10, 10, 10 for 12


Thursday 111215

In 12 minutes, complete as many rounds as possible of the following:
10 Pull-ups
10 Ring Dips
10 Lunge Steps

Compare to 110810.

The gang was all here for the 2nd Saturday of High Noon Hero WOD, which was “Mr. Joshua.”

John A. covers a lot of ground on those deadlifts during “Mr. Joshua”:

How coffee can galvanize your workouts / Latkes with apples
How to train the brain to avoid the pain
Bonbons for breakfast? Kids’ cereals have enough sugar to be dessert
It starts with injury
Good soy, bad soy

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s WOD classes:

A: Lever practice

B: “Death by Thruster”
With a 95#/65# barbell, do one thruster on the first minute, two on the second minute, etc.


  • Anonymous

    A: 21 x 135, 15 x 155, 9 x 175
    B: 4 rounds + 5 pull-ups.  Green band + 25 lb plate on lunges (for last three sets)

    Really enjoying the warm-ups the last few days, Coach Will.  800m jog this morning really shook the cobwebs out…

  • Anonymous

    Front squat 165x5x3, 175×5, 195×1 (previous 5RM and 1RM were 165 and 180).
    Press 90x5x5.

    If you heard a loud clang around 7:40, that was me discovering that I cannot front squat 215.

  • Anonymous

    “Helen” (’cause I was getting fat): 14:40 Rx’d

    • Anonymous

      Yeah buddy I’ve been meaning to tell you how enormous you look lately.  Glad you got that under control now.

  • Anonymous

    A: 225 – 245 – 275

    B: 4 Rds + 7 Pull-ups (black band – parallette dips)

    I could barely see straight after the back squats. The lunge steps were more of a balancing act…hamstrings weren’t quite cooperating.  Happy to get as many rounds as I did…

  • Anonymous

    To post your results on Beyond the Whiteboard for the 21-15-9 Back Squats, use this link: http://bit.ly/vUIGrE

  • Holy quads! Walking up/down stairs this morning was not fun.

    • Kate J

      Seriously. Everything hurts after yesterday and today’s WODs. I left the box this morning, sat down on a bench and was like, “What did I sit on? That’s uncomfortable.” 

      Turns out I wasn’t sitting on anything. My ass just hurts.

  • Jim S

    Yesterday’s wod was awesome. Ok, I know these numbers sound silly, but I’ve been working like hell on my shoulder mobility to be able to finally do back squats. Prior to yesterday I never managed better than a bare bar. Last night i got 3x 45 55 60 65 65. It felt great to be finally be thinking about getting stronger instead of trying like hell to get my arms past my ears. A few more series like this and I’ll finally be ready to start learning the snatch for real.

    • Jim S

      Oops. s/back squats/overhead squats

    • BenS

      What did you do for shoulder mobility?  Been having the same problem with overhead squats.

      • Jim S

        I keep an old flag pole in my office and do shoulder dislocates every time I get up to take a break. I also bought a thin rubber band (like the orange ones in the box) and do dislocates with that every day. I’ve also been using a bigger band thrown over the pull-up bar to stretch one shoulder at a time. Basically just trying to do some form of shoulder mobility work before every workout and every day. It’s still very hard but it’s coming along.

        • BenS

          Appreciate the response!

  • Jason W

    A: Handstand walk practice
    B: 7 rounds + 4 pullups. did strict pullups
    C: More handstand walk practice

    getting ready for King of Queens this weekend.

    Also thanks to Coach Will for organizing last night’s ice skating outing!

  • Paul B.

    A: 115 – 145 – 185
    B: 4 rounds, 10 pull ups

  • Peter F

    6 rounds plus 8 (grrr!) lunge steps (bar dips).  I kinda paced myself for a 20 minute AMRAP, I had way too much juice at the end.

    But back squats, gaddamn… 95 (21) 105 (15) and 115 (9) thanks to a push from Cindy.  After yesterday’s airsquat and Endurance extravaganza- OUCH!

  • Zoe

    Well, my left quads completely seized up during the warmup so I decided to forego back squats and lunges in favor of foam rolling. 
    Scaled the WOD as 8 strict pull ups (mixed grip), 5 ring dips, and 10 abmat sit ups per round. Did 3 rds + 8 pu + 2 ring dips, but then hit failure on those. Next time probably will scale to 3 per round until I get better at them. 
    Take away lesson from today… do more mobility work to avoid painful muscle spasms.

  • 8 Rounds rx’d, strict pull ups.

  • Jim S

    A: 95 105 115
    B: 6 rds + 5 pull ups. Did 10 ring dips for first two rounds then 5 per round after that.

    Looking forward to rest day tomorrow.

    I’ve been reading Jaminet’s Perfect Health Diet book. Really wish I had been in town the weekend he came to the box. Anyone else reading it? Thoughts about it?

  • David T.

    5 rounds + 10 dips Rx

  • Mike A

    Back Squat: 135, 155 and 175
    WOD: 4 rounds RX’d.

    Headed back south until mid January.. have a great holiday everyone.

  • Annie

    good to be back (was severely injured after 150 GHDs!!)
    6 rounds 10 pull ups (box dips)

  • Sam G.

    Had a lot of laughs today

    5/3/1 bench

    5 at 155
    5 at 185
    11 at 206

    Started a linear progress on front squats, since I have been neglecting my butt in this Wendler Program

    5 by 3 at 205, previous 3 x 5 was 195 which was some time ago, felt good to get back to them had some trouble centering the load with the bar in front, but after a few it came back to me.

    Jumps from the bench onto a 28 inch box with 20 lb weight vest

    2 x 8 with about 20 to 30 seconds of rest. 

  • 9RDs + 5PU (RX’d)

  • 6 Rd + 1 PU Rx’d… well mostly Rx. Did 3 rds ring dips and 3 rds box dips. arms were shot