SCHEDULING REMINDER: Starting Monday, September 26th, we’re splitting the lunchtime class into TWO lunchtime classes. Instead of 12:30-1:30pm only, we’ll have 2 WOD classes: one from noon-1pm and the other from 1-2pm!

Thursday 110922

A: Deadlift 5-5-5

B: “Kellita”
3 Rounds of:
Run 400 Meters
30 24/20 Inch Box Jumps (Post Elements: 20/16 Inch)
30 20/14 Wall Ball Shots (Post Elements: 14#/10#)

Alzheimer’s link yet another reason to fear diabetes
Trust and the art of competition
The unsung sense: How smell rules your life
A little deception helps push athletes to the limit
Noshing down Mulberry Street

Q&A with John Durant, one of our top 3 fundraisers for FGB6:

1) Did you set out to be one of our top 3 fundraisers for FGB6? To be honest, I initially set my goal at whatever it took to get a sweatshirt. But then a friend gave $150, and a family member gave $50. So how am I supposed to ask people for money when I’ve already exceeded my goal? So I quietly raised my goal to $400. Then I offered a contest on my blog, and a few people gave a $100. So then I just kind of raised my goal a few more times. I’m not sure if raising your goal mid-contest is allowed, but hey, it’s for a good cause, right?

2) What was your biggest donation and how did you make that happen? U.S. Wellness Meats unexpectedly donated $500. I buy grass-fed beef from them in bulk, and the price ends up being not far off from the conventional beef at that poor-excuse-for-a-grocery-story called Gristedes. I had met the owner, John Wood, at the Weston A. Price conference last year. I really admire entrepreneurs like him — they are the ones who are criticizing the current system by creating the alternative, and we should support them when we can.

3) Had you ever done FGB, the workout, before? What did you think of it? Never done it before. I got a 226 (as RX’ed). Nothing amazing, but I put it all on the line. It’s funny, sometimes people expect me to be an amazing athlete simply because I blog about paleo and health. I am actually much closer to an average athlete who is trying to become a very good athlete. Lebron James could use the elliptical all day, or sit on his ass, and he’d still be more fit than most people. So the real test of a fitness approach is how much you improve.

That’s clearly just a long-winded attempt to shift the focus away from my 226.

4) You’re doing your 2nd annual NYC Barefoot Run–why should crossfitters attend? Can they still sign up?
I’m not trying to turn you into an endurance runner. The focus of the event is on learning a skill: barefoot running. FREE BOOZE. We have clinics with a wide variety of coaches on Saturday afternoon. FREE BOOZE. We have talks on Saturday night, including on posture, walking, and injury. FREE BOOZE. Professor Dan Lieberman will be talking about some unpublished experimental results that should make a stir. FREE BOOZE. The dirty secret of this event is that we are trying to reform running away from the monotonous, low-skill, low variability, high-injury sport that it is today. FREE BOOZE. If you want to do interval training to prepare for running, that’s all well and good–but at some point, when you select that ping pong ball out of the bingo hopper, that physical task might just say: “Run 5 miles.” FREE BOOZE. I don’t want a stringy runner’s body either, and neither does Barefoot Ted, and neither does Erwan Le Corre. You get a cool tech tee too.

You can register at NYCBarefootrun.com.

5) If there’s anything else you want to mention, make up a question yourself and answer it! : )
[using your actual question] Did I mention free booze? Barefoot Wine and Smuttynose are sponsoring the alcohol. I probably shouldn’t be pushing alcohol consumption so much, paleo and all, but I am shameless promoting the event.

Free gluten! Free sugar! Free diet pills!

It’ll be fun, hope to see you there.

* * * * *
Here’s a preview of Friday’s WOD classes:

Press 1-1-1-1-1
Push Press 1-1-1-1-1
Jerk 1-1-1-1-1

Try to increase the load on each rep.


  • woman

    aw, i’m out of commission this week and this looks like a good wod. have fun, guys!

    • Cassie

      excuse me woman, you were here tuesday, they hell are you skipping out on the rest of the week?

      • woman

        bc i’m a gangster

  • Dickie
    • Richard

      Part A: 225-225-225

  • Dickie

    Anyone have a good ring dip strength program they’ve used? I’m thinking maybe do Pavel’s Pull-Up program, but sub in the dips…

    • Ring dips are succeptible to Greasing to the Groove style practice, so I don’t think you even need to follow a set program. Just do several small sets (1-3 reps) every single time you’re in the gym (and, even better, if you can hang a set at home, all throughout the day). The idea is to accumulate a lot of volume though without ever getting close to fatigue. You can make amazingly fast progress with that approach.

      • Richard

        On form: straight legs or bent? Gymnastics WOD seems to show it so that you’re in the hollow position for the whole movement.

        • Sean M

          Holding the Hollow is going to be more taxing, and more beneficial to practice/training.

          Note, however, any time you do ring dips in a WOD you will likely be: (a) bent knees and kipping, or (b) bent knees and not kipping.

          A good parallel for this is strict pull ups in warm up or the fighter program, and then kipping during the WOD.

          • Sean M

            Also, I agree on the “grease the groove” approach to these.

          • Dickie


    • Steve Slo

      …I’ve been loosely following Pavel’s “fighter pull-up” program but with parallel bar dips. I’m on Day 17 and it’s working pretty well. I’ve maybe tripled the amount of dips I can do in one unbroken set.

  • Wayne

    Today’s Main Site WOD – 5K run – 31:01. Shaved almost 3 minutes off my Aug. 16th 34:00.

    Sub 30 next time!

    • Richard

      Nice job Wayne!

    • Very nice progress Wayne!!

