Get cookin’, go paleo

Introducing The Crossfit NYC Members’ Favorites Paleo Cookbook filled with recipes from YOU!

Crossfit NYC is collecting your favorite paleo recipes to publish our very own Members’ Favorites Cookbook.

We will be hosting a Recipe Submission Paleo Potluck on January 7, 2012 at 2pm in the new CFNYC space.

This event will be open to all members (whether you want to be featured in the cookbook, or not.) This will be a great opportunity to get a taste of some delicious paleo cooking, have a few drinks, and make new friends!

This event will also kick off our 3rd Annual CFNYC 30-Day Paleo Challenge.

We will be selecting from your best recipes to feature breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert categories. If you are interested in submitting a recipe (or two) please register the dish you would like to share by emailing

Please include:

* the title of your dish
* the list of ingredients used
* the cooking directions
* a photo of the finished dish

For more details, look for the fliers posted at the gym. Thanks!

Friday 111216

A: Lever practice

B: “Death by Thruster”
With a 95#/65# barbell, do one thruster on the first minute, two on the second minute, etc.

Post number of rounds to comments.

The real reason for brains: Movement!
Running hard vs. running far
7 foods that should never cross your lips / Food for athletes
Master the basics before you throw them out
It’s time for everyone to shut up about bacon

Thanks to all who came out for the ice skating event!

* * * * *
What’s on tap for Saturday’s High Noon Hero WOD as well as the regular Saturday WOD:

High Noon Hero WOD Week 3:

This week we will be doing “Brenton.” Bear Crawls, Broad Jumps, and Burpees (and a 20 LBS Vest if you have one). Don’t worry, the running will return. We figured we’d try out the new space, and being the innaugural WOD there, this saves us a little with equipment carry over.

First, though. What an awesome turnout these past two weeks. We had first-murphers and first timers. “Mr. Joshua” was even someone’s first post-elements WOD! Great work to each and everyone of you. Great work pushing yourselves and great work pushing everyone else. The energy in the room these past two weeks has only gotten better.

Now for some updates. We are currently looking into the Disposable Heroes Project and other NYC-based veterans’ charities for a way to raise money and use these Saturday WODs for some good. Suggestions are still more than welcome, so please keep the information coming. Also, please continue to send in your times so we can keep the digital leaderboard going. It will be a great way to track progress!

Finally, if there is a Hero WOD you want us to schedule for any reason, let us know, and we will do our best to get it on the schedule. Difficult non-official Hero WODs are welcome as well.

Below, please find some more information on Timothy Quinn Brenton and take it to heart as we hit this WOD hard Saturday.

Field Training Officer Timothy Quinn Brenton, 39, of the Seattle Police Department, was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting while on duty on October 31, 2009. He is survived by his wife Lisa, his son Quinn, and daughter Kayliegh.

See you Saturday at noon (at the new space)…

Sweat, Suffer, Honor, Remember, Repeat.

–High Noon Hero WOD Organizers Jason Wong, Jason Lapadula, Michael Williamson, Jamie Freedman

* * * * *

Saturday’s WOD for 9am, 10am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm:

Amanda” (Compare to 110719)

For time:

3 Rounds:
21 Pull-Ups
21 Ring Dips
7 Power Snatches at 75#/53#

Black Box:
9-, 7-, 5-reps of:
Muscle-Ups (Sub 2-for-1 Muscle-Up Progressions)
Squat Snatches at 95#/65#

9-, 7-, 5-reps of:
Muscle-Ups (Jump to Rings, Full Turn Out)
Squat Snatches at 135#/95#


  • The_Lisa

    For Wayne and Natasha, last evening’s running session can be found on beyondthewhiteboard here:

    • Peter F

      I’ve brought this up a few times at the beginning of WODs, but I’m gonna post it here:

      We should include the Endurance updates with every blog.  Like, “Tomorrow’s class will be at 6:30 am meeting here” and maybe what the Endurance activity is going to be. 

      I found myself digging for the one post that mentioned the whole Endurance thing two weeks ago to figure out when we meet on Saturday. It would be helpful to know the times, locations, and the WOD daily, especially as a lot of members are unaware of its existence or what an Endurance work out looks like.   Same goes for the Mobility class. 

    • Wayne

      Thanks, Lisa.

  • Sam G.

    Yea potluck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wendy

    Peter, that would be great! I really want to do the endurance classes and I keep forgetting about them.

    Also, Will thanks for organizing the ice skating event. I had a great time skating and meeting everyone. My shins hurt though. I’m calling it a two-a-days.

    11 rounds + 7 — 43 lbs
    green band pull ups

    Congrats Sara!

  • Greg Wachsteter

    Death by Thruster: made it to 10min + 10 reps on min 11 before failure.  

  • 10 Rounds plus 8 on round 11 Rx’d. Jaime, you were right. I miscounted. you finished at 11+. My arithmetic is off a little.
    Sara, congrats. That is so exciting!!

  • Jamie F.

    For everyone coming in to do “Brenton” at noon tomorrow…we will meet at the Box at 11:45 then head over to the new space.  Get ready for some good times…Who’s Psyched?

  • Erika Ramos

    made up yesterday’s wod. 6 rounds and 4 pullups with the red and blue bands. did dips between 2 boxes.

    when we did this in august, i did 7 rounds and 2 pullups with the green band and box dips. i’m pretty sure i’ve improved strength-wise since then, so yay!

  • keller

    i did yesterdays wod class too.  7 rounds + 1 pull up rx’d.  this was way easier before i put on 30 pounds from football and got a badonkadonk

  • Jason L

    OPT’s response to Mike Boyle advocating to eliminate back squats in favor of rear foot elevated single legged squats (Bulgarian squats).  Both excellent strength coaches, but I think OPT has a much better argument.

  • Jenny A

    Congratulations Sara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Court Wing

    Everyone wish Will good luck tomorrow when he competes in “The King of Queens”.

    • The_Lisa

      Good luck, Will, and have a great time!

  • Good luck, Will! And congratulations, Sara!!!

    With 43# 9 rounds plus 9.

  • Congrats, Sara!

    8 Rounds + 8 rx’d.

  • The_Lisa

    What did I miss about Sara? Offering congrats anyway since it sounds good 🙂

    10 rounds  + 5 rx’ed. This was exhausting.

    12 strict pullups in sets of 2.

  • David T.

    11 rounds + 8 rx’d

  • Rory

    12 rounds + 7 reps #85
    thanks to 6:30pm class for the help with the last 2 sets


  • Eric

    11 rounds plus 7 reps

    Great job 7:30pm class!!!

  • Annie

    9 rounds rx

  • Steve Slo

    Death by Thrusters: More difficult than expected.
    10 Rounds + 8 Reps (rx’d)
    Was going to work on heavy snatches, but there was no gas left in the tank. Instead: snatch-grip deadlifts (doubles) at 155#. Much more difficult than expected.

  • Anonymous

    Death by Thruster waaay more difficult than expected.
    10 rounds + 7 reps (55) + 18 pull ups with black band
    Then I went to the other gym and took an aerobics class.  Every cell in my body is tired.

  • Kevin

    Steve, If you want to improve at the fast lifts you have to do them before everything else, when youre fresh and focused. Doing them post wod is counterproductive.

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