FGB6 re-cap!

I posted an initial re-cap yesterday but wanted to do further updates today as not everyone checks the blog on the weekend.

We’re currently holding strong in 8th place worldwide, having thus far raised $26,201.50. We have until MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 5PM PST to fundraise, so please let your friends and family know how you did on the WOD and ask them to donate if they haven’t already. Last year we raised just over $24,000 with 70-some team members. This year we had 133 team members, so let’s say we keep fundraising until we hit $30,000?

Anyone who joined our team by July 25th and raises at least $150 by next Monday, September 26th, 5pm PST, will be eligible for the iPad2 we’re giving away (the one that I won as Team Captain by getting our affiliate to register more team members than any other affiliate out there). I decided to hold off on the raffle until official fundraising ends on September 26th because I know we’ve got plenty of folks who joined our team by July 25th but who have not yet reached the $150 mark. So let the very good odds of winning that iPad2 motivate you to get that fundraising done!

Couldn’t be with us yesterday but still want to donate to our efforts at the Fight Gone Bad 6 charity event? Click here to donate to one of the members of Team CFNYC! (Simply click on “Search by Team” then choose country: USA, state: New York, team: CrossFit NYC, then choose a member of our team to whom you would like to donate. Thanks!)

Monday 110919

Overhead Squat 1-1-1-1-1
Front Squat 1-1-1-1-1
Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1

Attempt to increase the weight on each successive rep.

Hair vs. beard: And the winner is?
Death Valley Jack
Weightlifting etiquette from CrossFit Brand X
Fried eggs with caramelized squash & tomatillo salsa
The top 5 nutrition mistakes you’re probably making

1) Starting Monday, September 26th, we’re splitting the lunchtime class into TWO lunchtime classes. Instead of 12:30-1:30pm only, we’ll have 2 WOD classes: one from noon-1pm and the other from 1-2pm!
2) Starting Wednesday, September 28th, the Free Beginners’ Class moves back to its original 7:30-8:30pm time slot, with Sully as the instructor.

* * * * *

Lots of folks have been kind enough to email me pictures from the big day, including Cassie, whose lovely SLR camera got passed around all morning so that many action shots could happen. Keep sending in any good pictures and/or posting them on our Facebook page. Speaking of our FB page, we have an ever-growing album of photos there. Check it out!

Chicks Gone Bad! Clockwise from top left: Susan, Patrice, Aimee, Kelsey, Jennifer, Keka, Erica, Jai, and yours truly:

Coach Sully in the eye of the storm:

Steve L., literally fallen off of the rower at the end of his FGB (which he did a day early with Sam G. due to scheduling issues):

Our top fundraiser, Chris Farwell!

Here’s a little Q&A I did with Chris right before FGB6:

1) So far you’ve raised $3460, which is a ton of money. Did you think you’d be able to?I really didn’t know what to expect. This is my first FGB and I had no idea how much the average participant has raised in the past or what I should set as a reasonable goal. My first target was reached within days. I wrongly extrapolated that front-end loaded donating as a trend and put a new (far too aggressive) target on my page. Barring a miracle, I’m not going to make that target but I’m really happy with what I have in so far.

2) Describe your general strategy for getting people to donate. Strategy 1: Clearly articulating the cause and your connection to that cause is key. We’re raising money for kids who have lost one of their parents. Those parents sacrificed their life fighting for YOU. If these soldiers can make a sacrifice of that magnitude, you should be able to make a sacrifice and a donation. One of my college roommates is a special ops soldier with kids. He has taken very real risks in both Afghanistan and Iraq. The impact on his family if anything happened would be catastrophic. The impact on us donating a few dollars is decidedly not catastrophic.

Strategy 2: I’m horrifyingly hyper-active with ADHD and serious issues of verbal-diarrhea (i.e., I talk way to bleeping much). Telling friends and colleagues that I’ll be in abject misery and unable to speak for 17 minutes usually doubles the donation they were about to make…people relish in the suffering of others, especially 20 colleagues you annoy all day, every day, sitting shoulder to shoulder on one big desk like the office setup I enjoy (and my colleagues hate).

3) Any lessons learned on better or worse ways to get people to be generous? If you know people who live in the UK, ask them for donations! Each British Pound Sterling is worth 1.5797 US Dollars right now. A Brit throws in £50 and you get $79. My company is based in London. I was able to badger 150 people there for donations and it paid off. I also learned the power of matching. I work for a partnership that takes charity seriously. They donated $1500 yesterday.

4) How do you feel about the workout itself? Nervous? Excited? Definitely nervous. I’m still relatively new to CrossFit, have never done Fight Gone Bad and, until yesterday, had never actually seen a sumo-deadlift-high-pull. I’ve been asking people at the box for strategy tips all week. Only Avery has offered constructive advice, everyone else flashes a grin that says, “this guy’s screwed” and goes about their business. Avery’s advice focused on the importance of pacing during the first 2 rounds and then going all out on round 3. I’m bad at a lot of things at CrossFit and pacing may be the thing I’m worst at. Seriously. When a coach tells me to pace myself on a WOD, I usually slow it down way too much, post a crap time and have a lot of gas in the tank at the end. When a coach assumes I have the common sense to pace myself without them telling me explicitly to do so, they then witness how little common sense I actually have as I red-line out of the gate and disintegrate into a pile of muscle failure and anger eventually finishing the WOD halfway through the next class. I really want a solid score and to go as hard as I can, but I also don’t want to post a zero on round three. Finding that line is my biggest concern.

* * * * *

Tuesday’s WOD:

20 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
30 Toes-to-bar
40 Power cleans, 135 pounds
50 Burpees


  • Peoples:

    Congrats to everyone who kicked major ass this weekend at FGB6. Well done!

