Morning Post-Elements classes are coming!

Effective Monday, January 30, we will be adding 6:00 AM, 7:00 AM, and 8:00 AM Post-Elements classes Monday through Friday.

These classes will be held at the The Black Box, 25 West 26th Street, Third Floor, and you will need to register online.

Tuesday 120124

Power snatch + snatch – 4 x 2 @ 77%
Clean pull – 4 x 5 @ 98%

Post loads to comments.

NOTE: Tonight’s NYC Endurance running class meets at 6:30pm at the southern end of the mall at Central Park.

Box jumps during last Saturday’s High Noon Hero WOD:

“I’m definitely not hunting down my food, suffocating it with my massive thighs, then eating its liver for extra iron.”
The carnivore connection hypothesis
Genetically modified foods, Monsanto, and logic
Making the case for ‘macrobiology’ (via)
Seasoned shoulder / Berry balsamic salad dressing

Strong does not necessarily equal tough
How to think about CrossFit
Your appendix could save your life
Top 7 success tips

High Noon Hero WOD re-cap:

Thanks to all of you who came out for “Morrison” this weekend, double points to anyone who did “Kelly” the day before. In the future we hope to not have such an overlap, but after running all 3 heats we had over 50 people complete the WOD! Remember to sign up this week to secure your slot for next weekend via our Zen Planner calender as we will continue to run 3 WOD heats until we move into the new, larger space.

As a note about the Hero WODs and how they fit into your training: remember that these WODs are meant to be exhausting. Do not feel pressured to do the Hero WOD every weekend and go all out all the time. The last thing we want to do is inhibit your regular training. We are training the final dimension of your applied fitness, so remember to treat it as such. So come to all, every other one, or just the really, really hard ones. Use the Hero WOD training as another tool in your arsenal.

So rest, mobilize, eat something paleo, and we’ll see you next weekend. We look forward to seeing you at ever bigger and better Hero WODs.

-HNHW Crew

“Morrison,” heat 1:

Heat 2:

Heat 3:

A: Push press 5 x 4 @ 82%

B: 21-15-9 reps for time of:
135#/95# Clean
GHD sit-ups


  • Anonymous

    A:  65-85-95-95
    B:  185-185-205-205

  • Anonymous

    Today was a bit of a mess.  

    A: 85-85-95-95
    B: 195-195-200-200

    • Cassie

      Blame Microsoft

  • Cassie

    A: 48-48-53
    Have someone stand right in front of you (i.e. Will) and practice your snatch, it forces you to keep the bar close to your awesomely
    B: 83 for all the sets

    • mhmmmm. especially if the person smells bad.

  • Erika Ramos

    worked out with charlotte today — AWESOME job!!!!!

    A. 33–43-48-53
    B. got up to 158. whoops, just realized we did 4×2 of the clean pulls. my bad! and completely misunderstood the workout apparently. 158 is definitely well over my 1 rep max for cleans. oh erika.

    also, i left my blue camelbak water bottle somewhere. can someone please put it in a cubby hole? i’ll pick it up tomorrow. thanks!

  • Anonymous

    A: 85-85-85-85
    B: sets of five regular deadlifts instead of clean pulls, 225-245-255-265

  • Jamie F.

    Wendler: Back Squat
    5 Reps @ 220 LBS
    3 Reps @ 245 LBS
    Max Reps @ 270 LBS – 6 Reps

    Snatch: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

    1 @ 95 LBS
    1 @ 115 LBS
    1 @ 120 LBS
    1 @ 125 LBS – Failed
    1 @ 125 LBS
    1 @ 135 LBS (PR! – Finally! – Thank You Avery!)
    1 @ 145 LBS – Failed

  • Snatch Complex: 65, 65, 75, 95
    Clean Pull:  135, 155, 175, 185

    Wendler Back Squats

  • Avery Wittkamp

    Nice work Jamie!  However, by the time we are done you should be snatching your body weight plus.  There’s a lot more in the tank, just saying 🙂

    • Jamie F.

      Let’s do this!

  • snatchy snatch: 53, 53, 63, 63
    clean pulls: 103, 103. 105, 135- big jump but i prolly shoulda just started here

    my thighs are already bruised.

    Liz- you’re a beast. i need to lift with you every time.

  • Sean M.

    “We are training the final dimension of your applied fitness, so remember to treat it as such.”
    What does this mean?

    • Jason L.

      I didn’t write it, but I’ll take a stab:  One of our goals is to push people to a point they don’t go every single day – going a little bit harder, heavier, or longer.  Treat it like you’re honoring the hero for who the workout is named.  Just make sure you’re getting adequate recovery before/after, we don’t want to get anyone injured.

    • Hari

      “It wasn’t ‘over’ when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.”

      • Anonymous

        Sad to say but Animal House quotes are likely lost on a majority of our members.  You can find some more recent comedic gold here:

        • Animal – isn’t that a Ke$ha song?

