Get Bulgarian

Wednesday 111130

A. Bulgarian split squat 5-5-5

B.Seven rounds of 
35 Double-unders, 
1 Snatch
One snatch attempt per round. Post time and total of all successful snatches to comments. Do not count missed reps.

Magnesium and testosterone
Keep swinging
Ras al hanout, a better pie spice (plus pumpkin pie recipe)
Geoffrey Mutai in slo-mo, or the physics of running
Lifting like you mean it
Everybody squats


CrossFit NYC Goes Ice Skating

Who: Weekend Warriors of CFNYC

What: Ice Skating

When: Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 at 7PM

Where: Citi Pond at Bryant Park

Wow: Join in on some holiday cheer with your fellow CFNYC members. You’ll get to skip the line and go thru the Fast Pass entrance, strap on your skates, and a enjoy a hot cup of cocoa all for $25. Come out and enjoy some winter fun, the holiday market, and food/drinks. We’ll meet up at the rink, skate for a while, stroll through the holiday market, and then warm up with some nearby food/drinks.

Click here
to reserve your spot!

If you have any questions, email

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s WOD classes:

A. Skin the Cat 3-3-3-3-3

B. “Tabata Something Else”

Complete 32 intervals of 20 seconds of work followed by ten seconds of rest where the first 8 intervals are pull-ups, the second 8 are push-ups, the third 8 intervals are sit-ups, and finally, the last 8 intervals are squats. There is no rest between exercises.

Post total reps from all 32 intervals to comments.

Compare to 111113.


  • keller

    speaking of events – is there any interest in doing a rest day saturday dinner in december or january (if dec is too spur of the moment) for a holiday or 2012 celebration?  we haven’t done one in a long time!  email me at if you would be interested and i’ll try to coordinate something

    • keller

      for newer people – we used to do this once a month during rest days when we followed the main site – its a good way to get to know people outside of the gym!

    • Anonymous

      I’m planning one in January already – stay tuned for details! It’s part of a Paleo Challenge start slash Pot Luck slash Drinking Fiesta.

      • keller

        well there goes my devious plan to hijack your event…..

      • Sounds fantastic! I’d love to bring some yummy Paleo food.

  • we should have a holiday gathering=)

  • Matt M.

    A. 70 lbs
    B. 6:45 /835 (should have gone heavier)

    Will, for the Paleo challenge you are scheduling I wanted to share a site I used as a resource when I began eating paleo ( It maps out meals, has tons of recipes and even gives grocery lists. It costs money to join, but was an incredible resource starting out.

  • Anonymous

    A.  2 x 32kg, 1 x 40kg
    B.  9:47, 705#

  • Courtney S

    I’m in for ice skating! I’ve been looking for new ways to wear my old leotards…

  • Erika Ramos

    A. 0 – 20lbs – 0.
    B. 10:38 i think, 147. mixed double under (attempts) with lateral jumps.

  • Anonymous

    Re: the Paleo challenge, has anyone started doing the Jaminet version?

    • Erika Ramos

      i’m down for the jaminet version but i need some more info. i’ll pick up his book/pick your brain some more since i msised the lecture 

    • | yes, and it has been magical having cheese back! 

  • Justin Katz

    A: 35  for all 3 sets of 5
    B: I forgot to look up my time on the board before I left
    Can someone post here what my time was.
    Subbed Parelette jumps for Double Unders

  • Ian
    • Hari


      I am going to guess that this paragraph sums up the point you are interested in:

      “’I’ve argued for years, and have been berated and even had my CrossFit™ affiliation revoked for it, that skill development needs to play a larger role and offers nothing but benefits to anyone, from the recreational fitness enthusiast to the CF games competitor. I’ve talked about this at length in other articles, so I won’t do it again here. I’ll summarize a main material point by saying if you can perform a given skill well, you can also do it poorly, more quickly, etc if you decide for some reason that the circumstances warrant it; the inverse is not true. Suffice to say that it’s absurd to believe being more technically proficient at anything involved in CF would do anything but improve your performance in the games. ”

      To argue that skill development “needs to play a larger role” is difficult to rebut. The question is which skills and how much of larger role? If you begin by arguing that CrossFit doesn’t emphasize skills enough, then the argument is circular. (I by the way completely disagree that CrossFit doesn’t argue skills enough. At this year’s CF Games, skill were a major emphasis.)

