Run & lift Monday

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Monday 120123

A: Plank holds

B: Complete as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes of:
Run 400 meters
Deadlift 155#/105# pounds, 21 rep

NOTE: Tonight’s NYC Endurance running class meets at 6:30pm at 25 W. 26th St.

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Kevin goes overhead:

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s WOD classes:

Power snatch + snatch – 4 x 2 @ 77%
Clean pull – 4 x 5 @ 98%


  • Anonymous

    Who’s had success with un-struming your hamstrings?  Court showed me some good “software” neural drills which give me some extra inches, but who’s got other secret weapons for doing some serious hardware reconstruction? 

    Or: what would you put in your daily programming to fix hamstring flexibility issue?

    • Erika Ramos

      can you show me what you learned from court please? my left hamstring has been problematic since october.

      • Court Wing

        I’d be happy to show you a couple different things…hit me up next time you’re in gym.

        • Anonymous

          His voodoo mobility witchcraft does work!  I just wish I had those last few inches. #twss

        • Erika Ramos

          will do, thanks! i’ll probably see you saturday then since i’m an AM wodder.

          it’s been really tight and i’ve been seeing a chiropractor about it for a while now. i’ll def do some more squats to help (as josh said below).

    • Anything that strengthens your booty.

      In most cases, tight hamstrings are a compensation for weak glutes.

      • Anonymous

        Once again, my lack of booty sets up a life obstacle.  #KAHN!!!!

    • Brett_nyc

      squat really heavy, ass to grass. 

      • Sean M.


    • Jason W.

      The latest kstarr vids using jumpstretch bands and compression have been phenomenal for me.

  • Court Wing

    Awesome Gymnastic Freestyle seminar today with Coach Carl Paoli; 5 of us from Black Box were there…look for his progressions on burpees, HSPU, pistols & MU’s to show up in the warm-ups over next month or so.  Some things were completely new, some were new variations on old tricks, all brought instant results.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed!  I think kipping HSPUs aren’t too far out in my future.

    • Anonymous

      …and don’t forget about the hollow-rocks.  Coach Sara thinks they’ll fix my press. 

  • Matt M.

    A. 100 abmat sit ups unbroken
    B. 7 x 2 Weighted Pull Ups (83#) and 70-60-50-40-30-20-10 Sit ups
    C. Cash Out 10 HSPU

  • Rory

    A: 30 sec plank holdl
    B: 4 + 1/2 rounds 185#
    thanks to Matt M. for the push and coaching on form…keeping those DL’s on my shins really helped…

  • Reis Baron

    3 Rounds + 6 DL RX’d  –  Uggh!

    Forgot we did two heats.  Heard Will say 321 time coming up the stairs from the fourth run. I walked up the rest, plopped down in front of the bar and I hear “15 seconds!”.  Oh shit…six deadlifts later I come up short when I would have locked up my first 20 minute running amrap with four legit RX’d rounds.  Oh well, at least I know I’m there.  I felt better as soon as I blamed Will for the mess-up.

    • Cassie

      sooo..who do we blame for the computer crashing to the ground? 

    • completely my (read: your own damn) fault. 🙂

  • Jenny A

    5 rounds+400 m+11 DL Rx’d.  Form on DL definitely devolved.  Thanks Will and Dickie for the MU progression help!

    • Cassie

      you’re a beast!

    • Jamie F.

      Way to dominate!  You go unbroken on all the DLs?

      • Jenny A

        DLs were not unbroken, though they probably could’ve been the first round.  At least 2 of the rounds were 11,10, one round was 8, 7,6 and I can’t remember the rest. 

    • you’re so close!

  • Cassie

    4 rounds and 18 DLs Rx’d, so close to 5 UGH!

  • BenS

    4 rounds @115

  • Jamie F.

    5 Rounds as RX’d.

    Just missed the finish of the 400 meters in round 6.

    Gotta get running faster.

    • Anonymous


      • Jamie F.

        I really miss them…Brussells Sprouts just aren’t cutting it.  February 2nd switching over to Perfect Health.

        • Jamie- add some sweet potatoes to your post workout meals/snacks. totes Paleo. plus you train hard.

        • Court Wing

          Nice to hear that, Jamie, would like to hear about your performance experience after you’ve been on it for about a month.

  • Allan R.

    Perfect Health?

    • Jamie F.

      Paleo + Rice & Potatoes + Full Fat Dairy (In a Nutshell)

      • Mike K

        That’s actually a gross oversimplification that does miss out on a few important points in the PHD… but I also find the one diet vs. another thing pretty silly.

        No where is “paleo” ever defined as low carb, and most of the “strict paleo” people are totally fine and even promote carbs from sources that minimize GI issues.

