Don’t fear the Fran

Tuesday 111108

A. Snatch practice

B: “Fran” (Compare to 110926)
21-15-9 reps of:
Thrusters 95#/65#

Post time to comments.

Still hate you, thrusters
The once and future way to run
“When people come into the gym, they cannot envision the changes that regular CrossFit training will bring to their bodies. But I can.”
Book excerpt: Odd Bits: How to cook the rest of the animal by Jennifer McLagan (who also wrote Bones and Fat)
Stop training in fear

Some inspiration for today’s snatch practice…

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s WOD classes:

A. Press 21-15-9

B. “Annie” (Compare to 110217)
50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:


  • Kameron

    Fran Rx: 5:55 (PR) – Previous best was 6:10 at 85#.

    • awesome work carmen! i mean kameron!

      • Anonymous

        I heard Carmen took a week off…

        • Kameron

          It was two days! Can you send me an invite to join CFNYC on BTWB por favor?

    • Anonymous


    • Andy G

      nice work!!!

    • Jenny A

      Fantastic work, Kameron!

  • Anonymous

    6:50 Rx’d  1st time

    is it suppsoed to feel like you are going to black out?

    • Anonymous

      Watch the Glassman video on the origins of Fran.

      • Anonymous

        gracias. is that on the Crossfit Journal site?

        • Anonymous

          I posted the link below.

  • Christopher Kawasaki

    6:25 at 65# – upping the weight next time. Thanks for the back-up josh

    • yeah seriously..up that weight kawasaki 😀 

    • Anonymous

      Nice work!

  • Anonymous

    9:43 rx’d….ouch

  • Matt M.

    3:30 rx’d – 

    • i really don’t want to post my time after yours’re ridiculous!

    • Christopher Kawasaki

      enough said

    • Anonymous

      Matt u crushed it. nice work!  the look on your face post WOD was pretty epic…. nice mix of pain, elation, and confusion… hahahaha

    • Anonymous

      Can’t wait to see what you throw down in competition season.

    • Anonymous

      Take twice as long, and I’m only a minute behind you…guess I picked the wrong week to quit drinkin…

      • Anonymous

        …or sniffing glue.

        • Anonymous

          Not there yet…

    • Kameron

      You’re a FRANIMAL!!!! Thanks for the push today. Breaking 6 mins is a milestone. Sub-5 here I come!

  • 9:19 at 55# 

    compare to sept 26th 11:06 at 55#

    • Christopher Kawasaki

      awesome job Cass – nearly 2 min better and you’re basically thrusting what I did

    • Anonymous

      “Kaw! Kaw!”

    • Anonymous

      You were kicking major ass this morning…well done Cass!

      • Anonymous

        My favorite line belongs to Cassie:

        “GET. YOUR. SHIT. OVER. THE. BAR.”

    • Kate J

      Awesome job Cass! (Sorry I’m terrible at yelling at you.)

    • Jenny A

      Great work Cassie!!!!

  • Justin Katz

    11:31 with 65#
    Previous Fran Time: 8:57
    The pull-ups sucked today
    Sometime I’m good at them and sometimes
    not, today was one of those days.
    Hopefully I will do better next time

  • Malcolm

    Fran:  7:04 rx

    • Anonymous

      Nice work!

  • Rory

    Fran: 6:27 (65# thruster, green band on pullups)

    • Anonymous

      Great job!

      • Rory

        tnx Dickie…nice job on the Fran Sans Band

        • Anonymous

          FSBs all day long.

  • Phil Jonat

    PR 4:34 Rx

    previous PR 5:41 – thanks will for the pain

  • Anonymous

    8:05 – 65 lbs and unassisted pull-ups (first time doing Fran without a band)

    Next time: 75 lbs and faster pull-ups.

    Great work, Nick!

    EVERYONE should watch this hysterical video by Coach about the origins of Fran:


    • way to rock it Dickie!

    • Kameron

      Great work today! You definitely put a little rouge on Frannie today.

      Oh, and by the way, sweet math pun!

    • Awesome job Dickie, knew you would kill it.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks bud!

    • Manny

      So i’m not the only one who get butterflies just thinking about Fran?