      To make an imperfect analogy, CrossFit is to fitness what a great core curriculum is to a liberal arts education.  Different universities (affiliates) implement different emphases in their core curriculums, assuming they have one. For a given professor (coach) to argue that students would benefit from a deeper mastery of math, history, art, poetry  or any other subject is fairly uncontroversial. But given a finite amount of time and energy, it is necessary to make trade-offs. Students can’t do more of everything.

      The question is whether CrossFit in general or CFNYC in particular is doing a good job with the core curriculum. I have never seen it argued by anyone  in CrossFit that poor form is acceptable or that better form will not lead to higher work capacity, the ultimate objective. 

      My perspective is this. CrossFit’s goal is to increase work capacity across broad time and modal domains. If something–more strength, more skill, more food, more sleep–will increase work capacity and if doing more of that something doesn’t involve giving up something else that will cause an even greater decrease in work capacity–then do more of that something.

      • ian

        I was less interested in the “skills” controversy. I wanted to highlight Greg’s point that “strength drives everything”. It’s an insightful article from a knowledgeable coach, controversy aside.

    • Anonymous

      Ian…this is excellent.  Thanks for posting.  It’s a shame about people like Everett, Robb Wolf, Rippetoe and others either getting shunned or leaving Crossfit when they have contributed so much to its advancement. It’s great that the community can still tap them for perspective.

      • Anonymous

        Very cool. I’m taking a sojourn away from met-cons in favor of strength for a while. I agree, strength is the foundation. CrossFit Hollywood, for instance, puts Elements grads in an optional strength only program for a few months.

        I’m also attempting GOMAD. 😉

        • Anonymous

          Check out this guy’s experience with GOMAD…encouraging for you, yes? –

          • Anonymous

            Let’s hope. I snuck in a small metcon after my SS work today (300 DU for time) and felt dirty. Maybe I felt dirty because of the milk. :-S

            Interestingly, whole milk (and cream, butter, etc.) is considered “Paleo” in the Jaminet diet.

          • Sam G.

            Please be weary of GOMAD Richard, When I went to the Paleo Seminar, Robb Wolf, and a few people had trouble getting that amount of fat off, after doing strength only.  If you are going to drink milk, which I do suggest, please try to stick with high quality milk, Steve and I with some suggestions from Allison, have stuck to only high quality Milk, Grass Fed, ext ext. Gomad can if left unchecked give you a little to much pudge on the side. 

            Its a doubled edged sword, eat more, but don’t eat/drink like crazy.   

          • keller

            plus that much milk gives you mad gas lololololol

          • keller

            and when the squats and deadlifts get heavy you will be poo’ing from all that moo’ing

          • Natasha

            OMG.  Please stop and go back to work…

          • keller

            i am cracking up on the desk and no one knows why!!!

          • Natasha

            i am going to throw up on the desk if you don’t stop

          • Cathy Scheele-Tom

            Yes, I have heard you toot multiple times while squating , now I know why

          • Hey Richard!

            I recommend Ronnybrook dairy which is local,
            grass-fed and amazingly delicious.  You can find it in places like Whole Foods and at some of the farmers’ markets–just google their website
            for info.  I also recommend gradually ramping up to perhaps just 1/2 gallon a day depending on your individual tolerance and caloric needs.

            I’m also a fan of doing at least 30 days free of dairy and then reintroducing it to see if you can tolerate dairy well or not.  If it’s always been in your diet, it’s hard to know whether it really agrees with you or not.  I can eat grass-fed butter and ghee (which is clarified butter) but other dairy bothers me, sadly. 

            P.S.: Some folks swear by grass-fed RAW (i.e., unpasturized) milk.  Since I don’t do milk myself anymore, I can’t speak to the raw dairy advantage personally, but it is something you could give a try.  To learn more about why some folks recommend raw milk and how to get your hands on it in New York state, check the Weston A. Price Foundation’s website.

          • For anyone interested in raw milk around here …


            They have AWESOME raw milk and also a ton of other great products as well. (GF meat that is reasonably priced and other yummy stuff like coconut oil and flour.)

            And they deliver.

            If you are a milk drinker.. once you try raw milk, it is hard to go back. The taste is so much yummier;-)))

          • Hari

            I am in complete agreement with this summary. 

   you have a pressing need to overpay, then I think Ronnybrook is a great choice. It tastes better because it is pasteurized in smaller batches. I know Ronnie and can vouch for his integrity.The idea that Ronnybrook is “local” is a bit humorous. The farm is about 120 miles from Manhattan. Probably 95% of the milk on the shelves in NYC comes from within 250 miles of NYC. What matters is not how far the milk travels from the cow, but how fast it gets there and how cold it is kept.If you’re into the whole carbon footprint thing, Ronnybrook milk is transported in small finished batches of probably less than 300 gallons per (small)  truck load, as opposed to 7000 gallons per tanker for milk delivered to Elmhurst Dairy in Queens or Farmland Dairies in northern NJ. 

