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Over the years of CrossFit NYC’s development, we have always sought to teach and provide the highest movement standards possible, even given the volume and frequency of our classes. Initially many of our members and instructors came from a movement background via martial arts or extreme sports but as we’ve grown, many members are coming to us with little to no such background or due to the demands of an 8 to 10 hour workday spent at a desk, they have lost some (or a lot) of their former ability.

In each class, we always try to provide basic mobility and movement prep for that day’s workout but many would (and need) more in-depth and detailed instruction in stretching and basic to advanced mobility. CFNYC has been a pioneer in this effort from the beginning, with many of our instructors seeking certification in mobility (via Z-Health and others) and we were the first in NYC to host Kelly Starrett, CrossFit HQ’s mobility cert coach. So now we will begin offering a Mobility & Recovery class two nights a week, Monday and Wednesday at 7:30, taught by head trainer and CFNYC co-owner and co-founder Court Wing.

In our classes, you will learn all the basic ranges of motion to attain all the exercises from the CF catalog, learning several methods and tools to assess and develop them, with special emphasis on;

* hips
* shoulders
* spine
* ankles
* wrists & elbows

You’ll learn many basic routines that you can use to warm up and develop your overall flexibility and help you prevent (and recover) from injuries while improving your movement and stability allowing your WOD performance and recovery to dramatically increase.

* * * * *

Tuesday 111206

A. Plank holds

B. “Chunky Style” (Compare to 110921.)

As Many Rounds As Possible in 12 Minutes of:
10 95#/65# Squat Cleans (Post Elements: 75#/53#)
10 Ring Dips (Post Elements: Bar Dips)

Are you a CrossFaker?

Empire State Building Run-Up race entries will be chosen randomly, for the first time ever
Dedicated to the tall ones
A tool to detect Photoshop
Are there health benefits to sex?
Don’t throw out that turkey carcass

We had quite the crowd for our first High Noon Hero WOD last Saturday. Stay tuned to tomorrow’s blog post for a write-up and more photos!

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s WOD classes:

30-25-20-15 reps of the following:
Box Jumps 24”
Toes to Bar

Compare to 100821.


  • SOOOOO happy to have Ryan coaching today and tomorrow.. and hopefully more?!?!
    You are a great coach and awesome athlete, Ryan!  Thanks for always motivating and inspiring=) Welcome!

    (although, we do miss our Big Willy!!)

    Hooray for the AM team=)

  • Matt M.

    Did 2 of the Winter Challenge WODs with Greg:

    6 Min Ascending Ladder
    185 Power Clean
    Ring dips
    Got through round of 12 plus 5 Power cleans

    Second Wod 1 min max reps
    Air Squats – 64
    1 min rest
    Muscle ups – 7
    1 min rest
    Row for Cal – 31
    Total points 64 + 42 +62 = 168

    Great work today Greg.

  • Anonymous

    Cornucopia of Awesomeness this am:
    A: Kudos to Coach Ryan nice job this am!.
    B:  60 Sec Plank Hold
    Matt M.’s Stroke of Genius / Insanity
    C: Power Cleans / Ring Dips @ 135 … 3/6/9/12 Reps  (8:50)
    D: 1 min max reps:
    Air Squats – 561 min restMuscle ups – 41 min restRow for Cal – 31
    E: Sara’s Crossfit Nickname – LOL!

  • Anonymous

    Power Cleans & Parallette Dips
    5 Rds + 7 Dips

    Welcome Ryan…

  • Anonymous

    5 rounds + 3 ring dips, rx’d
    Thank you, Coach Ryan

  • Anonymous

    Is Court’s first class tomorrow (12/7)?

    Is there any talk of adding some O-lifting workshops too?

  • Anonymous

    Six rounds (power cleans at 95#, subbed box dips for ring dips).

  • Jamie F.

    6 Rounds + 6 Squat-Cleans as RX’d.

  • 5 rounds
    53# for first 2, then 33#
    Parallette dips

    Thank you Ryan and Sara for all the great coaching. I’m gonna practice front squats and squat cleans as much as I can. It’s a tough movement for me. 

  • 4 Rounds plus 10 SCs plus 6 ring dips. Not a very good showing today. Squat cleans felt great, not so much with the RDs.
    Ryan, thanks for the motivation today. Awesome coaching. You can tell you come from a team sports background. You will fit in nicely here with Will and Sara!!

  • Mickey

    5 + 10 Rx’d

    Thanks Ryan!

