Number Seven


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Thursday 111222

A: “#7”
For 10 rounds:
At the start of the minute, complete 5 deadlifts at 225#/185#. For the remainder of the minute, complete as many reps as possible of handstand push-ups.
Score is total reps of handstand push-ups.

NOTE: This evening’s NYC Endurance running class is at 6:30-7:30pm: Meet at the Black Box, do the workout at Madison Square Park with Coach Brian.

Hey, ladies! NOW IS THE TIME to sign up for the Hail to the Queen Throwdown (Jan. 28, 2012)
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Don’t say they didn’t warn us: Sportsgrants (organizers of the annual Fight Gone Bad fundraiser) have asked us to save the date for 9/22/12‘s Fight Gone Bad 7, which promises to be bigger and better than ever. And since we’ll be well settled into our new space by then, I expect our FGB7 will also be bigger and better than ever. So mark your calendars!

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Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s WOD classes:

A: Press 3-3-3 @ 85% of your 1 rep max

B. WOD: “Nasty Girls” (Compare to 110822.)

Three Rounds For Time:
50 Squats
7 Muscle-Ups (Post Elements: 21 Pull-Ups, 21 Dips)
10 Hang Power Cleans 135#/95# (Post Elements: 95#/65#)


  • Jeff K

    Did Tuesday’s WOD on Wednesday. That is a long beast. 39:59, 85lb.

  • Anonymous

    Rx’d – 24 HSPU (9-3-2-1-0-1-2-2-3)

  • Anonymous

    1-8 275# – 9,10 225#

    12 HSPUMissed 3 deadlifts somewhere in there, as I started lapping the minutes…a bit of a mess, but I was able to find a dozen HSPUs along the way.  Got rid of the 25 plate on top, so I was down to just a 45# plate for this one.  I’ll try to stick with that depth from now on, unless we do JT or Diane sometime soon.

    My final WOD in NYC for 2011…what a great year! Enjoy your holidays everyone…

  • Anonymous

    It is a beautiful day, and deadlifts make me dance.

    Turkish get-ups: One set of five each side, 1.5 pood.  One single each side, 2 pood.
    #7: Bar dips instead of HSPUs, 225# deadlifts, 22 total dips.

  • Sara

    “Judah Maccabbee”  30:08 as rx’d.  I’m  not eating my words…. this was not a hard workout.  I still don’t understand what was taking all of you so long. 

    • Anonymous


    • Mike K

      Best. Comment. Ever.

    • Rory

      only reasonable explanation is poor coaching? ha lol 

      awesome time Sara!!!

  • Jason W

    62 HSPU rx’d

    HSPU: 8-8-8-8-5-5-5-5-5-5

    look, mom! I did 50 225# deadlifts!

  • Avery

    I heart Sara Carr.

  • Erika Ramos

    18 HSPUs. 145# for the first 2 and 135# for the rest. i could barely finish my deadlifts before the minute was over.. don’t make fun. 7-5-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-6. 

    • Peter F

      I was totally in the same boat!  Hearing “15 seconds!” during deadlift #3 made for a seriously depressing WOD. 

      155# Deadlifts, 45 plate for HSPU and 23 total (with several rounds being only deadlifts). 

      Heavy lifting for time, Turkish get ups… throw some wall balls into the mix and call the WOD “Peter’s Sh*tlist”.

      But tomorrow looks like fun!  No whiny blog comments for Nasty Girls. 

  • 18 HSPUs with 45# plate and ab mat. Deads at 225#
    Deads were easy, HSPUs still suck.

  • Anonymous

    All available spots in “Hail to the Queen” are already taken.

    • email them to get on the waiting list – they will dip into it for sure.

  • Paul B.

    50 HSPU w/ 45# plate, deadlifts: 185#

  • 35 HSPU, games prep. Yowza. Room for improvement there.
    DL: 225#

    This was a fun one. Nice to get a chance to work out with Will & Kelly (and be berated & belittled by Sara, of course!). 

    Merry Holidays to all you folks.

  • Steve Slo

    Greetings from Tampa, Florida… This next week will be a series of improvised WODs with whatever I can find in my parent’s garage.

    A) 10 TGUs at 24kg (5 on each side) 

    B) “Court… without a box”
    AMRAP – 20 minutes
    15 Burpees
    20 SDHP (24kg)
    10 Push Press Right Arm (24kg)
    10 Push Press Left Arm (24kg)

    I completed 4 rounds and 3 burpees with a 24kg dumbbell (or, at least it was close to 24kg… I found a small stack of random weights with the measurements worn away… so i’m mostly guessing.)

    Push Presses are a lot more difficult with a dumbbell (as opposed to a kettlebell).

  • Jeff

    8-8-8-8-8-8-8-6-5-7 = 74
    had to break last set of DLs, 2/3

  • Asegal04


    47 hspu rxd

    185 deadlifts, still need some work

  • David T.

    31 hspu with a 45# plate, deadlifts @ 225

  • are 6 pack abs bad? in re: the link above?