 95#
    B: 7:11 @ 225
    Kettle bells 32kg

  • Anonymous

    A: 135#
    B: 5:00 Rx’d

  • Anonymous

    A: 145#
    B: 6:03
    275# – 32kg (Russian swings)

  • Anonymous

    6:38 rx’d

  • Jenn Tang

    B: 4:16 (173# DL, 16kg bell)

  • Zoe

    5:36, 178#DL, 50#KB, Russian swings

  • Anonymous

    A: 105#
    B: 7:53 (245#, 32kg)

  • 7:51 RX’d

  • 2 position clean: 95, 115, 135, 145, 145

    Sara’s a$$kicking WOD:  5:50 Rx’d

  • Cassie

    cleans: 73 all the way through

    WOD: 4:11, 135# for DLs and 1 pood for squats and KB swings (American, I’d like to invent a Canadian version if possible)

  • Jason L.

    Deadlift 5×265 5×305 8×345
    Dead-stop Bench 3×195 3×200 3×205

    5 min AMRAP:
    5 deadlifts, 315#
    3 dead-stop bench, 185#

    Today’s metcon: 4:23 Rx’d overhead swings, only thing not unbroken was the last set of kb swings (10-5), could have done the squats faster too.

    On pushups…I need to get better at them, or just chest/shoulder endurance in general (so I can be like Rich Froning and bust out 100 push presses unbroken…).  Started doing tabata work pretty much 2x per week, it works well.

    • Jason L.

      4 rounds + 5 deadlifts on the AMRAP

  • Anonymous

    All of you who are posting four minute times missed out on a lot of fun.  I got to do this WOD for nearly twice as long as you!

  • Hari

    I think fixating on push-ups or any one exercise is a bad strategy. How are your sit-ups, HSPU’s, etc.? You can get results with any one of these programs. The question is, how long before you get sick of the program. The reason you CrossFit, is because you like variety, so instead of one thing, pick several.
    Use Tabata’s, but vary them. Over the course of the week, do one of each: push-ups, sit-ups, HSPU’s, air squats. This is a program you can stick to, 4 sets of Tabata’s per week, each done on a different day. If you want more, do one set every day in rotation, so you do 7 sets over 4 weeks instead of 4. (In reality, you wont feel like doing a set of Tabata’s every single day, but you certainly can do four sets over the course of the week. After a year of this, you will have dramatic across-the-board results.Stop looking for a quick fix. You can find one, but it will come at the expense of other aspects of your fitness.

    • Dickie

      Well said, Hari. 

  • Mike K

    Good article on Crossfit from a non-crossfit coach – http://www.charlespoliquin.com/Blog/tabid/130/EntryId/932/Getting-the-Most-Out-Of-CrossFit.aspx

    I have been meaning to write a longer piece on getting the most out of your workouts, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.
    In short, one thing I have observed is that the gym seems noticably busier on days with a tough metcon than it does on days that are primarily focused on skills, lifting, or mobility.  Additionally, I hear from and observe a lot of people that say that want to or that need to develop in these areas to improve. 

    There is a reason we focus on form first and why we program the other stuff too instead of just doing 30 minute chippers every day.  Ultimately you are paying for your membership and can come to whatever WODs you want, but the people who progress faster are the ones who come in regularly no matter what the WOD is and address the defficiencies that are holding them back.  You don’t need to end up on the ground in a puddle of sweat to have had a good workout… but I get it that those are the WODs a lot of people really like.

    This is not directed at anyone imparticlular and I know it does not apply to everybody.  It’s just an observation.  Simply put, be honest with yourself as to where you are and where you want to go.  If you aren’t sure what to do to get there, ask one of us coaches for advice, or maybe book a session with one of us to go over it.  You’ll be a better athlete for it in the end.

    • Dickie

      I’m pretty sure you’re directing this at Jamie F.

      • Mike K

        Actually Jamie does try to focus on improving things and he does show up for more than just metcons, so this probly applies less to him than some people.  I do give him credit for working hard… the reality is there are only so many things you can work on at a given time though and it’s easy to overtrain when you try to do everything at once.

        If I were to direct something at him it would be to actually listen to the advice your coaches give you!

      • Anonymous


    • Mike has pretty much said everything I would say, but I’m always going to add technique and form to the mix….and what is referred to in the link as inefficient ROM.  If that stinks then so will your push ups.

      A good link from 70s Big on push up cues – especially for those folks with only a  few full ROM push ups or folks with shoulder issues/pain.  

      PS this message is definitely not just for the ladies….


    • Jim S

      Good article.

      I guess I’m weird but I look forward to skill and strength days. I don’t like the idea of being that guy with the crap lifting form (and injury propensity to go with it) so I’m trying hard to improve. Still struggle with hip opening during the clean and my snatch is a bad shoulder mobility mess, but the box has been programming the hell out of these lifts and I’m seeing improvement. A mere 8750 reps to go before I achieve mastery. 🙂

      With that said I don’t cherry pick wods. I’m afraid it would be a slippery slope.

  • Asegal04

    clean: 95, 115, 135, 135
    WOD:  7:06 RX, this shit was heavy.  Way too many mental mistakes, broke up the reps way more than I should have…..

  • Michael North

    A: 95# all sets
    B: 9:10 Rx (Russian KBS)

    …as a result, courtesy of Coach Sara…

    C: 100 burpees

    Should have done much better. I’m no firebreather but this heavy strength metcon should be more in my wheelhouse than most WODs.

    • Anonymous

      That’s a pretty liberal use of the term Rx, especially considering your use of the power goblets vs. the goblet squats…

      • Michael North


        I will redo this WOD tomorrow whilst you make up Angie… I hope it doesn’t lead to 100 more burpees.

  • Avery W

    4:57 (rx’d plus with 215# Deads)

    • Mike K


      Gonna have to make this one up over the wknd or something.  Looks fun

      • i think that’s a liberal use of the word “fun”

    • Mike K


      Gonna have to make this one up over the wknd or something.  Looks fun

  • Anonymous

    5:50. Rx’d ouch. The goblet squats were a little easier after the cleans which I did at 165.
    The swings were another story.

  • Anonymous

    5:50. Rx’d ouch. The goblet squats were a little easier after the cleans which I did at 165.
    The swings were another story.

  • Anonymous

    4:32 everything unbroken taking time between sets to catch my breath and be able to go unbroken.

    Does it not count as rx if the kb is held upside down on the squats? I did them this way so maybe it was cheating..

    • Sam Gaberal

      official goblet squats should end with your elbows inside your abductors at the end range of motion

  • 4:11 RX’d – got to the last round of swings at 3:23…so yeah – do that math.

  • Jim S

    A: 125lbs
    B: 255lb DL’s, 45lb kb 10:11
    First round unbroken in 1:58, after that the DL’s got really heavy and sloooow.

  • Sam Gaberal


    Today’s wod

    315 Deads instead of 275, swings russian style

    Time = 3:52

    Getting my WOD on was Fun, love it when Court shows people how to use a Kettlebell.  Booyah

    • Sam Gaberal

      Sorry Cleans were as Following with the DEX!


  • A. 2×5 85#

    B. 5:28 185#, 16KG

  • Julie of Ithaca

    WoD: 6:10 with Rx’d DL and 45# KB.