  • Hari

    We’re aware that it’s getting pretty crowded, especially during the evening. Here’s what we’re doing:

    1) We’ve sublet the Fourth Floor, where as soon as we get the electricity turned on, we will be moving all Beginners and Elements classes.

    2) We are looking at changing the concept of how people get their equipment and work areas from the current “every athlete hor him/herself” to assigned positions based on the order in which you sign in for the WOD. (Perhaps a diagram for each WOD that shows where pull-up station number 1 thru N will be, so that people know exactly where the need to go.) Given the randomness of the WOD’s, the details may change from WOD to WOD, but the overall concept should eliminate much of the ambiguity over who is using what and where.

    3) We are negotiating for a much larger space within two blocks of our current location.

    In sum, we are in a difficult growth phase. We want to assure you that we are not sitting back. Just the opposite. We are consumed with improving the quality of our members experience.

    By all means, continue to post your thoughts and problems on everything from towels to cleanliness to crowding. We’re listening. We will get this right quickly.

  • Cassie

    A: 100-115-135

    B: 21:20 Rx’d..this was rough

  • Kawasaki-san

    A: 125-125-125

    B: 19:07 14# wall balls – almost puked.

    thx Willy for the push

    • Kawasaki-san

      wait – do we take 3 min off for 2nd heat or was our time net?

      • Cassie

        take off 3 mins, that’s an awesome time!

        • Richard

          Nice time Chris!

  • Jai

    Has anyone done Feldenkrais? There’s a Groupon for the one right across from our box, and I’m thinking of getting it but I’ve never tried it before. Any good?

    $35 for Five-Class Pack of Conscientious-Movement Classes at The Feldenkrais Institute ($125 Value). $75 for Two-Month Unlimited Option ($300 Value). http://www.groupon.com/deals/feldenkrais-institute-nyc?utm_campaign=VisitorReferral&utm_medium=email&utm_source=anonymous

  • FWIW, we actually took pity on you guys, and scaled this from the original benchmark Kelly, which clocks in at 5 rounds rather than 3. [We scaled mostly because, at that length, it’s more testing than training. Also, it sucks.]

    • Thank you sir…I would still be there if there were two more rounds…or maybe laying in the gutter on Broadway…

      • Dickie


        • Dickie

          D’oh. That was meant to be “pokes with stick”

  • david

    24:03….doing deadlifts at the 6:15 class with Rory..felt good towards the end except for not staying tight at the last 2 reps..and i finally learned to do a HSPU well almost..thanks to one of my classmates whose name i forgot already..i think his name was mike..anayway it was a good metcon this morning.

    • Cassie

      it was mike..
      chances are if you don’t know someone’s name..it’s good to go with mike or matt..i think there’s at least 10 different mikes and 5 different matt’s 😀

      • Kawasaki-san

        officially calling everyone matt or mike going forward

    • Rory

      deadlifts with david 135-155-185
      17:09 (20″ box, 20# wall ball)
      still sweating

      thanks to Sara and Will’s organizational skillz, today’s WOD went very smooth

  • Michael C

    Rx’d 14:07. Nice work 6:15!

  • A: 185 – 225 – 275

    B: 30:15 – 20″ box

    I’m still sweating profusely through my shirt. I figure if I don’t puke from the WOD I can get a few dry heaves out of my co-workers.

  • Madeleine

    Rest day: ran a mile, not for time. See y’all tomorrow.

  • Akash

    A. 225- 225- 225
    B. 20:18

  • Jason E

    A: 205 – 215 – 215
    B: 20:16 – That was killer – 2 more rounds might have taken me 20 more mins…

  • Jeff B.

    A. 225, 245, 245
    B. 17:26 Rx – Everything felt like slo-mo today. Good fun though.

  • Steve Slo

    I think I might check out Court’s play this evening if anyone is interested in coming along.

  • david

    haha cassie..lol mike was actually the first mane that popped up in my brain..i met at least two mikes this morning 🙂

  • david

    haha talk about sweating i showered after my workout, walked to work and i was still a sweat box..ohh well welcome to Crossfit 101.

  • Jenny A

    Reis, I remember you raving about the rumble roller a while back. I’m going to break down and get one and was wondering if you’d recommend the original density or the extra firm. Thanks!

    • Extra firm is the way to go. If you’re gonna rumble, you don’t want one that will soften over time, and in the spirit of mobility there will be more pain (initially) with the firm one. After rolling out IT bands & hip flexors 2-3x a week for 6+ months, last night was the first night they weren’t absolutely burning during the process. It really helps you realize how much we need to do it. Crazy stuff…enjoy!

  • Jenny A

    Awesome. Thanks so much!

  • Paul B.

    225, 245

    19:53 Rx’d

  • Sara

    18:21 rx’d.

    Huge props to my fighters Akil and Ronica— Akil pulled 315 for 5 and then turned in a time of 13:45. Ronica pulled 225 for 5 and then did the WOD in 14:47.

  • A: 205 – 235 – 255

    B: 16:11 Rx

    • Dickie


      • Kameron

        The opposite of blam….I was pretty much crying on the floor like a pansy when I finished.

  • Jim S

    My first time at the box on a week night. Like a well oiled machine.
    A: 185 205 205
    B: RX 22:10 That was quite the chipper.

  • Sofia

    B-18:09 20″ 10 lb
    Great Wod

  • Annie

    A: 103 – 123 – 143
    B: 17:44 Rx’d

  • drake


    Good job, Steven. Nice work, Joe.

  • Eric

    A: 225, 275, 295

    B: 18:00 Rxed

  • Jay

    225, 245, 255(4)

    11:33 Rx’d

  • Sam G

    5/3/1 bench

    12@ 195

    Thanks Carlos for the spot

    Assisted exercises

    3×15 back extensions 10 lbs

  • Phil

    A: 275, 275, 275
    B: 12:56 Rx