Feeling skinny?

REMINDER! There is still time to sign up for Paul Jaminet’s nutrition talk and Q&A on Saturday November 19th from noon-2:30pm. The event is $15 and is open to the general public. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

Friday 111118

Clean 5-5-5 @ 70% of 1 rep max

“Skinny Fran”
For time, complete 21-15-9 reps of:
thrusters with a 45#/33# barbell

Should we play to our strengths, our weaknesses or just do straight up Crossfit?
The atlas of aspirational origins / The food at our feet / Heirloom vs. hybrid
Soy as cruel and unusual / For beginning runners, advice can be a hurdle
It gets better?
The shoe makes the dancer
Modern samurai (video)
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From Coach Will:

The Winter Challenge provides an atmosphere for CrossFitters to be CrossFitters. Whether you’re competing or just joining in with the crowd – The Winter Challenge will be a small taste of what we CrossFit for: to test ourselves and to be a part of a bigger community.

Location: CrossFit Hoboken

Description: Once again we are having our Winter Challenge. This year is the fourth installment of our competition. We invite everyone to join us in some good clean fitness fun before the holidays. All competitors and spectators will receive bag of goodies including a CrossFit Hoboken sweatshirt along with other fun toys. Male and female winners will receive $600 each. Along with additional prizes (TBA) for each events winner. At the conclusion of the event the Crew from Caveman Cooking will be holding a BBQ. All competitors and spectators are invited to hangout for some southern ribs, brisket, and beer.

Start Time: 09:30

Date: 2011-12-10


They need Volunteers. Click here!

Event Teaser:

There are 4 events:

Event 1: Strength ladder similar to last year’s Bear Complex
Event 2: 3 Exercises for max reps in 1 minute with a 1 minute rest between each
Event 3: A couplet AMRAP for 7 minutes
Event 4: A 20-minute chipper

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Here’s a preview of Saturday’s WOD:

Mobility work

Row 2000 meters


  • Anonymous

    “Skinny Fran”  3:09 

    Metcon weirdness in full effect this am.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone had success using Wendler for OHS?

    • Sam G.

      Jason L is doing that now, wendler rep scheme and ideology will work with most movements, remember the overhead squat is not a test of strength as its more a test of everything, doing any movement every week will help you get better at it, but if you have pre disposed shoulder injury or tightness it might aggravate it.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, Sam. Those are great points. Would love to hear about Jason L’s progress!

        • Jason L

          I’ve only completed my 2nd week of it, so I don’t have that much to share.  I’m garbage at high rep OHS due to a prior shoulder injury, so the 5s are the hardest for me.  I agree with Sam, doing heavy OHS every week will help you get better at it.  I’ve picked up better cues for myself after only doing it for 2 weeks.  I think a linear progression for OHS would be a little too aggressive, so I think Wendler lends itself well to the movement.  I think Jason W has done it as well, I’m not quite sure though.

        • Jason W

          i did about three months of Wendler OHS and i’d say the best thing i got out of it was confidence from the practice. My max definitely went up (about 195# right now), and with that, my snatch and high rep OHS definitely got better. I can’t comment on if something else would have been more effective in the time spent, but just carving the time and working on the movement under heavy loads was helpful.

    • Mike K

      I messed around with doing that for a bit, but I did not really find it too effective for me.  The limiting factors on OHS are usually mobility, poor abdominal engagement throughout the movement, and the external rotators of the shoulders failing before anything else.

      IMO you get more bang for you buck by just regularly working some OHS into your workouts while strengthening the shoulder girdle.  Work on scapular retraction and external rotation of the shoulder (which applies to pretty much everything), and add in some horizontal pushing and pulling like ring rows or barbell rows and maybe even (gasp) bench press.  The key is maintaing that good shoulder position on all these movements so the weight is better supported in the OHS.

      And of course work out any mobility issues that are limiting the quality of your movement.  Mobility issues or movement skill problems will limit your OHS more than anything else.

      • Sean M.

        I agree with Mike K.  

        Wendler generally works with most things because you spend time working the movement, but the the gains for a small muscle group (shoulders) come not from the beauty of the wendler program, but from working the movement consistently.  

        It is my general opinion that 5 or more reps of “heavy” OHS is likely counter productive as you will be limited on the total volume of work you can do.  Think of the back squat vs. the OHS where the movement is supported by a tiny muscle group.

        You’d probably be better served working 1-2 days a week doing heavy singles, doubles, or triples.  

      • Jamie F.

        The Wendler Program has 4 lifts – squat, deadlift, press, and bench press.  I stopped doing bench in this cycle but may actually start working it back in in my next one.

