Good luck, competitors!

Best of luck to Coach Will, Greg W., Jason W. and Cindy L., who will all be competing at today’s Hoboken Winter Challenge. Do us proud, guys!

Saturday 111210

30 Muscle-Ups for time

Rest, then

3 Rounds for time:
400m Run
15 Dips
21 V-Ups

* * * * *
In addition to the regular WOD throughout the Saturday schedule we also have on offer:

High Noon Hero WOD, Week 2

Mr. Joshua
Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
30 Glute-ham sit-ups
15 Deadlifts @ 250# (men)/185# (women)

Petty Officer 1st Class Joshua Thomas Harris drowned when he was swept away in turbulent waters crossing a river during combat operations on August 30th 2008 in Afghanistan.

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Sunday’s WOD classes:

A: Dumbbell rows 5-5-5

B: “Just Nine Minutes”
With a 95#/65# barbell, complete three sets for max reps of:
60 seconds of Hang Power Cleans (elbows must come all the way around and hips must open fully at the top for rep to count)
60 seconds of Front Squats
60 seconds of Push Presses
60 seconds of rest

Compare to 111025.


  • Erika Ramos

    made up tuesday’s wod, 12 min amrap of 10 squat cleans and 10 dips. 65# and parallette dips. 5 rounds and 4 squat cleans.

  • Matt M.

    Mr. Joshua: 24:40 Rx’d

    Really enjoyed the high noon hero wod.

  • Mr. Joshua:  28:32 Rx’d.
    That was fun. Good to get some people together for lunch afterwards as well.

  • Michael North

    Abmat sit-ups (anchored)
    Dropped from 250lbs to 225lbs after 1st round

    Brutal workout but really enjoyed this. Thanks for the encouragement from everyone to get me through.

  • Keith

    24:32 RDX..had fun can’t wait for next Saturday

  • Jamie F.

    Great job everyone.  That was awesome.  Week 2 was even better than week 1! Looking forward to seeing everyone next Saturday!

    28:59.9 as RX’d.  

  • Mike A

    Killer first Hero workout for me.. 31:15 (225 lbs on deadlift). Thanks for the support at the end everyone!

  • Asegal04

    Regular WOD


  • Jason L

    20:40 with 25# weighted frog sit-ups and 225# deadlifts

    Just as an update, I’ve reached out to the Disposable Heroes Project as a possible charity that we can donate to for future High Noon Heroes.  Does anyone know a good NYC specific veterans charity as well?  Email
    Thanks everyone for participating and putting in an amazing effort

  • 30 Strict Muscle Ups.  8:46
    wod:  10:30 rx’d

  • Last day of 1RM work.

    Deadlift: 425#

    Thanks Hari for the advice on loading!

  • mike n.

    a: 11:54 
    b: 12:00

  • Sam G.

    Last deload, and back to the grind, 5/3/1 back squat deload

    5 at 135
    5 at 165
    5 at 200

    8 by 2 ring dips 20 lbs 30 seconds of rest between sets

    walking up stairs from 1st floor to 7th with 45lb weight vest 1.12, need to start shaving time off of this in the next few months. 

  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t make the high noon wod cause I always work at that time, it’d be great if that happened twice in one day, until then I’ll keep coming and doing it on my own after 1pm =P Mr. Joshua time not rx’d 20:38, deadlift @ 155# 

  • Jeff Katzsd

    Joshua 185lb dead lift. 26:30. Tough one, my abs are screaming at me.

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