  • Anonymous

    8:01 (95# – 2.5″ band)

    I thought my previous real-deal Fran was 6:57 with banded pullups, but it was with jumping pullups, so I guess today finally sets the bar for me, so to speak…

    • Kate J

      I thought I did banded pull ups last time too, but they were jumping. Ha – and I thought I did it with 45#, but it was 33#. This is what I get for checking at 5am.

      So… I optimistically tried 55# and banded pull ups. After 9 thrusters, dropped down to 43#. 9:11.

      • Anonymous

        I’m amazed that you recovered so quickly from your injury…and here you are weeks later rocking Fran.  Well done Kate…

        • Kate J

          Recovery… Right.

          Uh… BRB.

      • i’m sorry for yelling too much at you! nice work though, making good progress!

    • Jamie F.

      Reis, sorry I missed yelling at you this a.m.  Gonna try and make this up Thursday a.m.

      • Anonymous

        No problem buddy…I was only a minute slower because of you.  No stress 😉

  • 6:32 with 33lbs.

    Why are thrusters so hard? I will check out that tutorial linked above.

  • Michael North

    Today: 5:55 (65# and green band)

    1:02 PR from September 26 with same scaling.  Time to move up in weight and down in band… 

  • Meagan

    5:28 with 33#/jumping pull-ups.

    • Anonymous

      Nice time, but too light for you. Next time let’s shoot for temporary blindness and vomiting.  You might take longer but it’ll be more authentic…

  • 6:17 Rx’d.  Ran out of gas. Jason W, thanks for the Thruster pointer. I am only using my back and shoulders to lift that weight. Totally felt that after you pointed it out.

    • Anonymous

      Nice work!

  • Anonymous

    I will be making up Fran tomorrow…sad I missed out on all the fun today.

  • Ryan

    Fran – RX’d 6:14.  previous best – 8:06


  • Williamson

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    Red 195 Inov-8s
    Size 9

    email my at if you need a pair of shoes.

  • Asegal04

    First Fran:

    9:22 RX, almost killed me

  • Jordan

    Fran Rx’d:  6:56 (PR by 24 seconds). 

    • Eric

      Way to go Jordan!

      • Jordan


        I want to see you post sub 6 minutes later tonight!!!!!

  • Paul B.

    Sub 65#   6:04

  • Ali

    i’m sad i missed the fun.  i’ll make it up tomorrow morning.  but i did yesterday’s wod with 50 double unders added to each round.  22:14

  • Sara

    95 people did this WOD before 3pm today.  Almost everyone who had a record of their previous Fran pr’d and many people did unassisted pullups today.  Special shout-outs to Queen, Cassie, Leasa, Matt M., and Cindy.  I know 99% of the time all I do is yell and tell you how terrible you are, but I was super proud of all of you today!!!

    • Anonymous

      You rock, Sara!

    • i’m saving this message in a word document titled “sara loves us” to read on the 99 out of 100 days when you tell us how terrible we, we were the 1%! love you too sara carr!

  • Justin Katz

    I am missing my glasses with white glasses case.
    I think I left at the Box this morning.
    If anyone found it and you leave it at the front desk for me.

  • Anonymous

    65# in 10:10, unassisted (last 9 were jumping)…compare to 7:31 in elements, 45# and a green band…is that an improvement? I don’t know. Was certainly a challenge, and I certainly wanted to die. Thanks Francisco for keeping my count!

  • Annie

    Fran 8:29  RXd (PR – last time 8:44)

  • Matthew

    Fran 12:22 65 pounds, black band

  • mike r

    3:57 rx

  • Joe W

    5:42 Rx’d

  • Jay

    6:00 Rx’d

  • Steve Slo

    Great class… I don’t think I’ve had Jeff B as an instructor since Elements.

    Fran: 8:33 at 85#

    This was my first time doing Fran without an assistance band. It devolved into a lot of “singles” pretty quickly, but I’m excited about the milestone all the same. Next time I’m going to use rx weight so I can establish a constant standard for using this WOD as a proper benchmark.

  • Peter

    8:11 at 65#
    Huge improvement from 12:24 at 53# last time!  Its amazing what acutally being able to kip can do for your time….