To Helen and back

Thursday 111208

A: Floor press

B: “Helen” (Compare to 110928.)
Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
Kettlebell swings, 21 reps 24kg/16kg
12 Pull-ups
Post time to comments.

Power clean transition
In U.S., self-reported weight up nearly 20 pounds since 1990
Habits/patterns & Replacing the less good with the good
A small cast-iron skillet as the perfect gift
A CrossFitter’s inner WOD-ologue

The look of anticipation at the beginning of “Murph”:

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s WOD classes:

A: Snatch 1-1-1-1-1 @ 85% of your 1 rep max

B: 5 rounds for time:
100 foot walking lunge
10 handstand push-ups


  • Anonymous

    Rory’s figuring out his strategy back there. Great work everyone!

    • Anonymous

      Agreed; the photo is really a study of Rory’s psyche — “Murph” is just a medium.

      • Rory

        sooooo true!!! ha

        actually getting the playlist on my ipod ready

        • Rory

          A: Floor Press 24kg 5-5-5
          B: Helen 11:44 (16kg kb)

  • Kate J

    My notes from September say, “Laid on the floor for 10 minutes after I finished.”
    ::right click, copy, paste::
    15:54 is 2 minutes shorter than my previous time, 16kg (12 last time). Same band.

    Show info: 10:30pm Fri & Sat @ 85 E 4th Street.

    • Anonymous

      Nice work Kate!

      • Kate J

        Thanks Reis! I think I heard you say something directed at me just after I finished, but… um… I wanted to lie down. So apologies if it seemed like I was ignoring you. 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Not at all…

  • Anonymous

    14:11 – Rowing + Black Band

    I ran in September and took 20+ minutes.  Once my knee is back 100% I need to do this one again with the runs.  I’ve been getting better at fighting the urge to rest when I’m out of breath and I can’t see straight.  Maybe that will translate to better run times as well…

  • ali

    11:57 rx’d

  • Anonymous

    13:28 rx’d…green band pull-ups

  • Anonymous
  • Justin Katz

    15:02 20kg Kettle bell
    All the 24kg were being used.

  • Secarr22

    muscle-up/sit-up wod:  7:34 rx’d
    then Helen, subbed rowing:  10:37

    • Anonymous

      Hi my name is Sara and I say that I want to do a light workout then I do 2 and beat everybody else to make them feel bad

      • Sara

        I only did workout 2 because I weighed 1/2 lb. over what I needed to be at the end of the day.  Cutting weight sucks.  I should start posting how much water weight I lost during each wod instead of my time.  

  • Wendy

    14:57 black band. Tired of coming in last.

    • Kate J

      You’re welcome to come to the 6:15 class and battle it out with me for last place!
      I would have won today. 🙂

      • Wendy

        God, I almost would wake up at the crack of dawn just to not come in last. Sadly for me I am far too lazy.  So really, Kate, you win. You are tougher. Which means once again I am last.

  • Cathy Scheele-Tom

    Is it possible to use the blog to introduce new coaches? 

  • The_Lisa

    16:25 – I thought it was 4 rounds so had done the 4th run when I was told I could stop.
    16kg kb, 4 kipping pullups each round, the rest on skinny red band.

  • Anonymous

    Moving story about Zach Miller, a Pitt student who started Panther Crossfit, a student-run box on campus.  He’s been in a coma since August, when he was thrown from his car in an accident.  It’s on the Journal today, but non-subscribers can view it on the Panther Crossfit site here:

    Doctors say if it wasn’t for his level of fitness he wouldn’t have survived.

  • Asegal04

    First Helen:

    12:26 RX’d

  • Erika Ramos

    i’m a slacker and overslept today. i want to do helen (hehe). likely make it up tomorrow..

    good job everyone!

  • Ryan

    12:53 Rx’d

  • BenS

    12:30. Rx’d kettlebell, green band pullups.

  • Jim S

    A: first time doing floor presses. Happy not to drop it on my face. 5×125 5×145 5×155
    B: 20kg kb. 12:48

  • Peter F

    Bench press 103/113/118 x5

    12:17, 20 kg KB… a lot better than my 09/28 score of 13:50 with 16kg. 

    Did first 10 swings unbroken with Sully’s 24 kg by accident… Didn’t notice until he pointed it out.  Mind over matter much?  Totally RXing next time!

    • Sully

      Good job on Helen and the Bench! 24kg next time, just get your own, haha. 

  • Michael North

    44lb KB
    Blue band

    Wasn’t the Hero WOD supposed to be posted on Thursday?

    • Michael North

      Nevermind… will be posted with Friday’s workout. I am an idiot.

  • Jason L.

    Snatch – heavy single @ 155#, 75%x1x5 with 1 min rest (115#)
    Clean – heavy single  @ 215#, 75%x1x5 win 1 min rest (160#)
    Front Squat – heavy single   @ 295#, 80%x2x2 (235#)

    weighted controlled back extensions 6×5 with 25# DB behind neck – god these suck way more than hip extensions…

    3 rounds not for time:
    15 bulgarian split squats each leg with 16kg KB per hand
    15 glute-ham raises

    If anyone wants a 25% coupon code for the Crossfit Reebok online store leave your email here or email me at  Something about paying elite prices irritates me.

  • Courtney S

    11:06 Rx

  • 13:42 rx’d  

    Thanks Sara for yelling at me, my time sucked despite your best efforts.

  • Annie

    12:20 RX

  • Stefanie Novak

    12:54 rx’d with kettlebell and green band

  • Sam G.

    5/3/1 bench deload

    5 At 95
    5 at 120
    5 at 145

    Power Snatch with Keller 8×2

    One round max pull ups = 13(chins)

    4 round of 40 yard sprints rest on the way back then two rounds 3 broad jumps into 20 yard sprint. 

  • Steve Slo

    A) Kb Floor Press (sets of 5)
    32kg – 48kg – 48kg

    B) Helen (not rx)
    24kg kb swings
    My shoulder is still being weird, so I subbed ring rows for pullups.

    *This time includes about a minute of waiting for the downstairs door to get unlocked.

  • Jeff B.

    10:25 Rx

  • Matt M.

    Helen: 9:27 rx’d

  • Helen 9:29

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