        • Anonymous

          Here’s a link with some historical perspective on Wendler’s approach: http://bit.ly/s9KK47

      • Jason L

        Let me add a few things to my original statement.  I made an olympic lifting focus program that I have been following for the past two weeks – I could send it to anyone if they would like (I would also appreciate any feedback).  It is mentally taxing.  Heavy singles, doubles, and triples on the OHS are also mentally taxing, especially when I am doing a max clean and jerk the next day.  I know that my 5/3/1 OHS are going to be difficult, but I am almost positive I can hit the numbers (the only thing that might suffer if I’m fatigued is my last set of max reps).  I should also say that if you aren’t comfortable with putting weight over your head (i.e. jerking), working on that will greatly improve your OHS.  I’m sure I would make better headway if I could afford to work in heavy overhead squatting three times a week, with metcons that focus on the movement as well.  But honestly, I’m working more on olympic lifting and comfort in that bottom position. 

    • Jeff

      My recommendation for easily improving your OHS would be to do more handstand practice.  Handstand practice develops balance, active shoulders and midline stability, all of which are required in no small amounts at the bottom of the OHS/snatch and are more integral to OHS for beginners than leg strength.  (Any amount of weight that you can OHS, you should easily be able to back squat for several reps.) 

      My handstand program is as follows:
      – Walk 15 feet on your hands.  Do more if you can.  
      – Do this once.  Do more if you can.
      – Do this every time you go to the gym.  Do it outside the gym too if you can.

      Of course, if your hips suck, then make sure you fix that too.

      That said, Jason L is pretty decent at handstands.

      Also, note that transferability may only work in one direction.  That is, having a heavy OHS doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll automatically have great balance in an inverted state.

      • Anonymous

        To that end I’m going to start actively programming some GymnasticsWOD stuff into my weekly routines.

    • Avery

      D_Riv do you want to get better at OHS in general or is it in hopes to improve your snatch?

      • Anonymous

        OHS in general.

        • Then I would focus on the things that Mike K and Jeff Y already suggested.  Handstand practice is a great idea.  I don’t know of your limitations specifically on the overhead squat but what I constantly see with gym members are stabilization and mobility issues through the hips, thoracic spine, rib cage, and shoulder girdle – basically all over 🙂

          If you don’t have good ROM through those body parts, loading them with weight for heavy reps is not going to help you achieve your goals any quicker in the long run. 

          I did not start with a great OHS when I walked into CF (ask Josh!), but it is something I do in every warm up no matter what the workout is.  I do them slowly, focusing on position of the shoulder, depth, creating tension on the bar, etc. 

          The OHS is one of the few movements I would suggest occasionally looking into a mirror or something you can see your reflection to check what is actually going on or have someone video you.  Too often in warm ups, people bounce up and down through these squats as they are the “throwaway” movement; they do not achieve depth, position the bar in the wrong grip (often behind their head) and have soft shoulders and elbows.  Work on creating tension against the weight of the imaginary bar – if you can do this with a PVC or band you will be able to better do this with the bar.

          My other suggestion would be more unilateral work, specifically with dumbbells or kettlebells (ie waiter’s walks, push press or jerks focusing on fixating the weight straight overhead in a finished position with a packed shoulder, arm completely extended and not soft at the finish, stopping the movement of the bell completely if you are cycling push presses or jerks).  One side of your body may be compensating for the other…This is another way you can challenge those small stabilizers which you will be able to do with higher frequency than heavier OHS.  If I was going to choose a squat to do more often to help my overhead squat – I would stick to the front squat.  You still need that vertical torso and basic body positioning but you won’t be as limited by your mobility issues – and you can do them heavier and more frequently to boot and see some better gains to all of you other lifts (back squats, thrusters,  cleans…).

          • Anonymous

            Thanks so much, Avery!

  • The_Lisa

    Cleans – 63-63-63
    Nothing tastes as good as Skinny Fran feels – 5:10

  • Thank you so much for posting the “It gets better?” link. I am a strong believer in Health at Every Size, and appreciate seeing that attitude here.

  • Erika Ramos

    aw, sad i accidentally slept through today’s wod.

  • Jamie F.

    Wendler Deadlift

    5 Reps @ 235 LBS
    5 Reps @ 265 LBS
    Max Reps @ 300 LBS – 13 Reps

    DNF on my BDay WOD after 7 HSPU – hurt something on my right tricep.  Jordan Berger and Jason Wong both hit it hard.  I will be attempting it again this coming Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

    • Williamson

      Sorry I missed you guys this morning.  I’ll have to double wod tomorrow to make up for it.  Good work on that last deadlift set.

