The long-awaited return of “Chelsea”

Thursday 120126

“Chelsea” (compare to 080122)
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
Each minute on the minute for 30 minutes.

NOTE: Tonight’s NYC Endurance running class meets at 6:30pm at 25 W. 26th St.

Here’s How To Scale “Chelsea” — by Hari Singh

If you have 23 RX’d rounds of “Cindy” stop reading.
If you don’t have 22 RX’d rounds of “Cindy” you probably aren’t going to complete this RX’d
If you don’t have 20 RX’d rounds of “Cindy” you definitely aren’t doing this RX’d.

Done RX’d, this WOD is 150 pull-ups, 300 push-ups, and 450 squats (900 reps)

90% of RX’d = 15 rounds RX’d, then switch to 4-8-12 (810 reps)
80% of RX’d = 30 rounds of 4-8-12 (720 reps)
70% of RX’d = 15 rounds of 4-8-12, then switch to 3-6-9 (630 reps)
60% of RX’d = 30 rounds or 3-6-9 (540 reps)
50% of RX’d = 15 rounds or 3-6-9, then switch to 2-4-6 (450 reps)

Of course, there is no reason to cut down the reps sooner than you have to. If you have 20 rounds of “Cindy” then do them before switching to 4-8-12.
If you can go 25 rounds at 4-8-12, then do so, before cutting to 3-6-9.

You are going to slow down. If you do the first round in 31 seconds and slow down by just 1 second per round, you will just make it. You don’t want to fall apart when you miss a round. Just cut the reps on the next round. This is a bit like Tabata work. You start with a high number of reps per minute, hold as long as you can before you drop and then try not to drop further. And like Tabata, going out too fast will kill your score. If you don’t have at least 15 rounds of Cindy, you probably should start with 4-8-12, otherwise it’s going to be very ugly as time goes on. (And don’t kid yourself by using a band that makes the pull-ups about as challenging as jumping up and down on a bed.)

To the extent that you are able to rest, don’t rest at the end of the round. Rest in the middle of the push-ups.

You need to note how much time you have left at the end of each round. If after the first round, you have, say, 15 seconds left, then you can afford to take a 10 second break in the middle of the push-ups on the next round. (Measure rest in breaths) If you have 5 seconds left, you obviously have very little time to spare. Ideally, you want to do about 40 to 50 seconds of work per round with a 10 to 15 second break in the middle of the push-ups.

The easiest way to measure your score is in total reps. 900 is perfect. I predict no more than three perfect scores and no more than 10 scores over 810.

CAPTION CONTEST! What’s going on with Erika (handstanding) and Cassie? Please post to comments.

30-day PALEO CHALLENGE — Day 20
Deconstructed gyro salad / Crispy spiced chicken livers
Trojan horses of chlorella “superfood”
Fat + vinegar + cooked, but then cooled potato = Lower glycemic response to starch.
Good lard, bad lard: What do you get when you cross a pig and a coconut?
How to get sh*tfaced with impunity

How are your basics?
The acuity gap
The promise

Erika proves that a dress doesn’t stop the WERQ!

* * * * *
What’s on tap for Friday’s WOD classes:

A: Deadlift: 5 @ 70%, 5 @ 75%, 5 @ 80%, 5 @ 85%, 5 @ 80%

B: For time:
Run 800 meters
100 Push-ups
135#/95# Snatch, 10 reps


  • Anonymous

    I’m not even a crier but “The Promise” got me close. Luckily I was on the train and had to maintain my tough New York attitude

  • Matt M.

    Chelsea – completed 30 rounds (900 reps) as RX’d
    Was going to sub abmat sit ups for squats until Sarah laid down the gauntlet. Glad I went with squats felt great.

    • Anonymous

      Wow. With a boot, to boot! Nice job. Can’t wait to come cheer you on at the Games soon!

  • Anonymous

    Chelsea – 24 rounds RX, round 25 only got to 10 squats, took round 26 off, rounds 27 28 RX, 29 only got to 10 squats, round 30 RX (860 reps total)

    Did Chelsea on June 6 and only got 12 rounds RX, huge improvement obviously.

