Monday’s hero

Monday 111017

A: Deadlift 15-12-9

B: “Nate
Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
2 Muscle-ups
4 Handstand Push-ups
8 2-Pood Kettlebell swings (women: 24kg)

Post number of rounds to comments.

Compare to 110621.

Dietary supplements risky for older women, study finds
Be different
Frequent flyer fitness
Paleo/primal/eat real food/GAPs — really? / Eating real food? In India?
Look like a football player

Sam G. cracks us up by looking embarrassed by his hilarious “RUNNING…makes me tired” t-shirt. (Please send a photo of yourself at the Black Box in your funny training t-shirt to allison AT crossfitnyc DOT com.)

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Here’s a preview of Tuesday’s brand-new TEAM WOD!

A: Press 9-7-5

B: “Grab My Ball”

Teams of two, five rounds of two minutes on, two minutes rest. Max reps wallball/burpees. One partner throws wall all, does a burpee; other partner
catches. Count only those reps in which the ball clears the 10-foot target and is caught before touching the ground.

Post team name, team members, and score to comments.


  • Sam G.

    I actually did some running that day, and boy was I tired.

  • Anonymous

    Deads: 225 – 275 – 315

    Nate Jun 25 – 5 Rounds + 2 HSPU – Scaling 6 Pullups (1 Thick
    Band) 6 banded Dips (1 Thick Band) 4 HSPU ( 1 45-lb plate, 1 25-lb plate) 8 KBS
    (1.5 Pood) 

    Nate Oct 17 – 9 Rounds + 1 KBS Scaling 2 Pullups (same band) 2 Jumping Muscle-Up attempts 4 HSPU (same plates) 8 KBS (2 Pood)

    The WODs were pretty different given the Pullups/Dips approach vs. the jumping MU attempts, but I’d like to think overall there’s progress there.  I definitely feel good about the heavier kettlebell.  Josh said for progress toward muscle ups it kind if helps to weigh 135 lbs.  It never dawned on me but I think I’ll try that approach next time.

    Sam that shirt is awesome!

  • Malcolm

    10 rounds (sub. MU w/ 2 PU and 2 ring dips)

  • Michael C

    155,175(bad form by 8), 175
    9rnds +2,4,1 scaled:jumpingMU, 2abmat, 1.5 Pood
    Got my first muscle after WOD… my life is complete.

  • Anonymous

    135, 155, 175

    11 rounds: jumpingMUs, 1abmat, 1.5 pood

  • Anonymous

    A: 145 – 155 – 165
    B: 11 + 2 pull ups (sub 2 pull ups and 2 bar dips, box HSPUs, 1.75 pood)

  • Jordan

    A:  135, 155, 185 (could have gone heavier)
    B:  9 full rounds + 2 MU (first time swinging 2 Pood in a WOD, so only swung to eye level instead of overhead).

    • Eric

      BEAST! good job Jordan.

  • Jamie F.

    5 Rounds + 1 Muscle-Up.  All RX’d.

    • Sam Gaberal

      Nice progress on those handstand pushups.

  • Jrblaugrund

    10,000 Workout
    Back Squat: 250#
    Bench: 185#
    Cleans: 135#
    17 rounds + 1 back squat and 1 clean


    • Anonymous

      Well done…are the bench & clean standard for this workout?  I’ve seen it done with the CF total lifts…looks a bit irresistible if the right day came along…

      • Brett_nyc

        It’s the crossfit football version

    • keller

      nice jeff… glad you did it!

    • Mike K

      Nice job Jeff!  One of my favorite CFFB WODs.

      • Jeff B.

        I loved the workout.  I’m upping press and cleans next time.  I had a difficult time loosening up pre workout, so I went light on those.  

        • Mike K

          The first time I did that WOD I went pretty light and flew through it.  I did it again Saturday heavier and did 4 less rounds but took about a minute more.  Felt like a better WOD that way. 
          I’d say 75-80% of 1RM is a good guideline for this one.

  • a) 135 – 155 – 185 –Should have gone heavier

    b)11 rounds + 2 MU reps Substutute MU for JMU…So close to getting a real MU…gotta keep working on it!

  • Jason W

    8 rounds + 1 mu rx’d.

    can we look into getting those new rogue ring straps with the carabiners?

    I got done with my 8th round with 3 min left, but my rings were all messed up/uneven and i couldn’t untie all the knots that i made in the straps to prevent slipping, adjust, then re-tie all the knots again in time to get a couple more rounds in.

    • Hari

      I’ll put in an order tonight. If they work better than our current setup–and it looks like they will–we’ll switch switch completely to this system.

  • 11 rounds + 2 MU (strict MUs and 24kg KB swings)

    • Kev P

      Nice work Stan!!

  • Jeff

    high rep HPCs make me feel like I’ve been foam-rolling my quads with a barbell

  • Jason L

    Clean + Jerk 230-235-240(missed the jerk)
    Clean Pull 3×3 @ 265#
    Nate – 14 rounds + 1 muscle-up Rx’d

  • Sam G.

    5/3/1 Bench Press

    5@ 152
    5@ 175
    11@ 200

    Assisted Exercises
    12-12-9 4 minutes of rest between each, might need 5 to get the 12 straight each time. 

  • A) 185-200-220 (had no idea what weight to start with, probably could have started a bit heavier)

    B) Modified this for my current kb training.
    2 strict chest to bar pull ups
    4 strict plank push ups
    4 right hand kb swings/switch hands (24 kg bell)
    4 left hand kb swings

    12 rounds – stopped at 18 minutes or so because I can’t tear my hands up right now.

  • Cindy Lai

    Deadlifts  123-143-163

    13 rounds (2 jumping muscle ups and 24kg kb swing)

  • Partial Starting Strength workout today:

    3×3 press: 135#
    1×5 deadlift: 375#

    Many thanks to Ari for shouting me through the last 2 reps of deads.

  • Eric

    DL: 185, 225, 245

    Trying to extend knees and hips at top

    WOD (Nate)-only thing I did Rxed was the KB swings.  Forgot how many rounds…

  • 8 + 2 HSPU.  HSPU with not full ROM.  rx’d otherwise

  • 155-205-225

    10 rounds + 2MU & 4HS

  • sofia

    12 rds + 1pu

    sub p/u and box dips
    1 ab mat

  • Jay

    6 rounds
    Kipping hspu with 45#+25#+ abmat

  • Phil Jonat

    skipped deadlifting
    B: 12 rounds with real muscle ups, but box HSPU.  KB swings at 2 pood.

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