High Noon Re-cap!

Our first High Noon Hero WOD was a success!

Thanks and major points to everybody who came out for the WOD this past Saturday.  It was a blast! Click here for the leaderboard of who was there and how you did!  If we have not added your name to the board, go ahead and add yourself in.

In the future we will try to post a link each week so that you can view your performances on the Hero WODs.  It is an open Google document, so through this link you can log in, add your name, and time/rounds in the appropriate columns.  And leave a comment, twitter style! Remember to follow the format indicated!

We are already scheming on the next Saturday’s WOD, so stay tuned, and stay hungry.

–High Noon Hero WOD organizers Michael Williamson, Jamie Freedman, Jason Lapadula, & Jason Wong

UPDATE on the upcoming Mobility classes that were announced yesterday: Stay tuned for more details but it looks like the first classes will be starting next week!

Wednesday 111207

A: Ring rows

B: 30-25-20-15-10 reps of the following:
Box Jumps 24”
Toes to Bar

Compare to 100821.

Do you need an intervention?
A case for siestas!
Regrets of the dying
What doesn’t kill us…thoughts on hormesis
Will stress injure your gut?
Sugar deception / Fructose foolishness

A few more photos from last Saturday’s first High Noon Hero WOD:

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s WOD classes:

A: Floor press

B: “Helen” (Compare to 110928.)
Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
Kettlebell swings, 21 reps 24kg/16kg
12 Pull-ups
Post time to comments.


  • erika

    GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!!  sending much respect from down under.

  • Anonymous

    Practice for Sat with Matt M.

    A: Snatch Ladder – start at 45lbs and go up 10lbs every 30 secs until failure.

    145 – fail

    B: Crossfit  Hoboken Winter Challenge Event 4: The Gauntlet

    2min as many reps as possible.
    Hip Extension
    Pull Ups
    Box Jumps
    Ring Push Ups
    Front Squats
    Kettle Bell Sumo Deadlift High Pull

    Total reps: 257

    Matt you crushed it… i hope they find a spot for you!

  • Joe W

    Is Court’s mobility class taking place tonight?

    Yesterday’s WOD: 7 rds + 7 cleans Rx’d
    Monday’s WOD: front squat (225-275-315-335); tuck jumps/press 2:54 Rx’d

    • Court Wing

      Hey Joe-
      we’re still sorting out the instructor schedule, so the class should begin on this coming Monday.  Watch the blog for further updates.

  • Justin Katz

    A; Rings Row: I did 3 sets of 10
    B: 32:06 RX’D

  • A:  Ring rows:  3×10
    B:  28:15 Rx’d
    Coach Ryan and Mike, thanks for the push at the end…

  • Anonymous

    17:42 Rx’d (burpees onto 45# plate)

    Tip: DON’T SPRINT THE BURPEES!! Pick a pace you can maintain so the burpees are done unbroken!! Count your breaths on the toes to bar so you rest no more than 5 seconds between reps!

  • Zoe

    28:40, 20″ box

  • Anonymous

    front squat 5-5-5: 165-165-165
    kettlebell bench press 5-5-5: 95-95-95
    Turkish get-up, one set of 5 each side, 20kg.

  • Courtney S

    Did this one yesterday without the last round of ten (because apparently I can’t read).
    18:02, 20″ box.

    • Natasha

      Probably because you were too excited to get home to Glee, “Tonight, We are Young…” 

      Clearly I did the same thing since I was the one that read it for us….30:04, 20″ box

  • Jamie F.

    28:26 RX’d.

  • Did the running class this morning with Lisa from NYCEndurance–it was a fun time, and great for my form. Thanks for making this class happen!

  • Anonymous

    21:51 rx’d Thanks to coach Ryan for the support! And thanks to Lisa, had a good time doing the Crossfit endurance training before this wod = )

    • Zoe

      Agreed, to the previous 2 comments. Lisa was super helpful, enjoyed the running and form tips. And thanks Seth, for motivating me to stay on and do the WOD afterwards.

  • Jason L

    Power Snatch 75%x1x10, rest 1 min between sets – 125#
    High-Hang Clean + Jerk 60%x1x10, rest 1 min between sets – 145#
    Front Squat 70%x1 – 220#

    Box Jump (24″)
    C2B pullup

    50 GHD situps

    3 rounds not for time:
    10 Cossack Squats (28kg)
    10 ring rows
    10 plyo pushups

    • Sam G.

      Jesus that’s like four workouts. 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to Jason L’s post of the Everett interview yesterday, I checked out a couple of the others on Again Faster’s Vimeo channel.  I converted them to MP3 and boosted the levels a bit so they’re worth sharing.  

    Here’s the link to the interview with Brian MacKenzie of Crossfit Endurance: http://bit.ly/t33ll1

    Anyone just getting into the running classes, or looking for Crossfit’s perspective on training for runs of all distances, this is a must-listen.  More to come…

  • 23:00 Rx’d.  Thanks Ryan for the encouragement and for the tips re:  burpees etc.

  • Steve Slo

    I messed up my left shoulder yesterday, so today I came in this afternoon to work on goats that minimally tax the shoulder.A) Front squat (single reps)
    185 – 205 – 225 – 225F – 185 – 205I was making this up after missing it earlier in the week. Not my strongest showing.B) For time:50 box jumps50 back extensions
    50 box jumps
    30 GHD situps
    50 box jumps
    17:00The idea behind this was to only count reps that were done in unbroken sets of 10. When I get fatigued, I tend to break everything into sets of 3, or 5… so I’m trying to raise that number somewhat. Towards the end, I got pretty generous as to what constitutes “unbroken” …but for the most part, I held to the pattern.

  • B: 17:35 (25, 20, 15, 10)

  • Steve Lynch

    Reintroducing myself to front squats today – 185# 3-3-3-3-3 205# 3
    Press worked up to a 1RM of 165#  –  failed 170# 3 times, but it’ll go soon. 
    GHD work
    Rows 155# 15-15-15

    • Sam G.

      Look at you fancy pants, I was thinking today how to add front squats back into my routine. 

  • Peter

    Agreed, super fun Endurance WOD this morning!  Lisa was the first to explain pose method in a way that made sense.  Hope to see you all again next week. 

    Hamstrings a little sore from sprints in the AM, so I scaled the box jumps down to 20″.  In hindsight, I should have RXed.  20:49. 

  • Eric

    27:29 Rxed, tough one to come back to after several days of not being able to make it in…

  • Rx 28:20. Alot tougher than it looks on paper. 

  • Annie

    work has been tough so working out at company gym, but PR’d power clean! 105lbs!!

  • Jim S