Sunday’s Grace

Best of luck to our runners in today’s NYC Marathon: Tim B., Stacy, Shelley, and Eric!

REMINDER! Today we’re hosting our first in a series of Competition Practices at 3:00pm. Note: Practice is open to all members but ideally those who have been doing CrossFit for at least 4-6 months and are comfortable doing most of the movements.

Sunday 111106

Grace” (Compare to 110820)
30 Clean and Jerks For Time
135#/95# (Post Elements: 95#/65#, Games Prep: 155#/105#)

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Chucks: they work for WODs and Halloween parties:

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Here’s what’s on tap for Monday’s WOD classes:

A: Snatch practice

B: “Fran” (Compare to 110926)
21-15-9 reps of:
Thrusters 95#/65#

Post time to comments.

Back Squat 3×5

4 rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
25 Burpees


  • If there’s any other CFNYCers running the marathon, please let me know here in the comments!  Thanks and good luck!

  • Anonymous

    Fran might just have to move over on Monday.  Never done Grace…she always seems to show up on a weekend.

    For those who need inspiration before doing Grace, check out Rob Orlando crushing it at 275# (in 12:54):

  • As a slew of Monday non-attenders requested it, we’re swapping Monday and Tuesday’s WODs so folks who are never in on Mondays can finally take a shot at Fran.

    Therefore, Snatch / Fran is Tuesday.  Monday is:

    Back Squat 3×5

    4 rounds for time:
    Run 400 meters
    25 Burpees 

  • Matt M.

    Grace: 4:31 (155#) 
    Last Sat Grace: 3:19 (135#)
    Thanks to Mike W for counting.

    Can’t make the competition practice today, is there a schedule of future dates?

  • Anonymous

    4:14 Rx (from 11:05 on Aug. 20).

    I suspected my clean and jerk 1RM had gone up since I measured it at 110, so I did singles afterwards and maxed out at 135.

  • Rory

    Grace: 4:30 (105#)

    thanks to Ian and Matt for the motivation and jerk tips, would have been much slower without them

  • Allison  – Shelley West is running the marathon today too!

  • Anonymous

    5:08 – 105# much improved from 3:30 – 65# back in August

  • Jim S

    105# 5:58

  • Kevin K

    5:16 @ 95#.  That’s a minute 20 better than my first and only Grace last month.  Thanks Kevin P.  And much thanks to Sara for the neutral pullups yesterday.

  • wendy

    Thanks for a great Sunday class. Never been on a Sunday and I’m sold.  

    6:05 55#
    I am still resting too much.

  • 5:10 at 53#, my first Grace! 

    Heavier next time.

  • Asegal04

    346 @ 115 pounds

  • 5:30 Erica

    4:23 at 73#. 10 pounds heavier and 17 seconds faster than Aug 20. 

  • Sam G.

    Hit a PR on Overhead squat 3RM at 205, which was also a pr on the push press, since i never really measured my push press, but 205 went up easy. 

    Practice was fun, cant wait for the next one.

    • Anonymous

      Nice work Sam…

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