          • Anonymous

            Is there an emoticon for an old man facepalming?

    • Michael Williamson

      It probably made more sense in my head than written down.  Jason L. is right on, and hopefully I make more sense now.  We are trying to push you harder than you normally would.

      This ‘going above and beyond’, so to speak, is what drives a final effort in a competition, carries your dog out of the burning building or whatever else in life. I think of it as an emotional challenge as much as it is a mental/physical challenge.   The Hero we honor in the process allows us to tap into the emotional side.  Check our Russel Berger’s article on Hero WODs in the Journal, he speaks to it the best:

      Redlining, physically mentally or emotionally, every weekend can interfer with your regular training if you don’t recovery properly.  It is a useful tool, but as we say with every metcon/gymastic/weightlifting tool in your arsenal, you should mix it up and program a Hero WOD in a smart and useful way. 

      And of course, we want Everyone to come train with us because it is a great workout, wonderful way to honor these Heroes, and it is a great way to spend a Saturday.  -Michael

  • snatches: 65-75-135-95 (New PR for snatch, 135#)
    clean pulls: 195-135-135-135-135

  • Paul Booth

    I may have dropped my black iPod Nano at the gym. If anybody finds it can you leave it at the front desk for me? Please and thanks!

  • Ladder:
    10 -> 1 HSPU1 -> 10 L-pull ups29:15

    Thanks to Ryan and Will for this one.

  • 10 to 1 Ladder of:

    GHD Sit Ups
    L Pull Ups


    • Anonymous

      10 to 1 ladder of

      HSPU ( started strict, did 4, failure, became kipping)
      L sit pull-ups


      • Sean M.

        I’m going to give this a go tonight.  Looks good.

        • Anonymous

          Right up your wheel house dude crush it

          • Sean

            Deadlift 5RM @ 85%  (pause between reps)

            11 Rds:
            5-7 med ball tosses
            50 yd sprint down and back

            10 to 1
            L-Pull Ups

            8:34 (thanks to Kev P. for keeping time)

  • Ali Hovland

    Is there a way to get CFNYC sports bras made?  We made them at our previous box for the Tough Mudder.  With the Civilian Military Combine coming up, I figured I should probably represent the box I’m a member of.  And since Adena and Sara take their shirts off as often as I do, I thought maybe more people than just me would be interested in them. 🙂

    • if any other ladies are interested – send me an email or reply to this message. i’ll look up costs and we can get some ordered. its not CrossFit until someone’s without a shirt.

      • Erika Ramos

        i want!

      • Anonymous

        Lady bras

      • count me in too please

      • Sam Gaberal

        Count me in!

        • keller

          this made me laugh so much

      • obvi- i want.

  • Sara

    Def interested in CFNYC sports bras…. if there isn’t enough interest we can have lulu do them….

    • i think there will be interest. i’ll announce in classes tomorrow for those 80% of our members who just check the blog for the WODs and not the witty banter in the comments 🙂

      • erika

        i imagine you’ll be catering to those w normal to small boobies and not the biggins like me…i would want but don’t think you’ll get the kind my 34Fs require. 😉  i mean, who wouldn’t want CFNYC close to their heart??

    • Ali Hovland

      We can print it on lulu bras!

  • Anonymous

    A: 53-53-53 (fell on ass)-53
    B: 83-103-103-103-103

  • Sam Gaberal

    5/3/1 bench

    5 at 190
    3 at 215
    6 at 240

    3 by 10 pull ups

    Pwr clean practice working on positions

    5 by 3 155-185-195-205

  • Katharine

    A: 15-15-15-15 <– Fell over once, almost did a few other times, and my form was awful. Working on it!
    B: 15-15-15-15 <– This was too easy. I should have tried adding more weight.

    I'm trying to get my upper body strength up to a more workable baseline, so I've also been doing modified push ups against my kitchen sink everyday. I still can't do a full knee push up on the ground, but I'm much closer than when I started! 30 in a row a day at an increasing slant, doing as much of a slant as I can handle without resting/losing proper form. Elusive full push up, I will be able to do you in my lifetime yet!

    If anyone has other tips on ways other than my modified push up routine to supplement my work outs to most efficiently build enough upper body strength to be able to do basic moves, let me know. I think once I hit a baseline, I'll get more out of the exercises. For example, even with a strong band, I can't do a full range of motion pull up.

  • you know what would be really awesome?
    9am elements or post elements classes
    would you ever consider having post elements classes art at 5:15, 6:15, 7:15 instead of :45 past the hour? it just makes more sense when people usually get off work on the hour….

  • Anonymous

    The Post-Elements classes are AWESOME for nervous beginners like myself. Big, big thanks. Now I know this is me being really greedy but… any likelihood of any on Fridays, one of the few days I can make it?