    I had to share this episode of Mobility WOD (http://bit.ly/oQtQqb) where K Star & Yami demo some stretches for optimal shoulder and hip position in overhead squats. Excellent stuff, and quite helpful if you’re looking to go heavy in today’s WOD…good luck!

  • Madeleine

    Today’s WOD went well for me; I’m quite happy.

    overhead squat: 65-85-95-105(PR)-115(PR)-135(PR)
    front squat: 135-145-155(PR)-165(PR)-175(PR)
    back squat: 175-185-190(PR)-195(PR)-200(PR)

    • Dickie


    • Lisa

      Wow, Madeleine, you should be happy!

  • Ashleigh

    If anyone comes across a green iPod nano, can you please leave it at the front desk for me? Thanks.

  • Matt M

    OHS – 145- 165 – 175 – 185 (PR)
    FS – 205 – 225 – 245 (PR) – 265 (PR)
    BS – 305 – 305 – 305 – 305

  • I looked up this WOD from six months ago, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Crossfit works:

    Overhead Squats
    Mar 17: 95 – 115 – 135 – 145 – 155F
    Sep 19: 115 – 135 – 155* – 175* – 185*

    Front Squats
    Mar 17: 165 – 175 – 185 – 195 – 205*
    Sep 19: 205 – 225* – 245* – 265* – 285*

    Back Squats
    Mar 17: 225 – 245 – 265* – 275* – 285*
    Sep 19: 315 – 335 – 365 – 385F

    (* 1-Rep Max PR)

    385 would have been a 10-lb PR, but today just wasn’t my day, on back squats anyway 😉

    • Dickie

      Awesome work, Reis!

    • Holy crap Reis! Those are some hugely impressive gains. Strong work!

    • Madeleine

      Indeed. And with style, too.

    • Wayne

      Absolutely tremendous, Reis. That hard work really pays off!

    • Thanks so much everyone…I hope I’m not too sore for tomorrow’s chipper. Looks spicy!!

      • Cashew

        Reis, I’m having anxiety over tomorrow’s WOD again, like last week’s team WOD..does that mean it won’t be as difficult as we think it’ll be?

        • To quote Mr. Miyagi, I think this one will squish me like grape. RX’ing the cleans after T2B (or knees to whatever), and THEN 50 burpees? Oy…

    • Eric

      Congrats awesome numbers!

    • erika

      you’re amazing, reis!!!! nicely done!

  • Madeleine

    There is something about heavy deadlifts or heavy squats first thing in the morning that makes any day better.

  • OHS:



  • Kawasaki-san

    OHS – 55- 55 – 35 – 35 – 35
    FS – 55 – 75 – 75 – 75
    BS – 125 – 125 – 145 – 145 (didn’t quite make it up)

    work in progress…thanks to John and Willy for all the back-up (quite literally)

  • jenntang

    OHS: 83-93-98-103-113
    FS: 123-128-133-138-143
    BS: 143-153-163-173-183F(sandbagged it)

    No PRs today – realized I should start my worksets heavier – by the time I get to the last set, I’m only up to my max, which doesn’t give room for any PRs. So silly.

    • jenn

      Scratch that: BTWB tells me I did PR on OHS (by 3#). Still counts! And still need to start heavier.

  • Lisa

    Nice to see so many PR’s today! Reis I like that you posted all numbers for comparison – big gains there.
    OHS: 55-65-75-85-85
    FS: 95-115-120-125F (too shallow) -125
    BS: 120-130-140-140-145

  • Sara H.

    Congrats on all of the PR’s today!

    I wanted to share an awesome paleo snack find…”sea crackers” from Two Moms In the Raw.

    I found them at Whole foods, and they are expensive, but the only ingredients are kelp, flaxseed, herbs and spices. These beat home-made kale chips any day!!


    • Sara:

      Thanks for this…another bar that has Paleo-friendly flavors is the Lara bar. They’re in a lot of bodegas (Cafe Delicious on 23rd just west of 6th has all flavors) and they’re inexpensive at around a buck a piece. They average 2-3 ingredients per bar, and they’re delicious. I favor the cashew/date bar and the coconut/almond/date flavor.

  • Nick W.

    OHS: 95, 105, 115F, 110F, 100
    FS: 185, 195, 205, 215, 225
    BS: 215, 235, 255, 265, 275F

    I have such a big discrepancy between my OHS and Front and Back squats. I have a bad elbow and shoulder from baseball so gotta strengthen those tendons and joints to keep that weight above me.

  • Mike K

    congrats on the PRs!

    On that note – http://journal.crossfit.com/2011/09/getting-too-comfortable.tpl#featureArticleTitle
    (subscription eeded)

  • Eric

    worked with Carlos and John, good job dudes!

    OHS: 135, 145F, 145, 135, 135
    FS: 155, 175, 195, 205, 225 (PR)
    BS: 205, 225, 245, 265, 285F

  • Steve Slo

    I gotta say that I miss having dedicated lift days every fourth day (black box WODs). Today was great!

    OHS: 115 – 135 – 145 – 155(pr) – 165(pr)
    FS: 135 – 155 – 175 – 205(pr) – 215(pr)
    BS: 225 – 245 – 265(pr) – 275(pr) – 285f

    Worked out with Will. He lifts way more than you might guess. Very impressive.

    • In the next cycle, we’ll have a bit more of the lifting-only days. As the PRs hopefully attest, though, there’s some method to the madness!

  • Hari

    (95, 105, 115, 125, 135), (155, 165, 175, 185, 195), (215, 225, 235, 245, 255)

    • Sean M

      OHS: 135-155-175-185-195
      FS: 205-225-235-245-255
      BS: 225-245-275-295-305