  • Jason W

    7 rounds + 4 cleans

    squat cleans: unbroken until 5th round, then (6-4) the rest of the way
    ring dips: (6-4) all the way until last set (3-2-2-2-1)

    who else is in on the winter challenge? i really should walk through the wods at least once before this weekend.

  • Daniel K

    5 rounds plus 3 squat cleans, rx’d

    Ryan: excellent job today! You and Sara were terrific.

  • Zoe

    Nice turnout for the 10 am class, great coaching from Ryan and Sara.

    3 rds + 10 squat cleans, 63# for the cleans, bar dips. Tough WOD.

    Also, I managed to string together 5 ring dips during my warm up! Woohoo!

  • Sean M.

    Anyone who missed registration for the winter challenge and would like to compete, we might have one open slot.  email for deails.  

  • Anonymous

    Question: I’m considering an Ader kettlebell purchase.  Would there be any reason to shy away from this manufacturer?  If not, other than the $40 price gap, would there be a huge difference between a standard 70# black “all-in-one” Ader bell and a “Pro-Grade” red one of the same weight?  

    • Brett_nyc

      Hey Reis,

      The handle shape is the main difference. The straighter bar looking handle is designed for competitions in which you’re only using one hand at a time on the bell. C&J and snatch. The handles on pro or competition grade ones are also pretty specific as to their diameter. The cheaper bells can vary pretty widely in terms of handle shape, diameter, and paint finish. There’s some of both at the box in 2 pood, so I’d just go and see what feels better.

      If you’re just looking for something cheap and heavy to have around the house for days you can’t get in, the reg bells are fine. If you’re shopping around, Muscledriver USA sells some pretty cheap bells too. The shipping is where it gets tricky. 


    • Sean M.

      I really prefer the handle on the Ader pro grade.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks guys…if the red one at the gym is the Ader Pro I liked it when I used it in a WOD last week.  I’ll check out the other ones on Thursday.  I’m goin Rogue on this purchase because of gift certificates, so $33 on shipping for the Pro and $23 for the premier one.  They’re both the same weight lol.  Ain’t that America…

  • 4 rounds + 7 cleans, rx’d.  Ring dips unbroken so 99% of my time on cleans.
    Thanks Coach Ryan for your help before and during the WOD.

  • Jason L

    Old interview with Greg Everett.  He talks a lot about high bar/front squat vs. low bar.  My favorite line: “You know, if you want to go to Bikram and be like fucking go sweat with bunch of hippies in a big Petri dish, then be my guest.
    you know, I don’t want…If I’m going to get like herpes and the HIV and
    stuff I’m going to do like having sex, not doing Yoga.”

    • Anonymous

      To be fair, they sell herpes cream at the front desk at most reputable Bikram studios…

    • Adam R

      Great article.  Everrett knows his stuff and is hilarious.

    • Guest

      Saying you can get HIV from someone’s sweat is ignorant and spreads misinformation. Greg Everett is definitely smart coach and a funny person, but that comment wasn’t neither smart or funny.

  • 4 Rounds & 12 Reps Rx’d

    I realized I suck at ring dips today hah

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much for all the love! And thank you Sara for playing with me all morning. I had an awesome time coaching and getting to know you all today. Hope to see you all again tomorrow!

    Realized I hadn’t done heavy squat cleans in a looooong time so I found my 1 RM today and hit 205, a 50 pound PR…I guess mobility and CrossFit work

  • Craig Peugh

    Good time at 3pm today.
    4 full rounds + 1 squat clean
    Felt good so I scaled up to 135.

  • Carolina Baker

    Miss you guys!!!! But loving Thames crossfit in London. I’ll be back in December for a visit!!!

  • Michael C

    5 rnds + 5sqcleans #115

    Great instruction and energy from Ryan today in the AM!

  • Michael North

    6 rounds + 10 squat cleans
    65lbs + parallette dips
    Should have gone heavier but wanted to compare to September 21
    Improved by 2 full rounds

  • Sam G.


    5 rounds
    10 ft bear crawl back and forth
    5 225 DL scaled from 315, used this as my deload DL
    10 Burpees

    6;58 great wod, with great people.

  • mike n.

    5 + 4 cleans rx’d

  • Peter

    Exactly 5 rounds, 70lbs. Need to work on form with cleans. Probably could have lifted more.

  • 5 rounds + 4 squat cleans

    Ryan, great coaching and motivation! And thanks for the help with my kipping 🙂  And thanks for all of the encouragement, Sara!

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