Earn those latkes

Tuesday 111220

A: Skill: Turkish Get-up

B. “Judah Maccabee
8 Rounds of 8 Reps of:
Hang Power Clean (95/65#)
Front Squat (95/65#)
Push Press (95/65#)
Box Jumps (20″)

Post times to comments.

NOTE: Tonight’s NYC Endurance running class is at 6:30-7:30pm: The Mall at Central Park (at south end, opposite the fountain/band shell area) with Coach Brian/Lisa/Martin.

Taking risks
Brother strength
Are we not man enough?
The disappearance of the elephant caused the rise of modern man 400,000 years ago
Gluten: What you don’t know might kill you
Changing your relationship with your body is going to take fierce courage.

Quiet before the storm:

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s WOD classes:

A. Find your 1 rep max on the snatch balance

B. “Lynnish”
5 Rounds
Max Reps, 45#/25# Weighted Push-up (use bumper plate)
Max Reps, Strict Pull-ups


  • Matt M.

    39:54 rx’d (135# HC, FS, PP and 30 in Box Jumps)

    • Anonymous

      Inspiring as always Matt…that is truly amazing.

    • Cass

      seriously..avec un nosebleed too!

  • Anonymous

    38:09 rx’d (including 10 Penalty Burpees for telling Sara i was tired)

    • Anonymous

      Reading your post pisses me off that I missed this a.m.  Going to have to sneak in sometime this evening to experience this awesomeness…

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for sharing…when I walked in and saw you doing your box jumps slowly and methodically I knew I was in for it…

  • Cass

    round 1 with 65# and then decided i was nuts to try that so rounds 2-8 were done with 55#
    parallette dips
    everything else as prescribed
    great to work out with the 7am crew!

    • Erika Ramos


  • 7 rounds, starting at 43#, going to 33# in 41:26. 12″ box jumps, gray band on pullups.

    On the one hand, I’m disappointed I didn’t finish. On the other hand I wanted to quit, puke and cry after 6 rounds, and I got to 7.

  • Erika Ramos

    42:19, 53#, parallette dips, blue and red bands for pullups.

    • Cass

      YEAH WERQ!

  • Jamie F.

    38:22 RX’d…ouch!

  • Rory

    40:36 (#95, but with bar dips)

    was RX w/ ring dips?

    came very close to puking

  • Rory

    anyone at the black box traing for the nyc goruck challenge (www.goruckchallenge.com) or done it before?

    • Anonymous

      CFNYC member Ralph sent this story in back in Sept about his experience with GoRuck: http://bit.ly/vrbiya

      • Rory

        thanks Reis, that post was before my time…very tempted to try it

    • Angelika

      I’m training for it now! Never done it before, but excited : )

      • Rory

        are you doing nyc in march? looks great

  • jenntang

    30:30 – 6 rounds, bar-dips, everything else Rx. That sucked. Happy Hanukah.

  • Anonymous


    I did six rounds, then hung up my yarmulke…95#, black band, parallettes

    I know it’s bizarre but I miss WODs like this…granted in my first few months everything took me 40+ minutes.

  • 40:20

    63# (unbroken cleans and push presses except round 5 at which point i wanted to die and was basically just being a sandy V via Sara Carr)

    green band

    i would be okay if this workout didn’t show up again for awhile;-)

  • 44:30 Rx’d puke…

    switched from ring dips to bar dips after first round….did i mention I ran 2 miles as warmup before I got to the gym? Probably didn’t help…….brutal

  • The_Lisa

    38:23 with 55#, parallette dips, kipped half the pullups and the other half with skinny red band. I wanted to be done by round 6 – this was quite the test of will power.

  • Erika Ramos

    does anybody know the weekend holiday schedule?

    • Hari

      Normal Schedule thru Saturday, Dec 24
      Sunday, Dec 25: Closed 
      Monday, Dec 26: Sunday Schedule

  • Craig Peugh

    I don’t know what to say about this one. Very ugly.
    36:05 rx’d
    On the brightside I managed to get butterfly pull ups today!
    Eric and Sully totally nailed renaming this wod to: The Nude Dude.

    • Anonymous


  • Peter F

    34:07 with 65# and box dips

    I kept about the same pace throughout. Its long, so I made sure to breathe. Three breaths during each transition, each one trying to get exhales longer than inhales. I did “the seven” solo a while back and found that gettin’ yogic during these long beasts seems to be the way to go.

    If you can save the doubled over, hands on the knees, gasping and panting until the last round,I think completion at a reasonable time without puking is very possible.

    Kinda wish I did bar dips….

  • Asegal04


    39:33 rxd

  • Joshua Rasiel

    I’m going to have to miss this one, but I’m jealous! Maybe I can make it up tomorrow if there’s space…

  • Anonymous

    6 rounds, 95# and blue band pullups…31:45
    Really miss the 615 crew and coaches Sara and will for WODs like this….

  • Weslem

    37:57 @ 65# x 6 rounds. My first WOD! (Which implies my parallet dips and jumping pullups.) Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome and tolerating my dry heaves.

  • sofia

    26:42 RX, 6 rounds

  • Anonymous

    42.36 @ 55 (black band pullups and whatever the taller black box is 15″?).