Wednesday 110921

Chunky Style

As Many Rounds As Possible in 12 Minutes of:
10 95#/65# Squat Cleans (Post Elements: 75#/53#)
10 Ring Dips (Post Elements: Bar Dips)

Stress does not imply hormesis
Performance breakfast (a.k.a. how to eat for FGB)
I heart one-rep max day
Intermittent fasting, the vodka diet, or how I got skinny for my wedding like a real man
Never regret, always reflect

Because the post-FGB carnage shots never get old:

Jason W. on the row:

Thanks again to Cassie (and all who used her camera at FGB6) for the great shots!

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s WOD classes:

A: Deadlift 5-5-5

B: “Kellita”
3 Rounds of:
Run 400 Meters
30 24/20 Inch Box Jumps (Post Elements: 20/16 Inch)
30 20/14 Wall Ball Shots (Post Elements: 14#/10#)


  • Court

    Hey all-
    nice review of my play “Point of Departure”:

    Discount for all CFNYC members “10@TNC” when purchasing tickets online. Five shows left, Wed-Sun; please come!

  • erika

    @ sydney: lynne modified to workable bench presses where round 1 had double digits and used a band for pull-ups (not a fat one!!). bench press w 67.5# – 14, 13, 11, 9, 8. pull ups – 13, 12, 10, 8, 7, 5 (had quite a few in there where my chin met the bar but not over. darn). thanks sara for teaching me how to bench press! i didn’t need any coaching on this one!

    • Lisa

      Yeah for bench presses, Erika! I like Lynne and it rarely comes up on main site.

  • Sara

    6 rounds + 2 squat cleans

  • Dickie
    • Dickie

      …and 4 rounds + 4 squat cleans. 95lbs on the cleans, which felt very heavy. Bar dips.

  • Cassie

    6 rounds + 7 squat cleans
    63# on the squat cleans
    box dips

  • Kawasaki-san

    5 rounds + 10 squat cleans
    55# for 1.5 rounds of squats then the bar
    alternate rings and bars on dips

    bloody shins

    • Dickie

      Bloody Shins = Keeping the bar close, which is what you want.

      • Mike K

        also sounds like you might want higher socks… or at least put a strip of tape on your shins if than becomes an issue with high reps. But a better problem to have than a sore back from letting the bar get out in front….

        • Lisa

          I did not heed this advice, despite owning many lovely pairs of knee socks. Both shins are scanned from this week.
          3 rds plus 7 cleans at 60#, dip negatives on the GHD bars.

          • Lisa

            Make that ‘scarred’ damn autocorrect.

  • Jenny A

    6 rounds + 2 squat cleans
    58#, box dips

  • Jamie F.

    5 Full Rounds + 8 Squat-Cleans as RX’d. Went out way too fast on this one.

    • Jeff B.

      You were green at the end…. Good work.

  • Akash

    3 Full + 10 Squat Cleans….did this RX’d, probably could have done GHD dips or something a little less challenging. Did enjoy just going for the glory though

  • Justin Katz

    4 Rounds + 6 Squat Cleans
    65# on the Squat Cleans

  • mike n.

    Regarding organization during yesterday’s WOD:

    I was impressed that a plan was made during the 6:30 class yesterday, we all got together, people doing the same weight paired or tripled up to form staggered starts and you do HSPU’s and WB’s in the same spot as the person in the heat prior to you and then you’ll get to the barbell and no one would be on it. Despite the 15 minutes 3 coaches spent repeating how to set this up, there are still people who can’t get it right. How easy is it to be in heat 2 or 3 for this WOD because you know you have a spot since the guy in heat 1 already staked out the spots to do the movements. I get on the wall ball and hear, “dude you stole my ball, I carried it over here”. If I wasn’t actually do something I would have asked, “you’re in the second heat, the guy in heat 1, where did he throw his ball, because it wasn’t here and if you carried it over then where is ours”. It would be nice if we didn’t need to guard space and equipment. Lately the gym, with the new programming has actually gotten better and more organized despite the large amount of people, but I guess with those large amount of people come a wide array of intellects. Crossfit is hard but not complicated and so easy a cave man can do it which should be easy since so many people are on that paleo thing. Does that diet build muscle from material in the brain? The coaches running the class aren’t yelling for their amusement and shouldn’t need to repeat themselves over and over again only to have you not listen and mess it up for others. This happens all time and based on yesterday’s post it’s not just at night anymore and not just 1 or 2 people who might have been dropped as children as have an excuse for why they can’t follow simple instructions.

