Each minute will be interesting

Tuesday 120131

A: Snatch balance – 65% x 3 x 5

B: In 10 minutes, complete as many rounds as possible of the following
5 Cleans @ 135#/95#, every minute on the minute
As many reps as possible of ring dips for remainder of the minute.

NOTE: Tonight’s NYC Endurance running class meets at 6:30pm at the South Mall of Central Park.

Just Food Conference 2012: Eat, work, grow the movement (tickets here)
A history of breakfast cereal
The 5 stages of food grief
My family and treats
Apple onion cinnamon pork chops over crockpot butternut squash / Crockpot pork green chile

Double-under advice
Is GERD an autoimmune disease?
Sleep. I bet you could use some.

Big congratulations to Cindy L. and Erica G. for competing in the women-only CrossFit competition “Hail to the Queen” this past weekend!

Here’s Erica’s report on what her experience was like:
“I had an awesome time competing in my first CrossFit competition, Hail to the Queen! The adrenaline of competition and my friends screaming at me to go faster/harder was thrilling. There were also some amazing, strong women there who were absolutely inspiring to watch. I know competing isn’t for everyone, but it certainly is for me. I’m hooked. I can’t wait for the Open, and then whatever competition is next after that. I also want to give a huge thanks to Mike, Kelly, Sean M., and Stan for coming out to cheer Cindy and I on. It made me push that much harder. And not only was this my first competition, but it was my first time having chocolate coconut water, which I am now addicted to.”

Big thanks to Dan Reshef for getting this excellent shot of Erica at the competition:

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s WOD classes:

100 Pull-Ups
100 Pushups
100 Situps
100 Squats

Post time to comments.

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  • Sam Gaberal

    I’ve seen that face before. It’s Erica’s game face!

  • Congrats Cindy and Erica!

    Had to comment on the double unders post. Very timely since I was just telling Will I’m going to own doubleunders ASAP since I hate parallette jumps.

    And the Buddy Lee video in the CFOneWorld post is INSANE! 

    • Active rest day.

      400 single unders. Broken up based on how many I could link together. Max was 105.

      2000m row for time – 11:39. Broken up into 4 x 500m row.

  • Anonymous

    A: Kettlebell snatches, 12kg, 12kg, 16kg
    B: rx’d, 39 ring dips

  • Anonymous

    Below is a great shoulder stretch for cleans..

  • Anonymous

    A: 65-85-85
    B: 80 ring dips / Cleans #115 … clean form still sucks.

  • Anonymous

    A (3-3-3) : 65 – 85 – 85
    B: 135# – 14 bar dips – perfect WOD to make my bar dips debut.  I’ll still have to use parallettes for 21-15-9 and above, but it felt great to push myself out of the comfort zone.

  • Naveen

    46 rx’d, plus another 6 attempts where I could not quite get to lock out.  All cleans unbroken; could have taken up the weight and gotten the same score.

    After today and Chelsea, I’ve decided that I need to work on my capacity for body-weight move’s: pushups, dips, hspu, strict pull-ups.  shoulders were fried – had a very hard time trying to do snatch balances…

  • Kelly

    First- CONGRATS to Cindy and Erica! I was so happy for them and inspired by all of the phenomenal athletes that rocked out on Saturday!That said, I was disappointed that CFNYC didn’t have a bigger showing; even if just to support our girls. There were THREE of us there cheering- and I am sure you can imagine how important that support is at competition. I have only been x-fitting for a few months, but after going to the Winter Challenge in Hoboken last month, and Hail to the Queen this past weekend, I can honestly say that I learned a ton just by watching. It is important for us to see what we are capable of; what we should be working towards. (IMHO) We have awesome talent here and I hope in the future, more of us will turn up at these events. I am working hard to get myself ready but will certainly continue to show up and cheer (LOUDLY) in the interim=)))Bench: 3 x 585, 95, 95WOD: 10; 95# There were supposed to be dips in this workout? 😉 got all 50 cleans though=)

    • Erica G

      Thank you so much Kelly!! I also concur with what you said- Not that I feel like people should have gone for *me* but it was kind of embarrassing during the opening announcements when they were naming the boxes that had girls competing, and everyone else had huge cheering squads. CF NYC – silence. They even said, “Oh, maybe they’re not here.” To be fair though, that was before Kelly, Mike, and Stan arrived. There have been a lot of people who have said to me since the Games that they’re interested in competing (you know who you are)… step 1 (in my opinion) is to go watch a local competition, step 2: get over your fears of looking stupid and sign your butt up. step 3: make sure Kelly knows about the competition because she has got a set of vocal cords on her and she’ll gladly yell at you to get your butt moving. Love you girl. 

      • I love going to CF competitions– they always are fun to watch and always tend to motivate and inspire. I’m glad you 2 both did awesome and I’m sure represented the box well. Very sorry I couldn’t make it there, hopefully whenever there is another one I can help cheer you on.

        Since I’m still fairly new to this box, does CFNYC host any events/competitions?

      • Anonymous

        Way to represent ladies! I’d love to come out and support an upcoming competition.  Many times though family and geography can get in the way.  But I’m still excited that you stepped up.  Maybe after more gains in 2012 I’ll throw my hat in the ring as well…the events always sound like a blast.

        • Erica G

          Thanks Reis, Mike, Cassie, and all the other “congrats” I missed! 

