This one needs a name

Tuesday 110920

20 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
30 Toes-to-bar
40 Power cleans, 135 pounds
50 Burpees

Steve Cotter beats himself! Kettlebell windmill with 112kg (video)
A toast to a real strongman (via)
A personal history of strength as it relates to sport
Archevore diet revised
The body is clay

Coach Jeff B. on row at FGB6:

Cassie on sumo:

* * * * *

Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s WOD classes:

“Chunky Style”

As Many Rounds As Possible in 12 Minutes of:
10 95/65 Squat Cleans (Post Elements: 75/53)
10 Ring Dips (Post Elements: Bar Dips)


  • Hari

    This is the third event from this year’s Masters (minus the 60 SDHP’s):

    We decided that 60 SDHP’s right after FGB was a bit much.

  • Jamie F.

    18:28 as RX’d. And in case any of you were wondering, today’s featured article on Wikipedia is about Rhabdo.

    • Had we left in the SDLHP’s, that would have been awfully apropos.

  • Justin Katz


  • 21:01

    135# – HSPU 45+25 – Knees to parallel. Need to work on the kip more for these to even be marginal.

  • Mickey

    12:27 at 115

    HSPU, Wall balls, and K2B are the warm-up

  • Jenny A

    HSPU (45# and 10# plates)

    • Cashew

      i think i’m ready to try 65# the time these come up

      • Dickie

        “Jesus loves winners.”

  • Cassie

    HSPU (45# and 10# plates, walking up the wall, thanks Sara for calling me out in front of a class of 20+ ppl for not being able to kick up :D)
    welcome back to 6:15 Kameron!

    Best motivational line from the day courtesy of Jamie F.
    “Cass, move your ass!”

    • Kameron

      Thanks Cashew!

  • Jenn

    16:10 (2abmat HSPU, the rest Rx) oof.

  • Kameron

    Happy to be back at 6:15!

    14:53 – Two abmats for the HSPUs and power cleans @ 115, otherwise Rx.

    Apparently, in my absence from the 6:15 class a new rule was implemented, “The John Rule”. Under this rule, you may commandeer any barbell you so choose during a workout, especially one that someone has setup in preparation for their WOD. I like it; adds a “Survivor-like” feel to the gym. BLAM!

    • Sean M

      Constantly Varied.

    • John

      Uhh Peter set it up and I’d called it beforehand (Sara as my witness).

      I saw your confusion mid WOD but there’s not much that can really be done at that point.

  • Matt M

    11:44 as rx’d

  • Emily


    Congrats on what looks like an AWESOME FGB. Hopefully next year I’ll be joining CFNYC for this great event! I had so much fun last year and am bummed I couldn’t participate this year…

    Best to all my friends @ CFNYC.. I’ll be seeing you soon!!


    • Thanks, Emily! Wish you could have joined us. Next year I do hope to see your face!

      (Speaking of FGB6, we’ve moved up a slot and are currently in 7th place worldwide, having fundraised thus far. Remember that if you want to be eligible for the iPad 2 we’re raffling off, be sure to raise at least $150 by next Monday at 5pm PST.)

  • Madeleine

    45+25 plates for HSPU, only one foot to bar on TTB, 85# cleans, 18:58.

  • Adam H


    I should probably apologize on behalf of the 5:30 / 6:30 classes, as this rules has actually been going on for well over a year, possibly even much longer than that, but I can’t say for sure. So you can be ready to follow along in the future, here are the rules:

    * Rules apply to all equipment, not just barbells
    * If you see someone put something down, you are free to take it the second they walk away
    * You can take other people’s spots during the workout, even if the class spent 10 painstaking minutes establishing where you would do the workout and you picked a different spot
    * Feel free to adjust things like ring length when someone leaves (if they’d wanted them the same for their entire workout, they should probably have put a note on them)
    * The length of distance and time the person leaves for is irrelevant. If they drop off the pullup bar to do ten pushups 2 feet to the left…FREE BAR (if you’re a true master of this move, feel free to cut in on people doing burpee pullups)
    * All boxes are open game, all the time.
    * Make sure you stare at the person while they are setting up their stuff. This way there will be no mistaking that you are just following the rules. I mean, if they know you saw them set up the equipment, that would be pretty shitty of you to just take it if these rules weren’t in place.

    • Jeff

      Adam, I would love for you to take my bar and do a few reps on my behalf.

      • Adam H

        I don’t think you understand the rules

  • woman


    14:59. with a lot of delays. i didn’t have enough time to set up errythang! started 30 seconds late because i had to move the rower out of the way to knock out my HSPUs. then there were no 14# balls. what’s a girl gotta do to get the right kind of ball? so i did 2 wall ball shots with a 20# ball and sara found a free 14# one and i finished off with that. i was ambitious with the power cleans. i thought i could handle 83#.. nope. plus, my bar was messed up. i had a 25# plate and a 10# on 1 side and 2 10#s and a 5# on the other. SOMEONE CAN’T DO MATH! so i had to remove the extraneous weight, figured out 83# was too heavy after doing 1 clean, and continued to downsize (down to 73# and ultimately to 53#) until i could push through. thanks cashew for helping me out. and then, the burpees. thanks will and sara for making me WERQ!