    Nice job Greg and Matt M going all the way!!! I got beat by an old dude and a dude in a boot with a torn achilles, time to HTFU

    • Anonymous

      old dude. ahahahha.  fwiw i found a grey chest hair this week.

      • Anonymous

        New life goal: pluck gray chest/stomach hairs out of defined pecs/abs

    • Anonymous

      old dude. ahahahha.  fwiw i found a grey chest hair this week.

    • Matt M.

      You lost to two old guys in boots. Greg’s air force 1s count as boots

  • Wayne

    Chelsea – 468 reps with a green band. (Hari’s 50% plus a full set at the end). Great scaling recommendations, thanks for those. Hope this comes up again soon because I really want to be able to improve that number.

  • Anonymous

    The past two days reminded me what i love about Crossfit… It’s a complete mindfuck.
    It never gets easier, it’s completely different every day, and no matter how fit you are it’s constantly challenging your strengths and weaknesses.  One day you’re a weak ass puddle of disaster – the next, a strapping virile stallion, a smoldering pile of raw energy, a rhesus monkey jacked up on nicorette, caffeine, and truck stop porn.

    I am completly humbled by it’s madness and it’s calculating moments of genius.

    have a nice day.


    • Anonymous

      The “F” is capitalized in “CrossFit” and “MindFuck.”  #justfyi

      • Anonymous

        …and, P.S., not a day goes by when I don’t think about getting weird with your high-tops.

  • Anonymous

    Chelsea: 30 rounds / 900 Reps Rx’d

    • Anonymous

      Wow…nice job!

    • Anonymous

      Incredible job, both of you!

  • Chelsea:
    641 total reps doing 5/10/15. My math was off in the gym. For some reason, I thought it was a total of 1000 reps.
    Had to rest a total of 9 rounds and did 11 reps the last minute.

  • Chelsea: 537 reps

    It got to the point where I could do a full set, and then 5 PU, and a smattering of Push ups, completely missing the squats and then rest a set. I feel like I missed out on a lot of squats.  I think maybe I should have broken it up into 3 sets of 2 PU, 3 Push ups and 5 squats, this way when time is up I’ll have at least got some squats in. 

  • Two things
    How does this scale for post elements?

    Also, what is the workout schedule you should do each week…I have heard 3 on 1 off….what do you guys suggest…was coming every other day and just took two days off because of work schedule and needing to recover.

    • Hi Jonathan, welcome.
      I am on a pretty strict 3 on, 1 off schedule. I will do four in a row if there is something I want to do on my rest day. I also travel a lot for work, but the great thing is that there are boxes all over the world that you can get your WOD on so I have zero excuses. If you get injured or your body is gassed, rest will definitely help more than trying to muscle through something. Good luck.

    • Shoot for 3-5 days per week total.  Mix the rest days in as you need to depending on your schedule and how beat up you are from the previous WOD.
      Try to avoid more then 3 consecutive days also.

      When starting it’s more important to just get here consistently.  Do that and you will find a WOD/rest schedule that works for you.

    • Mike K

      Shoot for 3-5 days per week total.  Mix the rest days in as you need to depending on your schedule and how beat up you are from the previous WOD.
      Try to avoid more then 3 consecutive days also.

      When starting it’s more important to just get here consistently.  Do that and you will find a WOD/rest schedule that works for you.

    • Hari

      It scales like for everyone else. 

      Start at 4-8-12 and hold for as log as you can Then drop to 3-6-9 and hold for as long as you can, etc.

      On the subject of rest, anyone in Post Elements that is coming more than three or four days per week is probably overdoing it. 

      Here are my thoughts on the subject:  

  • Anonymous

    Chelsea: 562 reps, 12 rounds straight through…a couple of stops through 25 and then missed three rounds to clean the blood from my palms off the bar…finished the last two rounds with just 10 pu and 15 squats….
    To echo Greg’s comments….you GOTTA LOVE THIS STUFF!!!

  • Anonymous

    306 reps 

    Pushups are a huge weakness for me.  I could have done twice the number of pull-ups and squats, but the pushups simply took forever.  I did a couple of rounds at 5-10-15, five rounds at 4-8-12, and seven rounds at 3-6-9.  I worked through the end of the minute when I had to, as I never would have done squats otherwise.  I feel good about doing what amounts to ten rounds of Cindy, but it will be a long while before I can live up to the demands of this workout.

