Can you believe we raised over $30,000?!

Thanks to the 97 folks who participated in and fundraised for Fight Gone Bad 6 at CFNYC, helping our gym place 8th in the world, raising just over $30,000!

An extra-special shout-out to our big guns who raised $500 or more: Chris Farwell, Jamie Freedman, Michael North, John Durant, Coach Mike “Sully” Sullivan, Christopher Narayanan, Keka Schermerhorn, Stan Garb, Michael Williamson, Coach Will Lanier, Coach Jeffrey Blaugrund, Patrice Narayan, Steven Bonetti, Jai Berg, Richard Rivero, Blake Dixon, Jason Wong, Jason Lapadula, Kent Bailey, Kelsey Kennedy, and me.

And the rest of our long list of wonderful participant/fundraisers is as follows: Aimee Landry, Courtney Salera, Stephanie Kokinos, Caitlin Barrett, Sanjay Amin, Brett Baker, Ray Levitt, Zoe Marinides, Breta Kennedy, Paul Booth, Akash Bharucha, Matthew Winkler, Michael Wilkerson, Jennifer Nelson, Maggie Durant, Erica Giovinazzo, Cass Xu, Francisco Varela, Steve Lynch, Ted Goldberg, Jared Katynski, Vince C., Nick Walters, Ralph Pimentel, Sam Gaberal, Coach (and co-owner) Josh Newman, and Paul P., Brad Toborowsky, Leonardo Rastelli, Natasha Treadway, Paul P., Jeff Clinton, Clara Rodriguez, Jennifer Guida, Brian Kane, Georgine P., Brian Kane, Cate Stafford, Dexter Bobb, Daniel Lagana, Graham Stafford, Eric Anderson, Peter Kahng, Michael Chin, Stephanie DeYoung, Wendy Greene, Jonathan Dubroff, Meagan Sway, Seth Pak, Coach Avery W., Josh Rasiel, Cesar G., Agron S., Drake Jenkins, Jeremy Lewis, Chadron Edwards, Eric Lee, Andrea Chod, Aaron Frank, Paul Bonner, Arden Lee, James McAndrews, Brett Goldslager, Richard Wernick, Charlie Wagner, Matthew Trent, Brian Schneider, Shayna Smith, Jaime Gallardo, Angelika Jarosz, Laura O., Alex Bronfman, Christina App, Jay Goebel, Eric Scheffler, Wayne Mareci, Raphael N.

(Thanks also to those who could not participate themselves but made generous donations to participants. I’d list you all here if I could conveniently grab your names, but I can’t.)

Thank you, all! (If you missed out on this year’s fun, make a plan to join us next year!)

Stay tuned for who wins the iPad 2. I will be taking care of the drawing tomorrow (schedule permitting) with the help of some other coaches. (Folks who are eligible are those that raised at least $150 and signed up early on when I posted about the potential of us winning the iPad 2.) UPDATE! We have a winner of the iPad2….. Congratulations to Michael Wilkerson! Stay tuned to the blog for a photo of him with his brand new toy which I will be handing off to him on Friday morning!

Tuesday 110927

A. Snatch practice

B.: WOD:

5 rounds for time:
30 in-place lunges (15 each leg)
15 handstand-push-ups

Major Daniel Blackmon: Back to Iraq (video)
Keeping death in mind
2 years and box jumps
Take off your shoes and get hurt
Kettlebell World Championship – Women’s division IUKL 2011 (video)

From member Cindy Lai (pictured below): “When I started training at CFNYC this year, I had no idea what I was in for. As a personal trainer/boot camp/kettlebell Instructor, I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself. Training at CFNYC has taken me on a whole other level I would not have imagined possible! I am constantly achieving new goals and pushing past mental and physical challenges which keeps me motivated in always striving for improvement. I ran my first half marathon and competed in the first obstacles courses this year, the Metrodash and Spartan Race with excellent timing due to all the CF training. CFNYC has enriched my training not only for myself but also for my clients and my boot camp students. Everything is possible and nothing is ever too far from reach.”

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s WOD classes:

A.: L-sit skill work

B.: WOD: “Helen”
Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
1 1/2 pood Kettlebell X 21 swings (or 55 pound dumbbell swing)
12 Pull-ups
Post time to comments.


  • Madeleine

    On the road again. At CrossFit Zürich, AMRAP in ten minutes:

    5 sprints across the box
    10 ring rows
    5 sprints across the box
    10 burpees

    After the third round “How much time do I have left?”

    “Enough for another round.”

  • Dickie

    16:56 with 2x45lb plates

  • Dickie
  • Meagan

    11:38 with 45#, 10#, and abmat.

    This one was less horrible than I expected.

    • Nice time Meagan!

  • david

    i hated to miss my 6:15 class this did everybody do??

  • Cashew

    Active rest day
    40 mins run

  • A: Snatches w Paul – 65 – 85 – 85 – 85 – 85 etc

    B: 20:35 – 45 & 25 plates

    I was blazing through this one until Jamie complained that I was making him late for work, so I faked some HSPU failures and added about 5 minutes to my time ;-).

  • Kameron

    9:23 w/ two 45# plates. And the HSPUs dominate me again. Arghhhhh

    • Dickie

      I feel your frustration…

    • Sam G

      Get on those presses, and Turkish get ups.

  • Jason E

    15:45 – first 2 rounds – 2 x 45lbs plates, last 3 rounds wall walks (which were harder than they looked. They require way more fine motor skills than I was expecting…)

  • Jason W

    14:10 rx’d

    hmm . . . it appears i need to re-invest some time in my pressing endurance.

    • Sean M

      Post Fran shoulders?

  • Congratulations to Michael Wilkerson on winning the iPad 2. I just did the drawing with the help of Jenn Hunter (she was here at the gym as I was doing the drawing and she didn’t have her name in the hat which is why I had her draw the slip of paper).

    For those of you who don’t know Michael, please stay tuned for a photo of him with his iPad 2 that I’m going to present to him Friday morning.

  • Nick W.

    Active rest day. Did an hour of double under practice and finally got to where I can do 30 unbroken. Have never been able to string together more than 2 or 3. Figured out that I was swinging the rope too fast where I thought I wasn’t swinging it fast enough.

  • Paul B.

    10:41 w/ 45# and 10# plates for HSPUs.

  • Steve Slo

    3pm class with Sully.

    A) Snatch practice at #95
    B) 11:17 (HSPU off a box*)

    *Full HSPUs were not going to happen today. I’ve got a sudden inner-ear thing that’s making my equilibrium all weird. (Also… 75 reps is probably a no-go anyways.)

    I was dragging today… will have to make up for it tomorrow.

  • Jeff

    subbed 2:1 hand-release push ups for HSPU (swollen wrist)
    reverse lunges on the even-numbered rounds

    • Sam G

      I guess you did hurt your wrist.

  • drake

    10:30, subbing 5 wall-walks for the HSPU.

  • eric

    A: Snatches 65, 85, 95, 105. Shoulders felt screwy after Fran

    B: 11:20, scaled HSPU

    (Started with one AB and one 10# plate, then eventually one AB and two 10# plates)

    Did the first couple rounds unbroken then fell apart, was not tight at all. LOL

  • Annie

    B: 14:37 (10lb plate and abmat)

  • Hari

    16:22 (10 HSPU’s per round)

  • Michael C


    21:05 w/ 2ABMAT.

  • Jordan

    20:42 Rx’d.

  • Steph

    A: snatch practice – 53#
    B: 11:03 2 ab mats