    • Big balls, heavy cleans, uneven bars and bad math. I think Erika just wrote a Country song…

    • Hari

      There are 15 wall balls on the Fourth Floor. Instructors can move them on days like today.

  • Wendy Greene

    Thanks for the encouragement, 8 am WOD class. That rocked.

    • Nick W.

      you killed it. with a little help from your friends:)

  • Jason W

    10:29 rx’d

    HSPU: unbroken
    wall balls: unbroken
    t2b: 15-10-5
    cleans: 10-10-5-5-5-5
    burpees: unbroken

    here’s my btwb workout:

    I say we call this unicorns and dragons. it starts out all innocent and fluffly, then before you know it, it feels like someone is breathing fire down your throat and it’s coming out of your ass.

    • Sounds good to me. Any other ideas?

      By the way, this WOD doesn’t “need” a name, I just enjoy good WOD names and I actually *needed* a title for today’s blog post! 😉

    • jenn

      Hey Jason, I tried clicking on your link but it said I didn’t have permission… is it your privacy controls that need to be modified, or mine?

      • Jason W

        i think it was me. just set it to be viewable to all gym members.

        • jenn

          Fantastic. and posted. Thanks!

  • Nick W.

    15:42 Rx’d. HSPUs took me a long time because I no repped a few and I just suck at them, but much better than when I first did them

  • david

    today was my first WOD as a member of CFNYC…14:39 rx’d

    i felt like the new kid in class for sure but then i started to groove in a little..HSPU were a no go for me so Sara had me do the wall walk instead.. toes to bar well let’s just say it needs some work but the 40 power cleans felt good even though my form faltered a bit towards the end (NOTE TO SELF ALWALS STAY TIGHT).

    • David:

      Welcome to the box! I too have the problem with my form, but mine starts to go south more towards the beginning of the WOD ;). Nice work…

  • woman

    daaaaaaamn cassie, you look so gangster in that photo! WERQ!!!

    • Cassie

      WOMAN..wait what? since when did you drop your actual name?
      i think it’s inherent in our asian genes that we’re good at the SDPHs, peter is also awesome at them

      • woman

        hahaha. ohhh cashew.

  • david

    thx Reis! :) always gets better.

  • Gordon

    (65#) that was tough as hell.

  • Jimi

    Just dropping in to say thanks for the programming. I’ve been following you guys almost exclusively for over a month as it fits in easier with my “globo-limitations” than main site and I need the extra strength work. Articles are a big bonus too!

    -Jimi from Florida

    • Jimi–you’re welcome! Glad you enjoy the articles. Keep up the good work and keep in touch via the comments. We love hearing from those who follow our programming.

  • 14:29 rx’ed

  • Sara

    10:49 rx’d. Jason, I’m getting tired of you beating me by less than a minute on wods. Please up your game….

  • Caroline

    13:50 95#

    In Vancouver. miss ya’ll.

    • woman


    • woman

      and damn girl, good job.

  • Sean M

    7:04 RX’d

    • That’s just stupid.

    • Sam G

      Yea BUDDDY!

  • Eric

    Great time Sean!

  • drake

    18:08, Rx.

  • Dickie


    Scaling: 2 45lb plates for HSPUs and 75lbs on the power cleans. Definitely too much scale on both, but on the plus side it was my first time doing all T2B with my toes actually touching the bar.

    Rolled with the PM crew today — it was good to see Andy!

  • Steve Slo

    Burpees… ugh… 16:21

    • Steve Slo

      Sorry, to clarify…
      Scaled cleans to 115.
      Used 45lb plate and abmat for HSPU. I could have ditched the abmat. Or possibly switched to 25lb plate.
      Next time!

  • Annie Yearwood

    1 Abmat and 10lb plate HSPUs, 14lbs wall balls, 75lbs power cleans – 14:05
    glass of wine 1 hour before WOD – TERRIBLE IDEA

    • Eric

      LOL you did great even with the vino Annie

  • Annie

    plate and abmat, 75lbs cleans – 14:05

  • Annie

    Hhaha oops i have two posts

  • Eric

    15:43 Rxed except for HSPU (1AB and 10lb plate).

  • mike n.

    17:04 – 115lb, 0-1 abmats for the HSPU’s.

  • Jay

    hspu with plate, 25#, and abmat
    115# cleans

  • Sam G

    Third Cycle of 5/3/1 double day after a long weekend with Rippetoe I wanted to get back asap.

    5@ 205
    5@ 235
    11@ 267 up 1 rep and 7 pounds since last cycle, could have mashed one more, but I lost my breath

    Press Olympic Style which Rippetoe is teaching now, and will be in his 3rd edition of Starting Strength we were the first class to get taught with it YEA!

    Olympic Press with a single throw
    5@ 102
    5@ 118
    8 @ 135

    Chins Body weight
    11-10-9 little kip on the 9th one.

    Good to be back on the grind.

  • Jeff

    12:31 (~9-9.5′ wb)
    optimal pacing strategy for cleans–singles?
    should drop faster for burpees

    • Sean M