Today, Monday, December 26: Sunday Schedule (10am, 11am, noon, and 1pm WOD classes only)

CrossFit Total” (Compare to 110929.)

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.

NOTE: Today’s regularly scheduled NYC Endurance running class is cancelled.

What filthy burpees look like:

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Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s WOD classes:

“Grace” (Compare to 111106)
30 Clean and Jerks For Time
135#/95# (Post Elements: 95#/65#, Games Prep: 155#/105#)

Post time to comments.


  • Anonymous

    985# UGH!

    • Anonymous

      Really? Add the weight of your purse in there and you might join the 1,000 pound club 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I could go heavier in my squat. Will be trying my total again on Friday with Coach Sara. She auto-adds about 15# to all my lifts by yelling at me.

        • Jamie F.

          Breakdown on the lifts?

          • Anonymous

            375 back squat
            185 press
            425 deadlier

            I can do more on back squat. And probably both the others. I will be in the 1k club soon.

          • Jamie F.

            If you can wait a week, I’m going to go for the total right after the new year.

          • Anonymous

            Sign me up!

          • Anonymous

            I’ll wait.

          • Jamie F.

            Boom! Boom! Boom!  Wednesday of next week?

          • Anonymous

             I’m in if we can do it @ 7:00.

          • Anonymous

            I’d be in for that.

  • Anonymous

    439# (153; 83; 203-personal best on everything).

  • Wayne

    Quadruple PR for me – must have been that extra rest yesterday!

    525# (165 / 90 / 270)

  • Asegal04

    Back squat: 255
    Strict press: 165
    Dead l: 345.

  • Anonymous

    At CrossFit Unbroken, Matt Hathcock’s gym in the mile high city

    5 RFT:
    50 KB snatches (16/12 kg)
    50 double unders

    Ryan: 15:39
    Ali: 16:31

  • Anonymous

    Another day Crossfitting in Motown…

    amrap 15 min
    15 HPC 95#
    15 KBS 24kg
    200m run

    3 rds + 15 KBS

    Brought my 5-year old son in for Crossfit Kids today.  He had a blast.  Once things get settled in the new space this is absolutely something our gym should consider.

  • Jim S

    No rack so I did squat clean instead of back squat. 
    clean 160
    press 135
    dead lift 305

  • Randy Lampert

    It was a fun first Cross Fit Total! 

    BS: 265 
    PR: 155
    DL: 405
    Total: 825 

    All PR’s since i didn’t have any. 

  • Julie of Ithaca


    BS 175
    Press 95
    DL 235

    Meh. The back squat is a first time 1RM since the baby (7/12/11). The press is 5# less than my post baby PR, the DL is 10# heavier, so a mixed bag…

    -Julie from Ithaca

  • Jeff B.

    Back Squat: 345
    Press: 135
    Dead Lift: 385

    Total: 865

  • Greetings from Provincetown, Cape Cod.

    Worked out this morning at a non-affiliated box sans barbells.

    5 Rounds for time:
    25 Squats
    15 pullups
    15 hand release push ups
    25 situps
    15 knees to elbows
    15 Box Jumps (30″ box)