10 reasons why you should go to our Halloween party

Wednesday 111026

A: Skill: One-armed barbell deadlift: Both styles will be taught (barbell at side, called a “suitcase deadlift“, barbell in front) because each works different skills/muscles. The goal isn’t a specific rep scheme, so much as getting a feel for weighted versions of both movements (i.e., figuring out a relaxed max on each.)

B: Complete as many rounds as possible 20 minutes of:
95#/65# Squat snatch, 10 reps
10 Ring dips
10 Knees to elbows

Post rounds completed to comments.

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I asked Annie to do a Q&A about our Halloween party on Friday night. Here’s what she has to say:

How long have you been a member of CFNYC?
I have been a member of CFNYC since April 2009 and you should have seen me when I walked in to that first beginners class; I had never lifted in my life, could not do 1 pull up or push up, and the thought of doing any of those exercises combined terrified me. Very quickly I became obsessed, like everyone does, and it has now become part of my everyday life. I definitely have a lot of work ahead of me, especially since I still can’t get a muscle-up and the coaches constantly yell at me for not pushing myself…(Hmm….8:30pm coaches!!) BUT I have a feeling 2012 will be my year : )

Tabata shots in action, back at 2009’s Halloween party:

How is this year’s Halloween party going to be better than last years?
Every year the Halloween party has been a lot of fun but this year I’m convinced it will be the best!!
10 Reasons Why:
1. Halloween Party Committee in full effect. Shout out to – Cathy, Allison, Dickie, Cassie, Sara H, Mel, Keller, Mike K and Kameron
2. DJ Big Willy in the house
3. Dancing is required!! (Ok if you don’t like to dance it’s fine, but dancing will be strongly encouraged)
4. Photo booth with special Halloween background
5. Fun games (Tabata shots, beer pong, PM clases vs AM classes)
6. Full bar and paleo snacks
7. Costumes – you can be anything!
8. It will be on the 4th floor (it won’t feel like the place we work out in everyday)
9. Spooky decorations and lighting
10. AND you get to hang out will your crossfit friends!!

Ashleigh (left) and Annie (right) at 2009’s party:

Why should folks come out to the party?
If you are not convinced after my top 10 Reasons, then let me finish with – New members, old members, Elements students, it doesn’t matter…the Halloween party is one of the few occasions that you can get a big group of us CFNYC members all together to have fun and let lose and it really does feel like that “crossfit community” we always talk about. And if that still doesn’t convince you; come just to see what Court‘s costume will be this year – every year it’s quite creative!!!

I hope you all attend – it will be tons of fun.

If you are coming, please try to bring alcohol or food (post on blog what you will bring).

* * * * *
Here’s a preview of Thursday’s WOD classes:

A: Front squat 5-3-1

B: Complete ten rounds for time of:
12 Burpees
12 Pull-ups

Post time to comments.


  • Dickie

    4 Rounds with 55lbs  :-/

    On the plus side, this was my first WOD with kipping ring dips and kipping K2E where I felt strong-“ish” on those movements.  Now it’s just a matter of building volume.

    On the minus, my overhead capacity leaves a lot to be desired — I should have been closer to doing this Rx’d.

    • YA YA YA YA YEAAAAA YOU DID! new profession: full-time kipper

  • Erika Ramos

    6 rounds + 10 squat snatches. 22 lbs 

  • Anonymous

    5 Rounds + 1 Snatch – 75#

    After the cleans Mon & Tue, I was surprised I had 51 pulls left in me. Weird thing is I’ll probably be here for more pulling tomorrow.  

    So as I mentioned in class, yesterday makes it a year I’ve been Crossfitting.  I can’t thank you all enough for helping me to make such a profound change in my life.  I walked into Elements 10-25-10 barely able to move with a 56″ waist.  I walked out of yesterday’s WOD class having RX’d 122 reps and wearing my new 44″ pants.  I hope next October I’ll have already posted about my 10 unbroken dead-hangs, my first muscle-up, and my 500# deadlift. I certainly have a lot to look forward to, and I don’t think I could ever reciprocate the amount of support you all have given me.  I’ll certainly try.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Dickie

      It’s been an honor, sir!  More PR’s ahead!

    • Reis, a true inspiration, and congratulations! 

    • Erika Ramos

      HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, REIS!!!! you kick ass!!!!! 

    • Congrats, that’s awesome stuff..

    • Kameron

      Wow Reis. Those numbers are extremely impressive. Nice work! Congrats on your 1 yr!

    • Jeff B.

      You are a stud. 

    • keller

      congrats man – i know we only met once but your consistent posts and dedication speaks volumes of your character.  continued luck and success on your work outs and life!!

      • Anonymous

        Very kind words Keller and all…humbled…

    • Sam G

      Screw 500 lets do 600lbs. 

  • Anonymous

    6 rounds + 10 SS + 1 Dip.  45#         3 advils later i can move again. Olympic Lifting is Awesome and Fun!

  • Sean M.

    Does anyone have an old school Crossfit NYC T-Shirt I can borrow for a day?  Needed for a Special Project.

    • Brett_nyc

      I have one. 

    • Jeff B.

      Is this for a “come try for free” inspired halloween costume?

  • 6 rounds + 2 snatches with 65#
    Felt like a weenie this morning. Anyone have any good mobility drills for an elbow with no ROM?

    • Anonymous

      Here are many links for elbow-centric Mobility WOD episodes: http://bit.ly/sC3rqb

  • Dickie

    Can we PLEASE start having the WODs posted on BTWB on the CF NYC page?

    • Anyone want to get paid to post the WODs to BTWB?  Email me (josh@ this domain).

  • Jason W

    6 rounds + 4 snatches

    this one just felt horrible. i’ve been moving like a slug lately. need to figure that out.

    • Sam G

      Could possibly be “Nutts” a workout like that does not take one or two days to recover from, the systematic shock it does to your body could cause some “sluggish” output.   

  • Jeff B.

    5 rounds + 7 ring dips @bb8b2269b5b8f3d1f52bb4a49d3ca1dc:disqus  75#.  Not a fun WOD done by one’s self without any music.

  • Planning on coming to the Halloween Party. Will bring a bottle of wine or two.

  • Natasha

    I’m coming to the party and will bring a bottle of paleo vodka (aka Kettle One) and wine.  Bring on the drinking games…AM crew:  You are dust!

  • Carlos

    I’ll be there with bourbon.

  • John Landers

    5rds 10squat snatches 75#(dips on GHD)

  • Michael C

    4 rnd + 10sqs,10rd,7k2e

  • Jim S

    I’m a day behind.
    A: press 1 1 1 95 115 125 130(f)
    B: only 9 minutes RX 40 37 32 = 109

    Reis, congrats. I don’t think we’ve ever met but I love reading your posts.

  • Matt M.

    Reis, congratulations.
    Todays wod: 7 Rds +2 Thrusters

  • Chris

    A) one arm deadlift and suitcase deadlift both arms at 185#
    B) 7 rounds + 5 squat snatches (rx’d)

  • Steve Slo

    A) Worked my way up to 155, ran short on time.
    B) 4 rounds, 4 snatches. (65# and bench dips) 

  • 6 rounds @65lbs:disqus 

  • Jeff

    5 rounds + 8 snatches

  • David T.

    4 rounds + 2 snatches @ 95lbs

  • Jay

    6 rounds

  • Jay

    …with 65# snatches