    To Adam’s point yesterday, I’ve actually had multiple people stare at me while I was setting up rings for MU’s and when I walked away for 10 seconds, they came over and moved them for ring dips since that was their sub. I’ve heard the phrase, “where’s my bell?” used more than it should be. People just walk off with other people’s stuff. We had a WOD recently with box jumps and everyone had to stand next to their box or part of the box they’d be using. People messed this up also and that really seems impossible. Pre-WOD, the coach yelled, “stand next to your box”. How can you stand next to one box and then 2 minutes into the WOD jump on another box? 3 or 4 people couldn’t remember or didn’t care to remember the box they agreed to jump on. I’m jumping while the person next to me has someone telling him, “you’re in my spot”. It’s mind boggling. The guy who lost his box was told by the person who took it to go find another. That’s nice! Adds that survivor element that was mentioned yesterday.

    • Hari

      Going forward, we will make a few refinements to how we handle WOD’s like last night. What we should have done, and what we will do in the future is:

      1) Have people sign in in a single column under the WOD time.
      2) Decide how many people will go in any given heat (call that number N).
      3) Draw a line under the first N people who signed in and designate that the first heat; draw a line under the second N people and designate that the second heat; etc.
      4) Define a specific spot on the floor for each person in the heat (e.g, barbell spot 1, 2, . . . 8); wall balls (1. 2, . . . .). Occassionally, we may need to ask someone in the first heat to wait for the second heat and switch someone into the first heat, due to limitations on equipment, etc. But that will be rare.

      It makes far more sense for us (management and coaches) to provide the organizational structure than to have everyone scout out their own position and assume that their choices are unique. This approach will solve nearly all the problems you have clearly identified.

      Looking back on last night, while we did triage quickly, we didn’t do it efficiently. Going forward, we will be a lot more organized.

      In addition to the issues you experienced, the above approach will fairly deal with people who arrive late and confuse the process. We actually had people arrive at 6:40 and work their way into the first heat of the 6:30 class. This will also make it easier for the people who arrive late, since they will go late, and have the chance to see the process before they start. And of course, it will reward the people who arrive and sign in early.

      • mike n.

        Hari, I did appreciate you trying to get things under control during 6:30 knowing that this was a WOD that required preparation. But I don’t blame the staff at all for any problems yesterday, in my opinion everything was organized pretty perfectly. The coaches can’t control members who just decide they are going to do whatever they want without caring about anyone else.

        I appreciate the plan you outlined and hopefully that solves some problems.

        • Hari

          To be clear, I don’t blame the staff either; but neither do I blame the members. The process can be confusing for new people, and it really is often hard to figure out who has set up where. I agree that there are some people who may choose to be wilfully ignorant, but I think that’s a pretty small minority.

  • Kameron

    4 rounds + 5 squat cleans @ 95#.

    Bar dips.

    4th and 5th set of squat cleans….95 lbs never felt so heavy.

  • Nick W.

    Rx’d – 5 Rounds + 7 Squat Cleans

  • Jason W

    7 rounds + 3 squat cleans rx’d

    squat cleans: (10) (10) (5-5) the rest of the way
    ring dips: (5-5) all the way

    thanks for a great three days of programming! i wish i could take a nap now.

  • 7 rounds + 5 squat cleans RX’d

    nap time

  • Jason L.

    Clean and Jerk work up to 230#
    Clean Pull 3×3 @ 260#

    7 rounds + 3 cleans

  • Jeff B.

    4 rounds and 6 ring dips.

  • Michael C

    rx’d 5 rnds + 10 SQC and 4 ringdips

  • Steve Slo

    4 rounds, 4 cleans
    Rx weight and bar dips

    My form went south fast. In retrospect, I would have gone with 75 or 85 lbs and paid closer attention to my form.

  • Annie

    4 rounds + 8 cleans (65#) – box dips
    back was killing me

  • Jay

    3 rounds + 10 cleans + 4 ring dips, Rx’d

  • Jordan

    4 full rounds Rx’d at 95#. All ring dips unbroken. Need to work on front squats!

  • Adam H

    5 rounds + 1 clean, RX

  • mike n.

    5 rounds + 1 clean, RX

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