Say hello to the jump squat

Tuesday 111129

A. Back squat 5-5-5 at 85% of your 1 rep max

B. Clam shells

C. 3 Rounds for time of the following:
10 Weighted jump squats at approximately 25% of your 1 rep max on the back squat
25 kettlebell swings, 24kg/16kg
[Add five burpees at the end for each time you break the KB swing sets]

Totally geared out
How should we measure body awareness?
Roasted brussels sprouts and pepperoni
How to have an awesome deadlift workout
Good posture infographic
Chris Spealler: The fire inside

Sanjay musters another push-up mid-WOD:

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s WOD classes:

A. Bulgarian split squat 5-5-5

B. Seven rounds of 
35 Double-unders, 
1 Snatch
One snatch attempt per round. Post time and total of all successful snatches to comments. Do not count missed reps.


  • Wow, lotta back squats this week.

    • Hahahaha.  Seems that got lost in translation somehow between me and Allison.  Should be Bulgarian split squats on Wednesday; two days of back squats in a row would be crazy-town even for us.

  • Anonymous

    Back squat 215 – 225 – 225
    Pulled up lame on WOD

  • Anonymous

    A: 225 /185 /205

    B: 5:37 w/ 5 Burpees

    65lb Jumping Squats

    2 Pood Swings


  • Justin Katz

    A: 135-155-155

    B: 45 pound jumping squats
    All the 24kg Kettle bells were being used so
    I did 16kg
    I can barely walk now.

  • Rory

    A: 205-225-235

    B: 5:31 (65# jump squats, 24kg KB)

    walking down the stairs after today’s WOD was dangerous

  • A: 53-73-93-103-113 a definite PR
    B: 5:49 33# jumping squats, 12kg KB, 5 burpees

  • Anonymous

    Subbed Clamshells for Back Squats.  I finally nailed proper form on these once I started winking at people at the top of each rep.  I hit a left-side clamshell PR at 12.

    3 RFT: 10 Hang Power Cleans (115#)
    10 Power Pushups

    5:35 – Sara ironically titled this WOD “Reis”, as even she will tell you my HPC’s are horrible.

    • Hee! Nice posing there.

      • Anonymous

        You killed it on the back squats today…nice work Linnea!

  • Anonymous

    A: 185-185-195
    C: 6:09, 65# jumping squats, 28kg kettlebell

    I should’ve gone faster and risked a few burpees.

  • jenntang

    Couldn’t count today: 135# back-squats, should have been 165# – oops.

    WOD: 3:20, 45# jumping squats, 16k kb swings

    • Erika Ramos

       nice job!!!

  • Jamie F.

    Wendler Back Squat
    5 Reps @ 200 LBS
    3 Reps @ 225 LBS
    Max Reps @ 250 LBS – 7 Reps

    3 RFT of:
    10 Jumping Squats
    25 KBS @ 2 Pood
    -All while wearing a 45 LBS Weight Vest
    (8 Minute Cap)

    Got through 1 Full Round + 10 Squat Jumps + 15 KBS

  • Back Squats:  225×5, 225×5, 230×5 (PR)
    WOD:  4:24 RX’d with 65# Jumping squats and 24Kg Bell. I did two sets of swings overhead (American style) because I didn’t listen to Sara’s instructions.

  • Anonymous

    Back Squats: 185×5, 225×2 (failure on 3rd rep), 205×5

    WOD: 4:32 with 53# Jumping Squats with a 12 kg bell. No burpees.

  • Jeff

    Grunt to get stronger

    “Studies show that increased force or power can be generated during the Valsalva maneuver [holding one’s breath while straining] or a maximal expiratory maneuver.”

    Grunting.  Not yelling (Jamie F.). 

    • keller

      see natasha… we are making all that noise on squat days for science!

      • Natasha

        and so hot

        • keller

          if i could get youtube at work, i would post the scene from zoolander with “it’s that damn hansel!  he’s so hot right now!”

      • Mike K

        I will say… squat day has been getting louder and louder lately…

        • Erica G

          I have played a role in that, I believe.

          • keller

            yes but i think mike k took the cake last night on sets 2 and 3

          • Mike K

            Well… I mean, things were starting to get a bit heavy…..

          • Erica G

            Agreed! Mike K also takes the cake for pre-squat prep.

    • Anonymous

      I always judge my true max efforts by how much my throat hurts the rest of the morning. 

  • Anonymous
  • Zoe

    A. 115, 125, 135(3)
    B. 4:59 w/ 33#/16kg, no burpees

  • Williamson

    Wod with Jamie in a 45lbs vest, and we kept it on for a 2 pood KB swing.