    • Me too! Push ups are like my kryptonite. The fighter pull up program has helped me immensely for pull ups, I feel like I can do pull ups forever (kipping), but it’s the push ups that destroy me. I’m going to adapt the pull up program to do push ups. 

      • Anonymous

        When I was scaling pushups to my knees, I would do Tabata pushups at night to supplement.  It got me doing real-deal pushups, but it seems I need to get back to doing that if I hope to ramp up the volume.  Let me know how the fighter program works out for you…

      • Mike K

        For pushups I also like the “grease the groove” program as well.  Like pick a doorway or something that you regularly walk through and do 5 pushups every time you go through it.

        • Anonymous

          Great idea!  Thanks…

    • Michael North

      Tomorrow should be fun… 100 push-ups

      Without trying to reignite the debate, is tomorrow a full squat snatch?

  • Naveen

    I got 630 reps (not the 636 I calculated at the gym). The pushups were the tough point for me – I need to work on those!

  • Ben H

    588 Reps- 7 rounds straight through. Really need to work on the pushups, they slowed me down significantly and caused me to miss round 8. Only been doing crossfit for a few weeks though so hoping to improve dramatically next time!

  • Jason L.

    C+J heavy single work up to 225#
    Clean 235-245 (PR)

    Hang Snatch heavy single work up to 145#

    Then because it looked so fun when Alex P. did it two days ago:
    Squat Snatch, 135#
    HSPU, hands on 45# plates
    C+J, 205#
    Pistols, each leg
    DL, 315#

    30:36 – Snatches and C+J’s were all singles, HSPU, pistols, and deadlifts unbroken, muscle-ups were 3+2,2+1+1, then all singles.  Pacing probably could have been faster on the C+J’s.  This was heavy for me which made it a mental exercise in pacing.

    • Anonymous

      You make me sick. Nice job

    • Sean M.

      “This was heavy for me which made it a mental exercise in pacing.”

      Better to get the rep than miss the rep and have to do it over, especially on C&J.

      As a fellow member of the under 170lbs club, let me say this is solid work.  

    • Mike K

      Props to you guys on tackling this.
      I did it on Sunday in 20:05.  The extra 30-40 pounds I have definitely helped.
      Being an overgrown fat kid has its advantages 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Definitely wouldn’t be opposed to seeing more of your Firebreather’s WODs and times. Something to strive for

    • Alex P.

      You beat me.  Nice work.

      • Sam G.

        Alex put his hat down, I see competition in the rising, shit just got REAL!

    • i’m trying that soon…on my to-do list.

  • Cassie

    attempted strict pull-ups with bands for the first 8 rounds, and then realized i was basically kipping and so i got rid of the bands and just slowly kipped the rest of them without bands

    push-ups started on the box for the first 8 rounds, and then went to shit so switched to knee ones

  • Michael North

    Such fun WOD! 528 reps.

    Took Hari’s advice and shot for 60% or 3-6-9. Was a lot of rest in the early rounds. However… push-ups went to hell in round 7 or 8 so switched to knees. Missed a round in round 27 (need to HTFU, looking back i should of pushed through). Added squats in round 30 until time ran out.

  • Paul B.

    554 reps. Ugh.

  • 900 reps rx’d, strict pull ups

    Sara taught me to go fast on the push ups, had about 30+ seconds rest on each set.  Made this WOD really easy.

    Stair suicides with Coach WIll, 84 flights total (3 rounds up to 7th floor, last round with two 12kg Kettlebells)

  • Asegal04

    830 reps rxd. 

    Chose to rest on 2 of the rounds.  Happy with the result, felt good to have people encouraging us to push through. 

  • Jason W

    900 reps rx’d

    All unbroken. I was going to alternate every five rounds between strict and kipping pullups, but after round 20, i sorta got lost in the fog and did the rest with kipping.

  • paul s

    shout out to 1 pm, 4-5 RXed it.  Nice work!