  • My body really wasnt’ in it today so I just worked on my form:

    a) 125-125-125 (They ran out of man bars)

    b) 6:29 with 5lb plates on the ladybar

    Made the mistake of going to the gym the night before to work on my butterfly kipping so My arms were beat this morning

  • Cleans:  135×5, 135×5, 135×5
    Skinny Fran:  3:19 Rx’d. I was focusing on getting into a better front rack position with the thrusters and it really helped. Elbows up and using my hips to bounce the bar off my shoulders.

  • Anonymous

    A.  5 x 115, 5 x 115, 5 x 135 … thank you, sara, for the coaching
    B. “Skinny Fran” 4:20 with black band

  • Jai

    I left my shoes at the box last night; I’ll pick them up tomorrow. They’re weirdly laced sneakers that almost look like ballet slippers.

  • Good news: there are exactly zero Frans and Cindy’s in the next twelve week cycle.

    • Anonymous

      Are we doing “Dating Sage?”

      • Anonymous

        There will be no Fran, so you’re asking if we’ll do a WOD with 75 pullups, 100 thrusters AND 50 snatches? You are a supreme masochist Dickie…

        • Anonymous

          I just like the idea of this WOD as the price of admission to dating Coach Burgener’s daughter. For “structural” reasons I’ll never have to pay that price, but it’s funny nonetheless…

          • Anonymous

            A total ruse…Good luck doing 50 snatches under Bergener’s critique and coming out alive.  The only prize at the other end of that endeavor is probably about 10,000 burpees…

  • Andy G

    A: Squat cleans 95x5x3. Working on form. Thanks to Sara for a very helpful cue on setting my back and getting a good breath.
    B: 4:24

  • Zoe

    A: 73# for all three sets
    B: 5:31 Rx’d
    Strung together 12 kipping pull ups before stopping in the first set, definitely a new PR for me. If only I could keep that up for the rest of the WOD…

  • Jim S

    A: 3x5x105
    B: 5:51

  • Kirk

    I would like to call bullshit on the For Beginning Runners Advice can be a Hurdle article. Tge idea that coaches make it more complex is ridiculous. Also, they clearly did not look deeply into the research on running form, making the ludicrous statement that runners just “find” the right form for them. Without proper coaching from Brian and the NYC Endurance posse I never would have become a “runner”. Good coaching, form correction and practice made all the difference. What the article should have said is that bad and uniformed coaching is a problem…

    •  Yeah, Kirk, I don’t agree with everything I link to.  I linked that article for the very reason that people should know what most people think about running and realize what kind of reactions they’re going to get when they tell people they’re running minimalist/barefoot and with a coach.  : )

  • Asegal04

    4.04 skinny fran

  • Steve Slo

    Was there talk of an unofficial Hero WOD tomorrow?

  • Kayam Rajaram

    Cleans 65 x 2, no time for 3rd

    Skinny Fran – 5:33 with jumping pull ups.

  • Annie

    A:63 # cleans
    B: 4:32 rx

  • Steve Slo

    A) 95×5 – 115×5 – 135×5
    B) 5:33 rx

    This was fun.

  • Joe W

    A: 135-185-185
    B: 5:12 Rx’d…my last regular Fran was 5:42 rx’d so not nearly as much improvement as I would’ve hoped.

  • ryans


    wod: 3:46 rx

  • Cathy Scheele-Tom

    3×5 bench press–92x5x5x5
    metcon-4 rnds
    500 meter row, 20 KB 2pood clean + push press (10 each arm)+10 ball slams
    -subbed 1pood and ghd situps

  • Jay

    95, 145, 145

  • Sam G.

    5/3/1 bench

    5 at 155
    5 at 180
    11 at 203

    Weighted ring dips 1 pood 5-5-3
    Weighted pull ups change grips 1 pood 4-4-4

    • Csalera

      Baby Fran: 3:24

      • Courtney S

        Baby Fran – 3:24

  • Steve Lynch

    Squat 305# – 5 reps 3 sets – inadvertently threw in a couple good mornings
    Press 142.5# – 5 reps 3 sets – last rep of the 3rd set was beyond ugly but i’ll count it
    Kneeling jumps practice
    Weighted dips 32kg – 5 – 16kg 5-5
    Weighted chinups 16kg 8-5-5

  • Eric

    A. 115×5, 125×5, 135×5. Court told me to keep my chest up on set up, which made the subsequent pull much easier…

    B. Damn…5:02, last time Skinny Fran was 4:30

  • Phil Jonat

    A: 135, 155, 155
    B: 2:56 skinny fran unbroken, compared to 4:34 regular fran.  i’m in shock that people can do these movements any faster than 3 min.