    2 full rounds in 4:28min, could not start jumping a 3rd around.  It was wonderfully terrible.

    Vests are awesome.

  • Anonymous

    A. 3×5 at 315# then add’l sets of 4 & 1 at 315#
    B. Clamshells for Time
    C. 9:20 with 115# and 2 P.o.o.d


    • Anonymous

      Sweet Baby Jesus.

    • Asegal04


      • Anonymous

        its a long hard climb…and it hurts. lol.

  • Asegal04

    Back Squats: 175×5 185×5 205×5, should have gone alittle heavier.  I was releived, last time i was doing 175 and almost tipped over backwards.  Big improvement

    WOD with 65 lbs and 24 kg (1.5 pood)
    4:35 which included 10 burpees

  • Sully

    A. Back Squat 3X5 at 315#
    B. Clam shells
    C. Skipped and ate lunch for time.

    • Steve Lynch

      Nice Sully!

      • Sully

        Thanks Steve. I had to join the 315# club, haha.

  • Paul B.

    Back Squats: 175×5,185×5,195×5
    WOD: 55lbs, 20kg, 5 burpees: 5:47

  • Carlos

    Sorry this is late, but just wanted to say that Tag-team FGB was fantastic.

  • The_Lisa

    A – 133, 133, 133 which is 86.9% of my 1RM 😉
    B – clamshells are always good to do
    C – 4:28 with 33#, 12kg.

  • Jeff

    Reading the Speal article now.  I don’t think OPT is referred to as “OPT” anywhere in this article.  Makes me wonder if this is part of the conspiracy to bury his legacy…

  • Ross

    Early lat week Coach Will mentioned running classes becoming part of the programming. Was that encouragement to go to crossfit endurance, or is there going to be something on the events page that we should look out for?

  • David T.

    Back Squats: 225-235-235 (still learning low bar…ugh)

    WOD: 6:20 with 24kg bell

  • Jim S

    A: Couldn’t get to the gym and don’t have rack so all the back squats were clean and jerked first. Could have squated more but c/j and lowering it onto my back was getting hard.
    135 155 160
    B: 20kg kb 6:17 I really didn’t want burpees. Probably paused too long before the last round of swings.

  • Kayam Rajaram

    75, 95, 115 – second time doing squats so still figuring out my 1 RM

    4:56 with 45# and 16kg KB, did 5 burpees. 

  • Akash Bharucha

    A. 225lbs x3
    B. skipped
    C. 4:48 with 75 lb jumping squats and 24kg KB

  • Push Press PR: 113#
    Deadlift PR: 223#

    Special K WOD (for people who have hip injuries and can’t squat): 5RFT 
    4 20″ Box Jumps 
    8 25# DB Push Press
    12 KBS (16kg)
    16 DU’s 


    Thanks Mike=)

  • Eric

    BS: 235×5, 245×5, 245×5

    WOD: 5:10 with 65# jump squats and 24kg KB

  • Natasha

    That was a humbling experience …43#, 16kg, + 15 burpees…can’t even remember my time but felt like forever

    Thanks to Brita for keeping me honest and Shelley for doing those 15 BRUTAL burpees with me.  

    It felt like my first day of school.

  • Jay

    155, 175, 195
    5:31 with 65# and 24kg

  • Sam G.

    Random I don’t know what I am doing day

    15-15-15 weighted back extension 25lbs

    Chins 11-12-9

    three broad jumps (which i suck at) then 40 yard sprint, 8 round.

  • Cathy Scheele-Tom

    Fail fail fail not my week apparently
    5rm deads. Supposed to be 235 no such luck
    8 rnds- 3 broad jumps and 40meter sprint

  • Steve Lynch

    Deadlift and go home day.
    Deadlift 445#  Still breaking up the set of 5 into a quick 1-1-1-1-1
    Pullups 13-10-10

  • Steve Slo

    Really good WOD. I didn’t realize just how physically taxing this was until I got halfway home.

    A) 235×5, 235×5, 235×5
    I used to have a policy of selecting a weight for the final set of the strength component that would almost guarantee failure… just to keep a constant push against my upper limits. I’m thinking maybe I should start doing that again.

    C) 5:29 (65# jump squats, 50# kb swings)
    No Burpees. Swings were unbroken. I got stuck with the kettlebell that uses customary measurements, so it was a few pounds lighter than 24kg.

  • Phil Jonat

    A: 225, 245, 265 will go higher next time.  form was better than 2 weeks ago
    C: 4:38 75#, 24 kg unbroken.  good workout, 28 kg next time