  • did 3 rounds of suicide stairs 1-7 with 3 minute rest, 1 round with 1 pood kb each hand.

    hadn’t planned on doing the WOD but then Ari, Paul S., Craig, and the rest of 1pm walked in and I really had no say in the matter.

    Regardless – I got 840…had to skip 2 rounds. Better than last time though…about a year ago and did maaaaaybe 15 rounds…maybe.

  • Great WOD today! I really love long metcons. Jenny – thanks for pushing me the whole way through. You rock! 

    693 Reps – stayed with 5,10,15 the whole time, so I missed 7 rounds total. This was a tough one for me strategy wise because during a few of the later rounds there were only 10 secs left on the clock and I had a couple pushups left in addition the squats. So at the time I decided there was no point for me  to attempt to pummel through the last  remaining pushups since my arms were failing quickly so I stopped short of 10 to ” save my arms” ( like that’s possible!)  Looking back, I wish I had gone all the way through.  Every second counts after all! 

    After Round 18 or so I also should have switched to 4-8-12 and I would have gotten way more reps that way I think, and miss way less rounds. I should have read Harry’s tips before the WOD!  Guess I gotta do this one again to see how that works for me  🙂 

    All in all a very fun and sweaty WOD!  Very excited to be proud of the Blackbox crew 🙂

    • so happy to have you and Tom – you both ROCKED today! keeping the CFNYC lean and mean!

  • Steve Slo

    A) made up yesterdays strength component: push presses 5×4
    135, 135, 135, 145, 145

    B) 468 reps
    3/6/9 for rounds 1-15, 28-30
    2/4/6 for rounds 16 – 27

  • Anonymous

    900 reps Rx’d 

    This was fun in a horrible way. = ) 

    • Kevin

      Seth I think you need to bump this up like Stan suggested to 6 12 18

  • Peter F

    Jaysus, I gotta agree with Greg about the profound mindfuckery of the past two days.  Now that many of us are totally burned out on pushups, tomorrow involves 100?  Or is that just a simple attempt to thin out class sizes?  Ha. 

    810.  RXed for 15 rounds, had to drop to 4/8/12 for the rest, but never dropped below that or skipped around round.  Push ups were DEFINITELY the biggest challenge.   

  • Jim S

    Made up yesterday’s strength portion today too. A: push press x 4 115 115 120 120 120
    B: Chelsea
    5 rounds 5/10/15
    Skipped minute 6
    5 rounds 4/8/12
    20 rounds 3/6/9 (made up min 6 by tacking one on at the end).
    Total 630 – for the purists that’s 612 in 30 minutes 🙂
    I needed that.

  • Anonymous

    Representing the Post-Elements crew! Did 4-8-12 till about round 10 then dropped to 3-6-9 till about round 15. Pullups killed me. Had to go 2-6-9 until the 20’s somewhere. Ended with 2-4-6. Not ashamed. I feel great! Thanks CrossFit!

  • TJ

    Miscalculated today at the gym and posted an 843. Can’t do math post-WOD apparently. Turns out it was a 799, took 3 rounds, 18,24,28 off after completing 11 or 12 squats in each preceding round. Pushups killed me of course.

    super sore but ready for more. 

  • Andrew Flicker

    758 Reps 108 PU’s 250 Push ups 400 Squats

  • Sofia

    720 Chelsea

  • Tom T

    900 Reps 
    Did the first 17 rounds with the 20lb weightvest, started to run out of rest time so I went down to bodyweight for the remaining 13 rounds.  Great Class.  Thanks Coach Will for the encouragement.  My legs will be hurting tomorrow !

    • great work Tom – you were cruising dude!!! glad to have you on the team.

  • Anonymous

    Did this at the 6:45 post-elements class.

    Have no idea of total reps, but had to scale down progressively over the duration. Was still hell, but a fun hell.

    The post-elements classes have been great. They’re a nice intermediate step.

    • Sully

      Great work! Stoked you like the post-elements classes. See you soon. 

  • Sam G.

    Chelsea 0 rounds, phew my legs were smoked.5/3/1 Backsquat 95% lots of anxiety on this one5 at 265
    3 at 300
    11 at 335 Use to be my one rep maxWaiter walks with 1 1/2 pood both sides 4 times back and forth the gym space.

  • 642