Introducing…The Litvinov

Friday 111014

A: Floor Press 5-5-5

B: “The Litvinov
Three Rounds For Time
8 Front Squats (85% to 90% of 3RM)
400 Meter Run

“Named after Sergey Litvinov, a 196-lb Olympic thrower who did this workout with 405 lbs and kept his runs under 75 seconds.” Dan John

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How to manage your day
Low-back pain and disability part 1, part 2

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Here’s a preview of Saturday’s WODs:

A: Back Squat 3-2-1

B: “Angie”
100 Pull-Ups
100 Pushups
100 Situps
100 Squats


  • Kameron Mengel

    7:19 w/ 155 lbs

    Watch out for the stairs on the third 400m, they bite!

    • Anonymous

      excellent work Kameron

  • Anonymous

    8:10 135lbs.  (4hrs of sleep. 2 cups of coffee.)

  • Anonymous

    8:53~155# (stair door shut on 2nd Rd, so there was one elevator trip up which made the 3rd Rd of squats easier but killed the overall time).

  • Anonymous

    11:13 – 225#

    Well I can’t blame my time on the elevator, or the running, since I rowed due to time constraints.  But I went heavy, and the squat sets definitely ate up some time as I had to split those up.  I was happy to get all 24 of them at that weight, which was right at 85% of my 3RM.

    Great to see so many visitors this week from all over the country!

    • Anonymous

      Oh yeah…floor presses: 225 – 225 – 225

    • Anonymous

      Wish I had stuck around to witness this. I am impressed.

      • Anonymous

        You would likely be more entertained by watching some of the evening regulars, who I’m sure will put that number to shame.  

        • FWIW, rowing this is far, far worse than running it.  Strong work.

  • Anonymous

    8:23 – 115# – was my first front squat in a WOD and I went too conservative.  Will go heavier next time.

  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      Thanks for creating it, but access is currently denied…can you open it up?

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, I had it set to only members of CFNYC…try again now.

        • Anonymous


  • 9:31 @ 135#…I ran to 5th ave the first set because that’s how much i love running =/…i think i could have jumped to 155 though…

    • oh yeah…. for floor presses: 135# – 155# – 155#.  Definitely dogged it today…will do better tomorrow

  • jenntang

    Floor Presses: used dumbells – 25# – 35# – 45#

    WOD: 10:46, 115#

    • Wendy Greene

      thanks for the floor press help today!

  • Anonymous

    A: 20kg kettlebells
    B: 155#, 400m rows, 11:18.

    The floor presses didn’t work so well for me.  I could barely get the kettlebells into position, but once I did, they were too light.  The weight for the front squats was 103% of my 3RM, so I might have gone a bit too heavy on those.

    • Mike K

      If you did 103% of your 3RM, I would say that your 3RM is probably a lot more than it used to be and you picked a pretty good weight

  • Kawasaki-san

    8:41, 95# (also slowed down by the stair door shutting).

  • Christopher from ATL

    Thanks for welcoming me from Atlanta….you showed Southern Hospitality in NY!! 

    5×3  225lbs

    9:35 185lbs RX

    ….and thanks to Reis for being in my ear and agree with everyone those stairs are ridiculous!

  • Dickie

    Greetings from CrossFit Dallas Central (home of Big Willy).  It’s an *awesome* box down here.  Today’s WOD:

    Part A:
    5 Rounds, Not for Time:
    5 Back Squats (154lb/176/176/176/186)
    5 Weighted Push-Ups (15kg/20/20/25/30)

    Part B:
    5 Rounds, Not for Time:
    8 Weighted Box Step-Ups (4 per Leg) (32kg)
    20 GHD Hip Extensions

  • Jason W

    8:09 with 185#s


  • pauly s

    did you post that for me allison? 🙂

  • 10:01 125#

    Fun but my thighs are very sad right now…

  • Michael C

    7:20 #155.

  • John Landers

    Bench 5-5-5 135#-155#-155#

    9:52 185#

  • Paulgbooth

    7:44 with 155#

  • Zoe

    8:57 w/ 83#

  • mike r

    8:48 225# from the ground

  • Ericslee2008

    A: 115, 135, 145 (hands were not symmetrical)
    B: 7:44 with 155#

  • Sofly

    B- 8:37 w/ 93# rowing

  • Sam G.

    I dunno what I did today, kind of ran around, since it was my last day of deload I didn’t want to go nuts,

    Floor Press 135-185-205, should have done 225, but was a fun deload.

    I was going to do 8 snatches at 115 subbing it for the front squats, but i started cold, and they were a little harder then I thought, so I just finished 12 and called it a day, either way it was a fun class. 

  • Steve Slo

    A) 95 – 135 – 145 (I could have gone heavier, but I’ve never really done any bench/board/floor presses, so I had no point of reference.)

    B) 9:?? at #155. (WOD-drunk and quick to forget the exact time I clocked in)

  • Joe W

    A: 185-205-225
    B: 7:52 at 225lbs and subbed 500M row for run

  • Phil Jonat

    A: 135, 145, 155
    B: 205 failed twice in 24 reps; 11:11