All kinds of med ball action

A: Med Ball Cleans

B: Seven Rounds For Time:
10 Wall Ball Shots 20/14 lbs (Post Elements: 14/10 lbs)
10 Pull-Ups

Positive thinking, and other crap like that
How change is going to come in the food system (Michael Pollan)
How to brag
How to quickly & easily improve performance on tests

CrossFit Football! ; )

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Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s WOD classes:

A: Floor Press 5-5-5

B: “The Litvinov
Three Rounds For Time
8 Front Squats (85% to 90% of 3RM)
400 Meter Run

“Named after Sergey Litvinov, a 196-lb Olympic thrower who did this workout with 405 lbs and kept his runs under 75 seconds.” Dan John


  • Anonymous


    This Mobility WOD was a huge wake up call.  At least one of us is out of commission right now with a serious neck injury, and after watching this video it’s hard not to think I was on my way to one of my own.  Is your pullup form ruining your neck? Watch for an answer.

    Knowledge is power…

    • Anonymous

      great video, definitely something i’ll be concentrating on tomorrow.

    • Steve Slo

      Wow… That IS a good video.
      Thanks Reis. 

    • Court

      Nice post, Reis-
      this is something I have been hammering for years now; if your neck is cranked back on pullups, pushups, squats not only are you jamming down on vertebrae and facet joints (risking injury to the structure) you are almost certainly causing an arthrokinetic reflex in doing so, significantly reducing the force output in much of your posterior chain, aka less strength (jammed joints=weak muscles).  Plus, if you are doing pullups looking up at the ceiling with just the tip of your chin barely clearing the bar, you are not really doing a full ROM pullup; if you drop your chin to face forward into a head and neck neutral position at that point, you would suddenly realize you have been doing “nose ups”.  That’s going to result in a lot of “no counts” in the Games competitions and not create a full recruitment in lats, which we want in order to increase their utility as shoulder stabilizers for all the OH work we do.  The general rule of thumb to follow is to endevour to maintain a “Long Spine” position throughout most of your movements.

    • Jeff B.

      Agreed.  Reis, great post.

      • Anonymous

        Glad it’s helpful…makes so much sense but in the moment (especially in latter rounds of WODs like today’s) it’s so tough to maintain that position and get that extra inch or two.

    • Mike K

      Can’t watch the video at work, but people in the evening classes should remember hearing me harp on this a lot… or you should be listening more 😉
      But the easiest way to tear apart your shoulder is to load it while it is:
      1) elevated (pushed up to the ceiling)
      2) protracted (pushed forward)
      3) internally rotated (thumbs down either to the floor or towards your body)
      Try to crane your chin over the pullup bar without those happening.
      Also, if you can keep you shoulders engaged and pulled back, down, and externally rotated at the top of your pullups, you will make muscles stronger that will help your squatting, pressing, deadlifts, cleans, OHS, etc etc etc… basically everything.
      Sure, maybe you can go a little faster reaching your chin over the bar, but only until something breaks.

    • Jeff

      Perhaps aiming for a throat-to-bar standard (similar to, but not as difficult as, chest-to-bar) could help reduce neck-craning.

      There are some interesting and yet-to-be-addressed questions raised in the comments:
      1) What about butterfly pull ups?
      2) What about wall ball?  (Hey, we’re doing that today!)

      • Anonymous

        Could wall ball be done without extending the neck to see the ball overhead?  Or are you saying wall ball in its proper form violates this principle, so maybe why do wall ball?

        • Jeff

          Tomorrow try testing out some neutral-spine, no-look wall balling.  You can start with the 6# ball, of course.

          Actually, I’m wondering if Starrett has actually addressed this before because it does sort of sound familiar now.  Maybe he was suggesting that it actually is possible to wall ball while simply looking up with the eyes and not with neck-tilting.

        • Mike K

          In butterfly pullups, you should hit your max height further away from the bar, and not need to crane the neck forward at all, if anything you should be pulling it back and possibly tilting the chin up to avoid hitting the bar.  Either way done properly they should be ok as long as the shoulder girdle is controlled.
          Wall ball – If the chest is up and the shoulders are back (as they should be in any type of squat), the shoulders will be in a good position.  You don’t need to crane your neck too far up to see the ball.  However if the torso is more inclined on wall ball and is causing the need for a craned neck to see the ball, hip flexibitly is probably the culprit that should be addressed so that you can be more upright at the bottom of the squat.

  • Sam G.

    HOLY COW WE ARE DOING floor presses Friday!

  • Dickie
    • Anonymous

      Thanks, as always, Dickie!

  • Malcolm

    9:31 (I think)
    20lb wb
    green band on 3 sets of pullups

  • Cashew

    strict press practice
    3 sets of 5 

    WOD: 11:49 Rx’d

    • Sam Gaberal

      Stringing those pullups together now hu hot stuff, I is Impressed.  

  • Jeff
    • Sam Gaberal

      Shit she deserves the free admission for that one. 

    • Eric


  • Anonymous

    B: 11:24 (20# ball, green band for pull-ups)

  • Anonymous

    13:19 – 2″ of bands

    4-5 of the rounds were unbroken on the wall balls.  Pullups, not so much…

  • Will Lanier

    4:56 RX’d

  • Jason L

    30 muscle-ups for time – 7:33

    Today’s WOD – 4:44 Rx’d

    • Jamie F.

      How much time did you recover in between?

      • Jason L

        15-20 minutes maybe?  I’m not really sure, I did the muscle-ups at noon and then the WOD with the whole class, so however long it took to get to the workout.

  • Paul B.

    10:28 Rx’d

  • Anonymous

    Fellow crossfitter Charles Barkley may donate his entire TNT salary to charity if the NBA lockout continues –

  • Zoe

    11:58 Rx’d

  • Anonymous


    Need to work on full extension for those pull ups. brutal.

  • Sara

    7:14 rx’d

  • Jim S

    10:26 (15# ball)

  • Anonymous

    So Im surfing around Youtube on the train and on a random search for Ben Smith (3rd place 2011 Games) I found a link to him doing today’s WOD using a pullup bar between two trees.

  • Michael C

    6:28 rx’d

  • Sofia


  • Sean

    OHS 175 3×5
    FS 235 5×3

    Snatch 135 10×2

    3:46 RX’d

    • Sam G.

      that’s like 30 seconds a round, whats wrong with you!


  • Annie

    9:26 RX’d

  • Jordan

    8:26 Rx’d

  • John Landers

    10:48 rx

  • Eric

    10:11 Rxed. Good job all!

  • Steve Slo

    9:15 (20# Ball, green-band Pull-ups)

  • Jeff B.

    6:56 Rx.

  • drake

    7:24, Rx.