Monday 111024

A: Cleans 1-1-1

B: “FrAnRAP”
For 10 minutes, complete as many rounds as possible of the following:
15 Thrusters (95/65 lbs)
15 Pull-ups

CrossFit NYC Halloween party is THIS FRIDAY!
The law of diminishing returns
Reis on rest
How cool are you?
Feel the weight
The origins of soccer

Coach Josh wants you to work out like a caveman:

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s WOD classes:

A: Press 1-1-1

B: “Just Nine Minutes”
With a 95#/65# barbell, complete three sets for max reps of:
60 seconds of Hang Power Cleans (elbows must come all the way around and hips must open fully at the top for rep to count)
60 seconds of Front Squats
60 seconds of Push Presses
60 seconds of rest

Post total reps to comments.


  • A quick note, for the many people who are doubtless thinking, “Fran? Again?”

    In short, our Box has an atrocious average Fran time, which is particularly worrisome as  Fran really is a key CF benchmark.  Not just in and of itself, but also as an indicator of power output, of the ability to cycle a movement quickly, and of a willingness to push through unbroken sets in discomfort – all separate yet equally important skills.  Hence our six week ‘Fran-tervention’.  Every ten days or so, we’re using Fran’s movements in a differently sliced and diced WOD, designed first to help people push down their Fran times, but second (at even more importantly) to practice those underlying skills.

    • Eric

      I hope that my Fran time improves the next time I do Fran proper (my PR is 6:43).  I will say that after doing the WOD with 75 thrusters, Fran seems less intimidating.

      Just curious, how far are we below the “average”? And is there a national average for Rxed men’s?  Just curious about where we are, and where I am. 

      • Eric, according to beyond the whiteboard, most Rx’d Fran times are in the 5-5:59 range. The mean Fran time including all posts Rx’d and scaled) is 7:23. 

        • Eric

          Thanks Nick.

    • mike r

      225-225-2354 rounds + 7 thrusters

      Also, just wanna say keep up the good work on the new programming. Hitting alot of new pr’s lately… fran being one of them…

      9/9/10 4:511/5/11 4:229/12/11 4:039/26/11 3:46

    • where are these stats?  the gym has over 200 revolving members, how is it possible to know our numbers.  most people don’t post and there is no central database.

  • Anonymous

    “The idea is to die young as late as possible.”  I like that (quote in the video).

  • Halloween Committee


    If anyone has any connections to help us get speakers, please let us know!  Many thanks!

  • Justin Katz

    2 Rounds+ 15 thrusters RX’D

  • Matt M.

    a. 205- 225 (f) – 225 (f)
    b. 5 rounds + 15 Thrusters

    • Anonymous

      You crushed that WOD. so sick!

  • erika

    great podcast, josh!  miss your insightful saturday morning classes. 

    @ sydney, upside down helen w kippping pull ups and 16kg kb: 11:05.

    gee, new website, new t-shirt (which i am not allowed to get since “in person” is difficult from australia), and celeb visits.  only exciting thing i have had recently was being on the beach in western australia when a man was eaten by a 10ft great white.  then later that same evening, a few beaches further down the coast for a beach bbq, 5 black hawk helicopters w SAS (australian special forces) swoop in doing some anti-terrorist drills since the queen was coming (she’s here now).  twas an exciting day for me…

  • Anonymous

    3 rounds  +  2 thrusters

  • Anonymous

    A: 155 – 185* – 185* (PR)

    B: 2 Rounds + 7 Pullups – 95# & 2.5″ band
    No excuses. This one sucked for me way more than it should have…

  • 155, 175, 185, 195 (f)
    3 rounds Rx’d + 11 thrusters

  • Michael C

    3rnds plus 8thrusters rx’d

  • Jason W

    cleans: 185-205-210

    WOD: 4 rounds + 9 pullups

    My fran time is 3:15. I currently break my middle 15 sets into (8-7). I seriously took a back seat on this wod breaking everything up (10-5) from the start in an effort to get closer to unbroken on my 15s.

    That being said, i’m still smoked from nutts from Hero WOD Saturday, and probably should have motivated a bit more to get past round 5.

    • You are my secret gym rival! You always put up times similair to mine on the board and my goal is always to beat you so don’t start slacking off!

      Cleans: 185-205-225(f), would have been a 15# PR and with a few more minutes I would have gotten it.

      I just did Fran today since it has been far too long and pulled a 3:58, 30 seconds slower than my PR but still laid me on my back for a good half hour.

      • Jason W

        I have a rival? hello, rival!

    • Sean M.

      Hey Jason how much do you weigh?

      • Jason W

        170# with clothes and shoes (innov-8’s)

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone estimate how many Rx’d rounds might be equivalent to a 5–6 minute Fran? Close to 4 rounds?

  • Jamie F.

    DNF after 1 Full Round.

    Did Wendler Squats first:

    3 Reps @ 175 LBS
    3 Reps @ 200 LBS
    Max Reps @ 225 LBS – 10 Reps

    Was just smoked the squats and Nutts on Saturday. 

  • 3rd + 7 thrusters  @ 75lbs.

  • Zoe

    A. 83-93-98(PR)
    B. 3 rds + 6 thrusters Rx’d

  • Sam G.

    5/3/1 Bench and Squat

    3@ 228
    3@    260
    11 at 292  felt light, could have pushed more, but I want to start cutting it at 11 to 12 reps, last month was 9 x  283 so i went up two reps and 9 pounds, going to take it

    3 at 165
    3 at 188
    11 at 212

    up 5 lbs, but down 1 rep, the Bench has been the hardest of the four movements to keep up with, I have slowly started to move to power lifting stances to power through the reps, on around rep 8 my butt came off the bench from transferring power to the bar, not something I recommend if you are new at benching things can get dangerous. 

    Parallel bar pull ups

  • John Landers


    3.5rds 85#

  • Natasha

    Sully – thanks for tabata calf raises on Saturday – I have been gimping around all day! Out of commission for a while.

  • Steve Slo

    Still sidelined from tabata-calf-raise-related D.O.M.S.
    Today’s WOD was a walk to the kitchen.
    Somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes (with multiple rest breaks.)

    Hoping to be back tomorrow or Wednesday. 

    • Jim S

      Right there with you. Feeling better this morning though. 

  • Eric

    3 rounds + 15 thrusters, Rxed

    • Eric

      oh and Cleans were 175, 185, 195, 205 F

  • Courtney Salera

    4 rounds + 6 thrusters, 58#

  • Jordan

    3 full rounds plus 15 thrusters, Rx’d