FGB6 shirts and hoodies are here!

Great news! The Fight Gone Bad 6 fundraiser t-shirts, tanks, and hoodies are in! If you qualified to receive a shirt or a shirt and hoodie, please stop by the gym when Kristina or Kelly are working the front desk so that they can retrieve your gear. Thanks!

Zoe shows how a well-earned FGB6 shirt makes pull-ups easier:

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Thursday, Thanksgiving Day:
Sunday schedule (10am, 11am, noon, 1pm WOD classes)
Friday, Day after Thanksgiving: Saturday schedule (9am, 10am, 11am, noon, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm WOD classes)
Saturday: normal schedule, including beginners’ classes
Sunday: normal schedule

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Monday 111121

Scott’s Mom

Post-Elements: 75 lbs/53 lbs
Black Box: 95 lbs/65 lbs
Games Prep: 115 lbs/78 lbs

Max reps in a single long, long set:
Overhead Squat
Front Squat
Back Squat

First set ends when the bar touches the floor – including between exercises!

Rest, then, max reps in a single set again:
Push Press
Push Jerk

Post reps and “yo’ mama” jokes to comments.

Compare to 110727.

Fight Gone Bad 7 will be September 22, 2012–Save the date!
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Why I hate the deadlift
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Turkey hash / Bi bim bap
Dude, where’s my car?

Stay tuned for Tuesday’s WOD.


  • Anonymous

    Scott’s Mom is the WOD I refer back to most when deciding how much to lift on a metcon.  Because it’s for reps, not time, it’s useful for knowing what I can finish.  Today is a rest day for me, and I didn’t want to miss it, so I did it Sunday.

    With 85 pounds, 20+20+60=100 squat variants, 4+6+6=16 press variants, 116 total.  (Compare to 133 total with 65 pounds about four months ago.)

  • Anonymous

    with 95#A: 10 – 15 – 60
    B: 12 – 10 – 4

    111 total

  • Anonymous

    53 total Reps #95

    A: 5-12-20
    B: 10-5-1

  • Anonymous

    A: 10-10-55       B: 5-10-10
    100 total – 95# (30 rep increase)

    Cashout: Russian KBS
    2.5 Pood – 10 reps
    1 24kg kb in each hand (sumo) – 10 reps

  • jenntang

    OHS/FS/BS – 20/20/35 = 75
    SP/PP/PJ – 10/10/15 = 35
    Didn’t quite go to failure, just to boredom. Should do more reps next time.

  • Jamie F.

    Wendler Back Squat
    3 Reps @ 185 LBS
    3 Reps @ 210 LBS
    Max Reps @ 235 LBS – 11 Reps

    Scott’s Mom:
    15-15-30: 60
    5-5-10: 20
    Total: 80 Reps

    Not a good day to do Wendler Squat Work before hand.

  • FWIW, I believe the house record is 500 total squats.  And no, that’s not a typo, so man / woman up.

    Also, apologies in advance for this cycle: it’s short – six weeks – but it’s rough.

    • jenntang

      Would have been good to know, because I had no idea what to shoot for.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not going to try… The way I’d fail on Scott’s Mom is that my spine would buckle on the squats or I’d drop a barbell on my head on the presses.  With heavier squats/presses, the limiting factor is the muscles in my legs/arms.  In this WOD, it’s my lower back/wrists, which fail more dangerously.

      And, the best strategy would be to skip the overhead squats and front squats and do as many back squats as possible, which completely wrecks the fun of trying to guess how many overhead squats I can do without dropping the bar.

  • A. 6/13/35 – 54
    B. 9/7/5 – 21
    Total – 75

    Cash out: 10 reps KB Swings w/40Kg bell, 10 reps w/ (2) 1.5 Pood bells, 4 (messy) reps with (2) 2 Pood bells. 

  • Avery

    Josh do you know who the record belongs to? (Man or woman? )

    • Sean M.

      And at what weight?

  • Matt M.

    At Crossfit New England for the week.
    Anejo: 5 rds for time
    7 – 275 lb DL
    14 – 24 in box jumps
    4:42 as rx’d

  • Anonymous

    Scott’s Mom at 135#
    15 OHS
    10 Front
    25 Back

    Scott’s Dad at 135#
    7 Strict
    5 PP
    3 Push Jerk

    • Nice work. Glad you came to your senses and didn’t do 155#!!

      • Anonymous

        Oh hell. I forgot that that was what I wanted to do lol.

        • Jamie F.


  • Asegal04

    This WOD was akward for me:
    8/10/12 Various squats
    18/3/0 Various shoulder
    Total:  51

    Cash out:  85 situps in 2 minutes

    Also, did my first muscle up, still glowing from that experience

  • Sully

    Scott’s Mom 95#
    OHS/FS/BS – 20/10/80 = 110 reps
    SP/PP/PJ – 10/5/20 = 35 reps
    Grand total 145 reps

    • Anonymous

      Nicely done!

