Amazing Grace!

One of the things we love about the CrossFit community at large is how we can join forces to do good and help others. On Saturday, October 29th, CrossFit Long Island City and CrossFit Queens will be joining forces to hosting the third annual Barbells for Boobs “Amazing Grace” Fundraiser WOD to benefit Mammograms In Action (MIA), a Southern California based non-profit that raises funds in the fight against breast cancer, both locally and nationwide.

To register to participate with CrossFit LIC, click here. Please note that the event will be held outdoors at the Anable Basin Bar & Grill (unless there is rain, then the event will be held at CFLIC). Details here.

If you’re looking for fellow Black Boxers to participate with you, post to comments below to see who’s participating where.


Wednesday 111005

A: Deadlift 5-5-5

For time:
50 HSPU’s
Run 400 Meters
50 Ring Dips
Run 400 Meters
50 Pushups
Run 400 Meters

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* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s WOD classes:

A: Press 1-1-1

Five Rounds For Time:
50 Squats
100 Rope Jumps


  • Hari

    Open Gym begins at 7:30 PM. If you are here before that, it is entirely possible that you will be asked to leave the floor. When there is room to be flexible, we are; but if you show up early, there are no guarantees.

  • Kameron

    A: 225 – 225 – 225

    B: 20:28 (35 HSPUs w/ 45lb & 25lb plates under head, 50 bar dips, 50 push ups)

  • I’m doing B4B at LIC.

    • Dickie

      I’ll join you!

    • Keka

      I will join at LIC too!

  • ‘dena

    I’m doing B4B at LIC too!!!

  • Jason E.

    A: 225 – 225 – 245
    B: 20 HSPU/10 box HSPU – 40 bar dips – 50 push ups 22:33

  • Dickie

    A. 245-245-250 (PR)

    B. I sat this one out and worked on my pull-up program. Good job to the 6:15 crew — that did not look fun.

    For tomorrow’s WOD, are we doing single-unders or double-unders (or Canad-unders)?

    • Singles.

      • Dickie

        Nice. I’m gonna wreck that thing.

      • Kameron

        Can we do 50 doubles?

        • Dickie

          “You can, but don’t come and tell me it was Rx’d.” -Sara

          • Kameron

            It’s called Rx-PLUS!

          • Sean M

            There is a training benefit in doing singles every so often, particularly for longer sets vs. just doubles all the time.

            Same as GHD vs. sit-ups, or strict vs. kipping pull ups.

  • I took a little walk in the Rockies yesterday – got up to about 10,000 ft.

    Working on acclimating so I can tackle some 14ers.

    • Lisa

      Nice, Wayne! I am looking forward to being out there in two weeks 🙂

  • Rory

    A. 225 – 225 – ran out of time (Kameron thanks for the tip to keep my butt down on DL’s)

    B. 13:42
    35 HSPU’s (ab mat and 10lb plate)
    35 Bar Dips (10, then sets of 5)
    35 Pushups (sets of 10)

  • kevin p

    This one looks familiar, but I could have sworn the pushups were first and handstand pushups were last making this particularly heinous.

    • Mike K

      you are correct

  • Kawasaki-san

    rest day – worked on kipping and squatting a remotely moderate amount of weight at the work gym (where 20% of the people were attempting crossfit like regiments).

    ready to jump back in tomorrow.

  • Brett_nyc

    I’ve been following Crossfit Football in the evenings and last night I finally hit deads at 485×5 which I’ve been struggling with for a couple weeks.

    load that bar folks

    • As my friends out west would say, “Bro that is so baller.” What is your 1RM / Bodyweight?

      • Brett_nyc

        I pulled 525lbs a few weeks ago for a CFFB Total. I’m prob 225 right now

        • Excellent work Brett!

    • Brett that is quite the accomplishment, congratulations! Please have someone video it so I can post it on the blog!

      • Sean M

        I think there is a video of his 525 pull floating around…

    • Sean M

      Someday I hope to stop using baby weights and be like Brett.

  • A: 225 – 315 – 365

    B: 27:55

    HSPU w/ 45-25 (1st 25) – 45-25-10 (2nd 25)
    Parallette Dips
    Pushups on knees

    Huge thanks to Meagan & Andrea for getting me through this one.

  • Ryan W


    29:15 (RX + games standard HSPU)

    Got crushed today 🙁

  • Jason W

    19:15 rx’d.

    ring dips after the HSPUs where brutal. this was a complete malcom x wod–finish by any means necessary.

  • Sara H.

    Is there any update/summary of what went down at the team meeting for those of us who couldn’t make it last Saturday?

    • Sara H.

      correction: last Sunday.

  • Sara H.

    Congrats Brett! Suggestion to management: can we bring back the Black Box leaderboard for different lifts and WODs?

  • Avery

    Solid work Brett! I can’t wait to see 500#x5 in the future….

    • Mike K

      Awesome job Brett… and 3×5 squats at 400 too… next week right? 😉

      also, some good points from Wedler on lifting heavy… now keep in mind, he is not saying to abandon all common sense and be an idiot, but in order to keep getting stronger you do need to push it a little bit

  • Paul B.


    23:02 w/ 45#&10#plates for HSPU

    • Jenna S.

      A. Ran out of time – worked on my TGU’s instead

      21:56: scaled my HSPU’s to 35, and on the box (excited to work on handstands tomorrow), 50 dips between boxes, and 50 pushups on my knees (those last few were killer – phew!)

  • Rory

    Is ther a new (and judging by the posts, improved) Rory in the mornings?

  • dex

    nice work Brett

  • Seth


    17:32 RX’d

  • Jim S

    A: 205 225 240
    B: As Rx’d except used a band assist for HSPU’s 28:25

  • Jordan

    A: 225, 275…ran out of time for the 3rd set
    B: WOD – 22:07 Rx’d. My arms are really tired

  • Sam G


    7:01, one of the few wods that I can either go slow in or fast, I Anchored my feet this time, and I got a slower time then last time, I think UN-anchored gives me more motion out the bottom.

    Double unders (35-15) (40) (28 2) (20) (10)

    I didn’t break the sit ups once, but they slowed down as I fatigued.

  • Annie

    A: 123 – 143 – 163
    B: 19:55 we weren’t allowed to do HSPUs if using more than one abmat so –
    10 HSPUs with abmat and 40 using box, 50 box dips, 50 push ups

  • Eric

    A. 275, 315, 295 Hips need to be higher, keeping that arch

    B: 21:58 shitshow, just like JT
    did 15 HSPU with 1 AB, then switched to box (did 50)
    GHD dips

  • Sofia

    B- 13:12
    25 hspu w 1 ab mat
    35 box dips
    35 pu

  • Michael C

    25:57 w/ 2Abmats

  • Meagan

    35 reps
    25 hspu, 10 on the box
    parallette bar dips
    on knees for push ups

    Running + upper body strength=not my ideal workout. But I worked so hard I was buzzed the rest of the day!

    • Meagan

      Oh and lifting was 75-95-115. Need to go heavier next time.

      • Yes, you do. Nice work today though, and thanks again!

  • Zoe

    A. 163, 173, 183
    B. 16:09, 50 reps for each, HSPU on box, parallette dips, regular pushups. Even with all the scaling it was pretty rough. Thanks Sully for calling me out when my pushups weren’t quite chest to deck at the start!

  • mike n.

    25 HSPU with 1 abmat
    50 ring dips
    50 Hand release push ups


  • Hari

    34:45 RX’d

  • Hari

    A: 275, 295, 315
    B: 34:45 RX’d

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