Graham Holmberg tonight!

Reminder: 2010 CrossFit Games Champion Graham Holmberg tonight at 7:45pm–FREE and open to the CrossFit community (at our new location, 44 West 28 Street, 2nd Floor).
Please note that tonight’s 7:30 Mobility and 7:45 Post Elements classes are canceled due to this event.

Wednesday 120118

2-position clean (floor, mid-thigh) – 2 @ 75%, 2 @ 80%
Front squat – 5 @ 75%, 2 x 4 @, 80%, 2 x 3 @ 85%

NOTE: Today’s NYC Endurance running class meets at 6:30am at Central Park.

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Caroline (at left) and Ali lie down on the ground post-WOD with STYLE…

Plus an always-fun CAPTION CONTEST! What’s going on with Caroline and Cassie in the new space’s work-in-progress women’s bathrooms?

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s WOD classes:

A: Jerk 5 x 3 @ 78%

B: “Randy” (Compare 101222)
75#/55# Power snatch, 75 reps for time


  • Steve Slo

    So… What are the chances that the comments from the old (pre-disqus) message boards will someday be repopulated? …I occasionally find myself curious to look at the comments concerning a workout we haven’t touched in a while (like “Randy” above).

    • Anonymous

      I second this inquiry.  Anything past a few months back is blank…

  • Ryan

    They’re saying, “where in the sh*# are the stalls?”

  • Ryan

    They’re saying, “where in the sh*# are the stalls?”

  • Anonymous

    A. 95lbs | 135lbs
    B. 135lbs | 155lbs | 165lbs | 165lbs (4) | 175lbs

    Nice working with Nick, who’s gotten crazy strong!  Well done, mate!

  • Cassie

    A. 73-83..failed at the second power clean..ugh i had that 
    B. 83 (5) – 103 (4) – 103 (4) – 113 (3) – 113 (3) 

    Great work ladies (Erika, Steph, and Lynn)!

  • Erika Ramos

    A. 73, 83, 93
    B: Three rounds for time of:
    10 Deadlifts
    30 GHD sit-ups

    135# 10:04. GHDs hurt so good!

  • Anonymous

    A: 135, 155
    B: 185, 195, 205

  • Anonymous

    For inspiration…

  • Anonymous

    For inspiration…

  • Anonymous

    According to Google Maps, the fence along the north side of Madison Sq. Park is 120m long.

    NYC Endurance: 120m x 10, minute rests between, 26.5s average split.

  • Nick Walters

    2 position clean:  140#, 160#

    Wendler Back Squat:  

  • BenS

    A: 95, 105, 115, 125
    B: 135, 2×145, 2×155

  • Wendy G.

    A: 55#/75#
    B: 5 x 73/ 4×83/ 4×83/ 3x 88/ 3 x 93/ 3x 93

    Quote of the day: “Nick, you don’t want to turn into the new Jamie, do you?”

    • Nick Walters

      Haha, yes, I was talking and talking loud while people were introducing themselves. I got burned. 
      But there is only room for one Jaime….

      • Wendy G.

        I’m usually the new Jamie, so I was just glad it was you and not me. Or is Jamie the old Wendy?

        • Wm Lanier

          you all just need to shut up during intros and be the new teacher’s pets :)

  • Anonymous

    A: Cleans 155 / 175
    B: 135/ 185/ 185/ 205 ( made 2 failed on 3rd) / 185

  • Naveen

    Cleans: 175(2), 195(2)
    FS: 155(5), 165(4), 175(4), 185(3), 195(3)

  • Anonymous

    I made up Nate today

    20 min amrap
    6 pullups – 6 parallette dips – 4 HSPU (45+10 plates) – 8 KBS 2pood

    5 rds + 1 HSPU

    Trying not to be frustrated at HSPU failure, but I’d rather increase the depth and reach failure than crank through twice as many rounds without pushing that envelope.  The last 4-5 minutes were just getting that last HSPU.

    • Mike K

      I would estimate at least 12 of the 20 minutes if not more of Nate are spent on the HSPU for me whenever I have done that WOD.

      Just keep working on it.  You can’t have everything be in your wheelhouse.