          Of course, I totally understand not being able to make it. Life, geography, other commitments certainly get in the way! And it was somewhat early on a Saturday morning to make it to Queens. But, in general, it would just be awesome if there was more of a “team” feel at these kind of things. Nobody specific. Just in general. And we have SO many members…!    

          • Agree w/you that Erica. The community aspect is makes Crossfit fun.

      • Adam R

        Congrats, Erica and Cindy!  I agree that everyone should go watch a local competition (preferably one that other CFNYCers are competing in!).  Once you see the energy and excitement, you’ll be hooked into competing yourself. And, as Erica said, nobody will care if you look stupid.  Heck, it’s probably better to get your butt kicked the first few times around, as that will give you more motivation to train.

      • For what it’s worth, I was sending you ladies good vibes all the way from my California vacation I’ve been on since Thursday.  Glad I can use the blog to let members know how you did and let them see what fun it is to compete or cheer on our competitors… Everyone keep an eye out for tonight’s post about Cindy’s experiences.

      • sorry i didn’t make it out. had every intention. time to have a cheerleading tryouts…

  • Kelly

    PS- I did actually space the above rant. But it didn’t show up that way. Soooo nooooo I didn’t bench 585 lbs;-)

  • Justin Katz

    A: 45-65-70
    B:33 dips on the GHD with little purple band

  • I missed 2 cleans, 1 in round 9 and 1 and round 10, and managed only 17 ring dips. On the plus side, I was actually able to do more than 5 ring dips, and 135# cleans is still at the edge of my ability. 

  • Cassie

    A: 43-48-43
    B: 71 parallette dips at 70# for the cleans


  • Anonymous

    Subbed push press (95#) for dips; 80rx’d

  • BenS

    Cleans: 95# (should have done 105 or 115)
    Ring dips: 85

  • Jason W

    88 ring dips rx’d

    then wender deadlift 5-5-5

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure the deads felt good after 50 cleans

      • Jason W

        oh lordy. let’s just say there’s a reason we program the strength component before the metcon.

    • Jason W

      Oops, forgot to break down the rep scheme:

      definitely held back in those middle rounds and probably could have squeezed out a few more rounds. alas, still recovering from chelsea/DT, so took it a bit easy.

  • jenntang

    Cleans: Rx(95#), 15 ring dips.
    In the past I’ve only been able to do maybe 3 real ring dips in a workout, so this is an improvement for me.

  • The_Lisa

    Congrats Erica and Cindy. I was cheering from Alberta, so you may not have heard me 😉

    70# cleans, 61 dips today – one token ring dip, one token bar dip, the rest all on boxes.

  • Sara

    39 ring dips rx’d

    So proud of you ladies for competing!!!  I’ll be right next to you after the Gloves!!!

  • David T.

    51 ring dips rx’d

  • 93 rx’d, cleans unbroken, this was a fun one.

  • also – if anyone is interested – CrossFit LIC is putting on this little number http://crossfitlic.com/events/frostbite/ – don’t think we have anyone competing…but if you’re up for freezing your ass off…oh wait…it was hot today – never mind. Go see what its all about regardless. Should be fun!

    • Keith

      Looks fun but the registration is closed. is there any way the box can post future local competitions?

  • dstogs

    Lovin’ the post-elements classes…

    89 box dips, #65 cleans
    Bilbo Arkansas

  • Zoe

    26 bar dips, 83#

  • Asegal04

    Snatch b: 95#

    Wod: 40 dips rxd

  • Peter F

    58 bar dips at 88 lbs.

    My wrists and grip were not happy after the hero WOD. Lady bar was definitely saved me here. Me and my child hands need to suck it up and use a more proportional bar more often.

    Oh and benching w/ Stan and Kelly-
    115×5. 135 (fail) 125 (1, fail)

    • The_Lisa

      Good call on the bar diameter, Peter. If you cannot hook grip it then need to downsize. I don’t have ‘man hands’ to use the 45# one for anything but front/back squats.

  • Anonymous

    Fluffy 69 – Post Elements
    A. Snatch balance: 33lb bar
    B. 10mins: 43lbs: 5 cleans 1x, 4 cleans 1x, 3 cleans 8x
                        67 box dips

  • Anonymous

    6:45 post-elements. Having a great time at these classes.

    A: 65# x 3 x 5  (dropped a couple due to balance/stability issues)
    B: – 95# cleans: no more than 5, no fewer than 2 per round
         – dips: shit, i was supposed to count too?

  • Sam G.

    Congrats to Erica, she has competitor written all over her. 

    If you have never competed you should, if you are dead “serious” about CrossFitting and brag about how you kill the met con’s and destroy times, and have never competed, you have nothing to measure yourself to.  I would have came if I didn’t have work, and I too have went to competitions in which only two or only myself came to represent CrossFit NYC, so I understand what it feels like to have no one to cheer you on. 

    The biggest problem you will ever have in CrossFit is not doing the things you are good at competitions make you realize how much you suck, and how much you could improve. 

  • Sam G.

    Snatch Grip Deadlift 3 by 5 at 185

    Push/power jerks 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2

    95-135-155-135(working on rack) 185-185-205-205

  • Ashill34

    72 strict ring dips, RX

    27 rounds…why didn’t anyone else post rounds, was it not an AMRAP?