Rowing seminar this Saturday!

This Saturday, December 17th at 1pm, CrossFit NYC is hosting a rowing seminar with rowing coach David McIntosh.

David McIntosh began rowing at the tender age of 11 and has continued through to this day. Rowing at Yale University, he competed in such marquee events as the IRA National Collegiate Championships, Boston’s Head of the Charles and the East Coast Collegiate Championships. After graduation, he served as an assistant coach at Yale University before beginning a two year run as the Head Coach of Sacred Heart University’s women’s crew. Sacred Heart’s rowing team is a Division I Varsity program, making David at that point the youngest Division I varsity head coach in America. Since graduating, he has competed and coached internationally, twice reaching the finals at Canada’s Royal Henley Regatta, rowing at China’s Xianjing Water Games, and coaching a crew for Moscow’s Golden Dragon Regatta. In 2002, he won a Texas State Championship in the double. His 2K PR is 6:19, and he once, after graduating, pulled a 20K in 1:13:59.6, with an average split of 1:50.9.

Cost of seminar is $20 for hour and half, max attendance is 24. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW!

For those members who are more competitive-minded, further crew coaching will be available from David as he prepares the Black Box Rowing Team for the C.R.A.S.H-B’s (the world indoor rowing championships) in February!

David (at right), rowing in 2008:

Tuesday 111213

Three Rounds for time:
15 Hang Power Cleans 135#/95# (Post Elements: 95#/65#)
15 Burpees

Compare to 111004.

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The view from our new location!

And here’s a couple shots inside the new space:

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s WOD classes:

A: Overhead squat 3-3-3-3-3 @ 80% of your 1 rep max

B: For time:
80 squats
95#/65# Push press, 10 reps
60 squats
95#/65# Push press, 20 reps
40 squats
95#/65# Push press, 30 reps
20 squats


  • Sara H.

    Congratulations on the space!!  Looking forward to getting back to the gym tomorrow after a too-long hiatus!!

  • As I’m still not sure these pictures are conveying how f-ing big the new space is: 

    We’ll be setting up three separate WOD areas there, each of which is larger than the current gym’s entire usable floor space.

    (And we’ll still have room left over for locker rooms, a dedicated warm-up space, etc.)

    • Jason W

      If you guys need any help moving or setting stuff up, i’m officially volunteering my time.

      • Williamson


        • jenntang


          Although I’m not sure if I actually have time… but would love to get a preview of the space!

  • Court Wing

    Josh is right, it is much HUUUUUUGER in person, but….here is the link to our facebook page with an updated video shot today in the new space and a couple of stills.

  • Anonymous

    awesome dynamic warm-up.  nice call coach Will!

    A: 9:55  #135 … messy WOD – form fell apart.

    • Anonymous

      my pleasure – we’ll be doing more fun stuff like that for sure.

  • Anonymous

    started out rx’d..wussed out after 10 cleans….

    reset at 95#, 5:37

  • Justin Katz

    8:32 75#

  • Rory

    good to be back at 6:15am, missed you guys

    A: 7:38 with 115lbs

    Sara corrected my HPC form pre WOD which was molto bene

    • Anonymous

      glad you’re back!

  • Anonymous

    10:39 – 115#

    28 seconds slower than Oct, when I RX’d the first round and did 95 the last two.  Not sure how that washes out by I’m inclined to think it’s about the same.

    In the Fit vs. Fat article, they define fitness to be the participants’ ability to run longer at higher inclines on a treadmill.  Does this measurement of fitness really tell even half the story about how fit someone is?  I like the overall message that you can be fatter if you’re fit (drinks on me!) but can their research really establish this just using a treadmill?

  • Cassie

    great to be back!
    7:50 with 75#

    • Anonymous

      Great to see you back in the mix…nice work this morning!

    • Anonymous


    • Andy g

      Yeah, Cassies back!!!!

  • Warmup was awesome…

    10:37 Rx’d…i had 7:40 @ 95lbs in October…didn’t think I had it in me at first.  Thanks to Daniel for the coaching =)

    • Anonymous

      glad you liked the warmup! 🙂

  • Jenn O Tang

    8:20 Rx

    Very excited for the new space! Josh has been talking about this ‘new’ location since I joined 2 years ago. It’s nice to know he wasn’t just blowing smoke up my a$$. This place is even closer to my apartment but I’m pretty sure I’ll still be late for class.

  • Anonymous

    10:08 Rx

  • BenS

    7:35, 95#

    • BenS

      actually I think it was 85#

  • Jamie F.

    Wendler: Press
    5 Reps @ 75 LBS
    5 Reps @ 85 LBS
    Max Reps @ 95 LBS – 14 Reps

    6:29 RX’d.

    • Well done man, you killed that….

      • Jamie F.

        Thanks man … but the big thanks are to Jeff B. and Sara, who coached me through that effort.  Had a plan and stuck to it, until the last round when I got a little cocky, and fell off.  Looking forward to doing this one again in a few months time.  Good work today Nick.  Get ready for Sat.

  • Have to also comment on the warmup. I felt like I got more out of the group warmup. Sometimes doing the warmup on my own, I lose focus and start messing around with nothing.

    7:24 Rx’d. Felt good this morning considering my abs and hip flexors are still screaming from Saturday’s hero WOD.

    • Anonymous

      noted on the warmup. good job today sir.

  • Jim S

    ” His 2K PR is 6:19, and he once, after graduating, pulled a 20K in 1:13:59.6, with an average split of 1:50.9.” Just had to interrupt my day to blurt out “Holy shit! A 1:51 split for well over an hour!”

  • Jim S

    ” His 2K PR is 6:19, and he once, after graduating, pulled a 20K in 1:13:59.6, with an average split of 1:50.9.” Just had to interrupt my day to blurt out “Holy shit! A 1:51 split for well over an hour!”

  • 9:33 at #63 the first round and #53 the last two – phew.

  • Mickey

    10:03 rx’d

  • Naveen

    Advice for today’s wod: tape your thumbs!

  • Jim S

    115lbs 9:58

    • Jim S

      Just looked in my log and realized that on Oct 4 I did this workout at the same weight in 12:30. I’ll take a 2.5 minute improvement any day, even if it does imply I was sandbagging last time. 

  • Paul B.

    6:18 95#

  • Zoe

    8:41, did 10 cleans w/ 83#, then after failing at 3 or 4 switched to 73#. Not too great of a WOD for me. Definitely need to practice hang cleans a lot more.

  • Sara

    5:47 rx’d

  • Peter

    80# 7:30

    In oct I did 68# and 6:45. Improvement? Not sure.

  • The_Lisa

    7:31 with 63#. Got good feedback from the coaches on what to correct with my cleans, thank you as always.

  • Steve Slo


  • Michael North

    8:18 at 95#.  2:19 PR from Oct 4.

    95# feels light. Need to work on burpees. 

  • 7:42 @ 115#

  • Anonymous

    4:09 rx’d…and only so I would beat Sara