MU & C&J

Sunday 111120

Three rounds for time of:
10 Muscle-ups
135#/95# Clean and Jerk, 15 reps

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From left: Judy, Stef, and Zoe demonstrate 3 stages of L-sit progressions (tucked legs, one leg extended, both legs extended):

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Monday’s WOD classes:

“Scott’s Mom”

Post-Elements: 75 lbs/53 lbs
Black Box: 95 lbs/65 lbs
Games Prep: 115 lbs/78 lbs

Max reps in a single long, long set:
Overhead Squat
Front Squat
Back Squat

First set ends when the bar touches the floor – including between exercises!

Rest, then, max reps in a single set again:
Push Press
Push Jerk


  • Gw

    Beowulf: 36:10

    For Time:

    Row 1000m
    Run 800m
    50 Ring Dips
    100 Pull Ups
    150 Med Ball Slams (20lb)
    Run 800m
    Row 1000m


    • Anonymous

      Well done!

  • Anonymous

    So, I’m probably going to start doing Wendler 5/3/1 for the 4 lifts.  A few questions for the coaches and anyone who’s done this…

    1. I know what my 1RM is, but is it better to start with a smaller number for the program (for example, take 90% of 195 instead of 205 if my 1RM back squat is 205).  Wendler seems to overemphasize the benefits of going light at the beginning.  I’m also not sure if my 1RM are 1RM with perfect form.

    2. Do you have to keep the sequencing the same every week?  I was hoping to change it up so that it aligns with the WODs.  I would think not, and keeping it varied seems in-line with CF principles.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!

    P.S. Interesting talk yesterday — I’m glad I can put cheese and rice back in my diet.

    • Jeff

      1.  “You’re using a specific percentage of your one-rep max. And not your full 1RM. The calculations are based on 90% of it.”

      2.  Do whatever you want.  However, *part* of the point of this style of programming is that you’re somewhat regular with how you approach your lifts.  

      5/3/1 is fairly flexible in that it’s not super demanding and you can do whatever you want for your accessory work.  However, I’m sure a lot of people have tried to do 5/3/1 with CrossFit and come to the realization that if you’re just trying to get stronger, just focus on getting stronger and don’t go into it with only one foot in and one foot in CF.  You can always rebuild your conditioning after you build up your strength.

      I also believe that Wendler was directly or indirectly asked in an interview what his thoughts were concerning coupling his programming with CF-style WODs, and more or less said something along the lines of, yeah you can if you want but you cannot serve two masters.  It’s online somewhere.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, Jeff.

        • Sam G.

          Richard, Have you done Starting strength? I know you are strong, but I think you will make faster and stronger gains doing that as well as getting use to all the movements you have to do in Wendler.  I would like to first say that in regards to beginner in Rippetoes spectrum of strength gains, you want to stay in that stage as long as possible.  With that said Starting strength allows you to gain strength fast, and then switch to a more intermittent program like Wendler.

          Before starting Wendler I had a strong base from doing Starting strength, Remember In Wendler you only put 10/5 lbs on to your totals every month, compared to over 30 lbs a week with Starting strength.

          I asked Jeff the same question before I started Wendler because I was worried, and he said the same, and he is right, you will have some trouble doing both, I am on my 5th cycle now, and conditioning is hard, I try to mash in a few workouts here or there, but nothing that would interfere with my strength gains, you have to pick one and concentrate on one thing. I could be wrong, as you might be able to handle both as you are a strong athlete, but it gets hard. 

          You do not have to keep the sequencing the same, if you have his book he writes about  how to approach the workouts you can do the lifts in any order, he only suggests power cleans before squatting if you are going to use them. 

          • Anonymous

            Thanks, Sam. I’m reading SS now, and I’m leaning more and more towards focusing on strength for a while, and not training around met-cons (maybe one or two a week to stay social!). I think it would be good for me, almost a year in, to take a step out of it and focus on strength for a while.

  • Subbing 10 jumping pullups and 10 dips for the muscle ups.
    53# on the C&J, 11:49 working in w/ a partner.

    I love Clean and Jerks!

  • Justin Katz

    Subbed 10 strict pull-ups/ 10 dips on box for
    Muscle ups
    65# clean and jerks

  • Michael North

    Made up yesterday’s workout.  First 2k piece.  8:24.

    Was aiming for sub 8:00…

  • Daniel K

    Wow, a seriously crushing WOD. Let’s do it every week.
    rx’d the muscle ups, did the clean and jerks at 115lbs.

  • Zoe

    Definitely a tough WOD. Subbed 10 C2B jumping pullups (the box was a little short, so I ended up half jumping/half pulling), and 7 bar dips, 83# for C&J. Finished in 18:40.

  • Sean M


    • Sean M

      Sub’d bar muscle ups

  • jenntang

    95#, jumping C2B p-u, thin-band ring dips

  • Asegal04

    Wod 12:18
    115 lb clean jerks
    Pull ups and dips

  • Jeff

    Several reps were more like ground-to-overheads or cleans straight into push presses.