    • Steve Slo


  • 95#

    OHS/FS/BS – 12/13/30

    SP/PP/PJ – 13/13/7

    88 Reps

  • Zoe

    15/20/40 = 75
    4/7/7 = 18
    Total 93
    My presses suck, so I should have tried to get a few more push jerks in there, but I was ready to be done at that point. 

  • Ryan S

    Scotts Mom  95lbs


  • Steve Slo

    (this was supposed to post BELOW Reis’ comment)

  • Jason L

    Steve Lynch, Sam, Eric, Will, Sully, and anyone else who may be interested, Catalyst Athletics Olympic Lifting Seminar Feb. 11-12 in Fairfield, CT.  Group discounts as well.  http://www.performancemenu.com/zen/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=30_31&products_id=533

    • Sean M.

      Signed Up.

      • Adam

        I’m interested.  If anyone else wants in, perhaps we should register as a group.  $100 savings each if we get three, $150 for five.

        • Naveen

          I’ll go if we are getting the group discount.  email me at vennamn at gmail.

    • Brett_nyc

      I did this seminar a few years ago and it’s good. Greg and Aimee know their stuff.

    • Sully

      Looks good, let’s talk about it this week. 

  • David T.



  • Jim S

    Caught up on yesterday’s wod today.
    10 strict pullups and ring dips sub’d for mu, 115#

  • Sam G.

    Will Sign up Jason L, in a month or so, got to get days off work.

    Have decided to cut my volume on wendler deadlifts as it is having a affect on my squats

    5/3/1 squats, fatigued from deadlifts

    3 at 235
    3 at 260
    9 at 300 down two reps and up 7 pounds from last month

    Press I Cleaned the weight as it is “suppose to be easier”
    3 at 95
    3 at 115
    10 at 150

    Parallel bar pullups


    jumps from a bench with 45 lbs onto a 28 inch box


  • Kayam Rajaram


    A. 10-42-64  B. 10-15-11

    Definitely need to work on upper body relative to lower…

    Shout out to Court and Dan for the encouragement during the squats. Really extended my limits today, thanks guys.

    CFNY rocks.

  • | forgot my black and yellow wrist wraps on the bench by the whiteboard. 🙁   will someone please leave them at the front desk? thanks!

  • Cathy Scheele-Tom

    3×5 back sqt- 195x5x5x5 (which is a pr even for 1 rep)
    3 rnds-200 meter run, 3 cleans, 3 jerks + 3 cleans, 3 jerks

    • Avery

      Strong work Cathy!

    • keller

      yay cathy!! 

    • Sam Gaberal

      Strong squat numbers Cathy!

    • Mike K

      Awesome work Cathy!

  • The_Lisa

    55# as 65# for OHS did not feel doable when practicing.
    Total of 155

  • Anonymous

    65# Total of 76

  • Steve Lynch

    Squat 275# – 5 reps 3 sets
    Bench 225# – 5 reps 3 sets
    Weighted box jumps 45# to 26-29″ box 5 reps 3 sets
    Pullups 12-10-10

  • Steve Slo

    Scott’s Mom at 95#
    TTL: 112

    Cashout: 60 K2Es, and 10 back extensions every time you come off the bar.
    7:13 …i think?

    An interesting thing happened towards the end of the cashout. I got impatient and started contracting as soon as I uncoiled from the K2E, as opposed to waiting for my bodyweight to swing back around and give me the momentum to help me get my knees up to my elbows. It worked… and it was a lot faster and, in a way, easier than the alternative.

    So… yeah… I’m about a year into this whole crossfit thing, and I think I just now, tonight, did my first K2E with some semblance of correct form. Overdue but exciting.

  • Phil Jonat

    Scott’s Mom
    95# 22/27/52 = 101
    75# 11/8/44 = 63

  • Jo W

    Girl Rx’d (65#)
    94 on the squats (14/30/50)
    39 on the presses (5!/20/14)
    strict presses were a struggle, the other 2 were better.

  • Gustavo

    75# 21/21/103 = 145
    75# 20/12/13 = 45

    my legs hurt!

  • Carmen

    When I decided enough was enough and I was going to take care of my body I had no idea on what and who to believe as far as the right fitness information for women was concerned. I found different forums and blogs that had some decent information but most of the talk was about pills and supplements. The one thing I did know was that I was not going to use pills….I was going to do it naturally.
    After some research on “fitness for women” the one name that popped up over and over was Mike Geary. I found his information to be a great step by step guide on what to eat and what to do to stay fit. The one thing about his beliefs in fitness is that you must be willing to give up some bad (good tasting foods) to see results.