  • Anonymous

    Humbling that the weight of my last set is the same as Will’s first set during strength days…

    Cleans: 175, 190

    Front squats: 190 (5), 200 (4), 215 (4), 235 (3), 235 (3)

    Went heavier than the percentages on the board which tells me that my 1RMs and not my true 1RMs

  • Jenny A

    Since I’m often accused of being hard on myself, today I’ll share that I PR’d on my power clean at 103.  I recently cleaned 105 successfully, but today I caught the bar very high, as in barely a knee bend.  Today’s events also illustrate why I tend not to celebrate these elusive victories too much though.  After I power cleaned 103, I got greedy and went for 108.  Trying to receive it in a high position again – or, more likely, scared sh#$less to get under the bar – I went into a back bend position to catch it (i struggled to hold on to it but it “rolled” off of me), causing Sara to laugh hysterically and making me realize that I’m always a couple of pounds away from completely spazzing out.

    • Anonymous

      Good job Jenny!!! I can think of only a handful of people who consistently works to get better every day with the intensity and effort you do. Glad to see it paying off and keep being critical of yourself, but also be sure to celebrate the gains and PRs :)

  • The_Lisa

    Cleans – 75, 80
    FS – 95, 100, 100, 105, 105

    Forthe squats I power cleaned the 95 and 100 which are both PR’s. Chickened out at 105, not getting under the bar into a squat fast enough.

  • Asegal04


    115, 135 , 145  definitely gotten stronger here and should have gone heavier

    Front Squat:

    145, 165, 185, 185, 195

  • Linnea H

    Cleans: 65 | 75 

    Thank you to Will and Doug for the encouragement and coaching. I will make the hanging clean my b*tch one of these days.

    Front Squat:
    5×63 4×73 4×83 3×93 3×103

    103 was my one-rep max not too long ago, and my 5-rep max was 85 just this past weekend, so this feels like good Front Squat progress.

  • The_Lisa

    Madeleine, I am sorry I did not show this morning – I slept through my alarm and woke up around the time I should have been arriving at the box. I am glad you got a workout in.

  • Wm Lanier

    Two-Position Cleans (2) 190, (2) 200
    Front Squats (5) 235, (4) 255, (4) 265, (3) 275, (3) 275

    @RyanCWoods:disqus its humbling to do some met cons with you and get my a$$ whooped (like yesterday)

  • Sara

    Nate:  8 rounds plus 2 muscle ups.  Was intentionally taking it slow, but HSPU were super weak today… just like the rest of me right now.  

  • Jim S

    A: 120, 135
    B: 5@150, 2×4@160 2×3@165
    Last set was supposed to be 170, but I failed after one squat.
    No rack, so all of the front squats were cleaned from the floor first. That 170lb clean is my new PR.

    • Steve Slo

      I think the time has come to spring for that rack. Also… how psyched are you to be doing 75 snatches tomorrow?  …for time.

  • Kelly Murray

    made up yesterday’s wod-

    155# DL

  • Steve Slo

    A good day.

    A) 135, 155
    Gosh, I hate starting at that below the knee position… especially without resetting first. But I’ve come upon some good cues to help my clean. I’m thinking I could crack 200# in the very near future.

    B) 135, 155, 165, 185, 185
    Note for next time: I started too low. Should have gone 155, 175, 175, 185, 205

    • Wm Lanier

      below the knee? as in the floor or did you do 3 position? high hang, below the knee, then floor?

      • Steve Slo

        No, I only did 2 positions (floor position, followed by just below the knee). I’m suddenly not sure if Court instructed us to use this as our second position, or if I just got it wrong.

        …I may have just got it wrong.

  • Anonymous

    75# on the cleans
    FS: 95, 95, 105, 105, 105

  • Sam G.

    forgot to post yesterdays workout

    5/3/1 Squat
    3 at 245
    3 at 280
    11 at 316

    21-15-9 2 pood swings and pushups 1:51 5 second pr from last time

    3 by 8 pullups as warm up

    farmer walks with 40kg bells, and Turkish getups 2 x each side with the 2 pood

    5/3/1 Press
    3 at 125
    3 at 140
    9 at 158

    1 at 195 (PR)

    3×10 kb rows 2 pood

    tabata thrusters 35lb score was 8, eight is a lot harder then 7, dreading next week where i have to repeat this. 

  • Philip Jonat

    cleans: 175, 185
    front squats: 205, 205, 215, 225, 225