Feel the steel

“Blue Steel”

3 Rounds of 5 Minutes Each:
Row 1000 Meters
Max Pushups for remainder of the 5 minutes

Post pushups for each round and total.

From Michael C. (pictured): The Super Spartan race was an awesome experience filled with 8 miles of crawling, jumping, lifting, pulling, throwing, swimming, and any other movement your body can do. Besides the obvious fitness gains I’ve seen since coming to the Black Box, I feel I’ve become mentally stronger. We get pushed beyond what we feel or think we can do in our WODs, and we end up doing it. I think I did well in the race because I was able go harder and faster even when my body was saying “no.” You could say I felt “prepared.”

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Monday’s WOD classes:

“Fran” (compare to 110911)
21-15-9 reps of:
Thrusters 95#/65# (Post Elements 65#/43#)


  • Rich

    Is there a rest between rounds?

  • Chris

    1st: 30
    2nd: 19
    3rd: 15
    Total Score: 64

  • Nick W.

    Avg. row approx 1:50/500m
    Round 1: 31 hand release pushups
    Round 2: 30
    Round 3: 28
    Total: 89

  • Ryan W

    3:39.1, 3:40.3, 3:40.9 row times

    40, 30, 31 = 101 hand release push-ups

    5 minute rest between rounds

  • Jim S

    3:59/30 3:58/25 4:10/20 (no rest between rounds – I might have misunderstood)

  • Sam G

    5/3/1 deadlift

    5@ 247
    5@ 287
    9@ 325 last cycle I hit 10 at 317 so somewhat happy on this one

    tried a couple of the windmills before I lifted, it was fun will try some more with some help.

  • woman

    YOU’RE AWESOME, MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!! good job yesterday!!!!

    • Lisa

      Nice photo, Michael! It was a fun race and Crossfit definitely helped provide agility and strength for many of the challenges. I cannot throw a spear though and I did quite a few burpees.

  • Jay

    25, 18, 16. 59 total

  • Justin Katz

    13 total

  • Jai

    No push ups, though I did manage to finish my k right at the buzzer usually (or the numbers clicked over to a k a moment or two after time was called). So I’m bad at rowing but possibly subconsciously clever. 5 minute rests between rounds.

    Also… I left my pants at the gym. They have my keys in them, but luckily I had an alternate key to get into my apartment. I won’t be able to come in on Monday, but would someone store them for me? I’ll pick them up Tuesday. Thanks!

  • Adam H

    Super Spartan – 1:34

    Seems like it would be a good idea for our gym to try and organize teams for these types of things…a whole bunch of people out in one place who are into alternative workout styles…who’s key demographic is that? Might be a good idea to have a presence…