        Simply put, carbs need to be in line with your activity levels.  Otherwise your physical performace will eventually bring itself in line with your carb intake if you are doing a lot of training.

        • Jamie F.

          I agree with what you’re saying.

          More than anything the problem, I am having is with finding carbohydrates not eating them.  It’s tough to find yams/sweet potatoes/and other root vegetables all the time. 

          Unfortunately, with schedule etc, the easiest things to find are rice, bread, etc.and those are a no no on paleo.

          From personal experience, I found full fat dairy very helpful for recovery, but wanted to try pure paleo (or as much as possible) for a month, so I’m doing it.

    • Allison Bojarski

  • Neillaverty

    6 Rounds Rx’d – thanks so much for the workout this morning guys! If any of you are in the UK and fancy a workout just drop me an email:

  • Nstavrinidi

    I just completed Elements class with Ryan. He is a really sweet guy that makes exercise both challenging and fun! He would be trying to makes us work on our maximum capacity while in the same time he would motivate us and reward us by the end of each class with a little handshake.

    Besides that he is great in creating a work space that enables to build community among the participants. He does that by asking all of us, in the beginning of each class, to share our names and answer a random question.

    By the end of the 1st week I was already feeling I belong in a team and this commitment motivated me to wake up and be at class at 7AM.  


    • Welcome Nstavrinidi!! =))

    • Anonymous


      Welcome aboard!  I think you’ll find those qualities in any of the coaches, and many of your classmates as well.  Crossfit NYC is a bit of a motivation factory.  If 7AM is your class time of choice I’m sure I’ll see you soon.

    • Anonymous

      Nefeli you’re awesome. Can’t wait to see you crush big girl WODs 🙂

  • A friend of mine posted this on Facebook and wanted to share it– I thought it was a pretty funny video. Its a trailer for some web series called ‘WOD Diaries’.

    enjoy it.

  • strict press PR today; 95#

    last time it was 88# on 11-28


    • Anonymous

      Well done!

    • Avery Wittkamp

      nice work kelly!!  100# will be right around the corner

  • Eric

    Hey folks, anyone know of any boxes/decent gums in Aruba? Kicking it there for a week and didn’t turn up anything with the mighty Google.

    Congrats on that press Kelly!

    This is Eric, by the way. Mobile interface won’t let me sign in.

    • the closest one is in santa marta. If it is a true CrossFit affiliate (legally using CrossFit in its name), it will be on this map:

    • Allan R.

      If you’re by the high rises I struck out at all three Marriott properties.  It was a week of a lot of improvised WODs/cardio.  

      • dan def

        I suggest doing lots of swimming involved WODS as that is something you don’t do too often here in NYC, such as swim for 30 minutes or
        3 rounds for time:  Swim 10 strokes out, 10 strokes back                           50 air squats                           25 sit ups.Also, look for odd objects or rocks and clean and jerk, deadlift, or in some other manner move them.  

        • Eric

          Thanks guys!

    • Anonymous

      100 burpees = great wod

  • Asegal04

    wod: 5 ROUNDS + 200 METERS.  FELL SHORT OF MY 6 ROUND GOAL, need to add running back in the mix.

  • Wayne

    4 rounds. Rx’d.

    Feel like I’m getting closer to playin’ with the big boys.

  • Michael North

    4 rounds + made it down the stairs Rx’d (not often I get to say that…)
    Turns out snatch pulls, heavy squats, clean & jerks over the last few days smoke the posterior chain. Perfect preparation for a high volume DL & run WOD…

  • Anonymous

    5 rds plus 400meter run rx’d

  • Jim S

    A: 3:10 plank hold (I post it here only because it beats my last try by a minute and ten seconds)
    B: 4 rounds, 400m, 10 DL RX’d

  • 5 rounds + the run and 16 deads…shoulda hit the rest. Great WOD tho.

  • Avery Wittkamp

    I just hit up a WOD at Crossfit757 while I am visiting family in Virginia.  I highly recommend this box if you are in the Tidewater area – super friendly owner and great community.For time:42-30-18 reps of…
    Wall Balls (20/14#)
    KBS (2/1.5 p)
    Box Jumps (30/24″)16:44 rx’d

  • Zoe

    6 rounds rx’d w/ about 20s left, not enough to start a new run.

  • Steve Slo

    4 rounds + 400m sprint + 4 deadlifts

  • LangerMJ19

    Did this workout today at my gym at school 4 rounds plus 400m RX’d before the track throwers kicked me off the bar with 2 minutes left. Feels good to deadlift more than I weigh 84 times though. Missing the black box a ton.