            The math is this: It takes a truck about 1 mile to distribute 1 gallon of Ronnybrook milk. It takes a tanker about 100 yards to distribute regular milk. 

          • Hari
          • Jason W

            Protip: there’s a ronnybrook storefront at chelsea market. save the bottles and you can turn them in for $1.50 refund.

          • Steve Lynch

            Good to know!

          • Sean M.

            Personal anecdote:

            I did a half gallon of whole milk a day for 2 months and put on about 12lbs.  

          • Anonymous

            Presumably you were doing a strength program alongside, right?  Was the majority of that weight gain muscle vs. fat? 

          • Sean got super obese, haha….Not possible!

            I’ve never needed to drink a gallon of milk because I’m definitely not looking to get bigger, but most folks that do it with a strength program do it because they have a hard time gaining weight and have to eat like a horse to maintain weight when they aren’t even doing anything.  Translation: they eat all the time, even in between lifting sets, eating to the point of discomfort.

            If this doesn’t apply to you or you don’t really like milk all that much it can be a real pain in the butt and potentially expensive with the possible side effect of gaining too much pudge and not enough strength.

            My two cents for whatever it’s worth as I’m no dairy authority: you’d be better off following Allison’s guidelines to see if you even tolerate dairy.  If you can lift heavy and keep your diet clean and caloric intake up, you really shouldn’t need to drink a gallon of milk…especially if you want to Crossfit in the future where it can pay off to have a high strength to body weight ratio.

            Keep us posted as to how your SS (and milk consumption) goes!

          • Anonymous

            Thanks, Avery!  Seems like upping the calories is a part of SS; I wish I could just keep my diet the way it is.

        • Rory

          Chris Spaeller apparently agrees as well…in yesterday’s CF journal article about him he highlights a focus on heavy work and less metcons 

          • Anonymous

            I think it depends on your goals. I fully intend to return to met-cons; after strength is in a better place I’m going after Oly lifts (though you do cleans in SS). Hopefully the strength will translate to the Bodyweight stuff.

          • Hari

            As I read the article, Speal is simply doing what he has always done: attacking his weaknesses.

  • ian
  • Anonymous

    A: 70lb
    B: 11:52 / 665  (paralet jumps)

  • jenntang

    WOD: 8:31
    (75#, missed last snatch = 450#)
    Double-unders unbroken for all rounds except rd. 3 (15, 20) and 7 (30, 5)
    I made a conscious effort to rest 3-5 seconds between rounds so I wasn’t too winded and was able to do the DU unbroken.

  • Anonymous

    Short on time today, so I did sets of four split jerks (alternating sides) and two push jerks: 65-85-105-125 (and accidentally PR’d on power clean re-racking after a missed rep).

  • A. 2 sets x 70#, 1 set x 80#
    B. 8:03 with 95# (665#). First set of DUs unbroken. Could have probably gone heavier in the snatches. Seemed to get stronger in the snatches the more rounds that passed because I was dropping underneath the bar a lot better instead of muscling the weight up.

  • Erika Ramos

    oh, @WillLanier:disqus  i have a new one. nicole richie and jon hamm.

  • Asegal04

    A. last set of Bulgarian squats with 70lb

    B. 10:15 with lateral jumps 590# 1) 85  2) 85  3) 105  4)  105  5) 105  6) 105  7) fail @ 105

    Snatches need a whole lotta work

  • To belatedly answer Will’s QOD: my entourage would have to contain Nick Swisher of the NYY–he seems like he’d be fun to hang out with.

    A: 0-0-20 and already hurting from it 🙂
    B: 12:10 248# — missed one of the snatch attempts at 43#

  • Jim S

    A: 40 50 70
    B: 8:10, 525#
    Jump rope was mostly singles with doubles mixed in.

  • Steve Slo

    A) 16kg – 24kg – 28kg
    (5x each leg, for each set)

    B) 16:?? (not good).
    595# – could have gone a lot heavier. Not sure why I didn’t… Perhaps the idea of 200+ double unders psyched me out.

  • Jay

    8:25 @ 805#

  • Jo W

    25# DB each hand on the BSS. Thanks Kevin for the form-check, my hip flexors can tell you that I was definitely getting deep enough after your advice!

    4:51 Rx’D with 7×53# snatches = 371lb.