Post-Elements/Pre-FGB6 Dinner is Tonight!

Friday 110916

A: Snatch Practice

B: “Rusty Trombone”
As Many Rounds as Possible in 12 Minutes of:
400 Meter Run
5 Deadlifts

C: Post Elements / Pre-FGB6 Dinner

Erika sent me this photo for the blog and wrote: “It’s Cassie and Will stretching/demonstrating what Will calls ‘the dirty priest’.”

Are you coachable? (And do you know what that really means?)
The evidence in favor of chocolate keeps piling up (via)
Workplace of the future: chair
A decade of heroes
An interview with (friend-of-CFNYC) Gillian Mounsey

NOTE: In place of Saturday’s WOD classes, there will instead be the Fight Gone Bad 6 Fundraiser from 9am-4pm. You can still join our team and participate on Saturday. If you want to participate, please first sign up for our team and fundraise at least a few dollars because this is a charity event (feel free to donate to yourself if you haven’t had a chance to fundraise amongst your friends and family). There’s no minimum fundraising requirement but we’d suggest $25 at the very least. In addition, you must sign up for the hour during which you’d like to participate. Priority will be given to those who are already signed up for a time slot, thanks.

If you need to know more about what Fight Gone Bad, the workout, entails, please watch this video.

If you’re new to CrossFit and are worried about if you’re ready to do FGB, don’t worry, we’ll offer various scalings on the weights: Men’s Rx’d: 75# barbells (on push press and sumo deadlift high pull), 20# med ball (on wallball). Women’s Rx’d: 55# barbells, 14# med ball. Further scaling: 45# barbells and 10# med ball. (In addition, due to the fact that the WOD is structured to be as many reps as possible, you can simply do fewer reps if you need to scale down the intensity.)

Also note that the 10am and noon Free Beginners’ Classes on Saturday are still as regularly scheduled.

On a completely different and totally awesome topic…

Coach Court Wing will be performing in “Point of Departure” which premieres tonight!

Smoke & Mirrors Collaborative presents POINT OF DEPARTURE Directed by Jonathan David Martin (Lincoln Center Theater’s WARHORSE), assistant directed by Katie Meister (Shakespeare in the Park’s ALLS WELL THAT ENDS WELL), and originally conceived with Zoey Martinson (Shakespeare in the Park’s ALLS WELL THAT ENDS WELL) and MacKenzie Meehan (Classic Stage Company’s DOUBLE FALSEHOOD) as the highly–anticipated inaugural production of this Brooklyn-based theater company. Performances begin Friday, September 16 and play through September 25, two weekends only, at Theater For The New City (155 1st Ave, New York, NY).

POINT OF DEPARTURE follows a series of extreme characters through the absurd landscape of a post 9/11 airport terminal. Hidden baggage fees and security pat-downs merely scratch the surface of the obstacles each passenger has to overcome, finally to depart to their chosen destination.

This highly physical, multimedia production mines the dark humor of today’s airport experience. POINT OF DEPARTURE peeks into the wonder and frustrations of taking flight, as the audience is taken on a joyride of high-energy choreography, stimulating projections, and broad physical comedy.

Tickets are $18 Adult and $15 Student/Senior with group discounts available, and can be purchased online here. For additional information on reservations and accommodations please email


  • omg. lies. lies. lies.

    but i’ll go with it.

    • Dickie

      That’s an amazing photo.

      • erika

        they have amazing form, wouldn’t you agree?

        • Cassie

          and we even held hands…

          • erika

            cuties 😉

  • Dickie

    4 Rounds Completed with 225lbs

  • Kawasaki-san

    3 rounds, 125lbs.

    seen better days

    • Cassie

      i think this is the first relatively “easy” wod you’ve done

  • Jason E

    4 rounds with 185lbs

  • A: Snatches at 65# & 85# (LOVE the new Rogue bars)

    B: 3 Rounds – 275#

    Deadlifts made for some interesting primal yelping. I finally looked back on a metcon and truly felt I went heavy enough. I finally decided (after an unhealthy amount of deliberation) that I should run in my Chuck Taylors so that I wasn’t deadlifting in my Inov8s. For those who haven’t considered this MAJOR element of today’s workout, here’s an excellent perspective from Brian Mackenzie of Crossfit Endurance: – Since we’re supposed to be deadlifting at around 60-75% of our 1-rep max for this WOD, the last thing we should do is wear heel-elevated running shoes…no bueno. Watch the video halfway down the blog and he breaks down the mechanical failure that running shoes provide for deadlifts.

    Just four sessions with Lisa in the park and I definitely gained some efficiency on my runs. No way I would have gotten three rounds out of this WOD six weeks ago. For those struggling with their 400-800m runs (or running technique in general) I can’t recommend Wednesdays in the park enough. Weather-permitting I’ll definitely be there next week. Join us!

    • Cassie

      Reis, I thought you were “Resting” today?

      • I was only resting if Josh threw down the Arabian Sand Goggles. I’m all for the Rusty Trombone, especially 24 hours after a solid Dirty Sanchez…now if you’ll excuse me I’m going for a PR on my Blumpkin…

        • Jenny A

          hee hee …….BAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!

          • Dickie

            Jenny, it’s awesome that you know what those are.

  • francisco

    Quick question, just to confirm: dinner tonight is at 7:30 PM, no?

    • Wendy Greene

      I will be at the dinner, but I have to get there at 8pm as I have to work a little late!

    • Hari

      Correct. See you there (Rare at 26th and Seventh).

  • erika

    A. SNATCHES – made from the best stuff on earth. 33#. kept it light. a heavy snatch is not always a good snatch, ifyouknowwhatimean.
    B. 3 rounds and 1 400m run. 103#.

    good luck to everyone @ FGB tomorrow!

    • erika

      ps – sorry my 6:15 darlings for all my bitching and whining today. i’m a brat!

  • Manny

    Watched the CrossFit games yesterday and felt irked every time the announcers said ‘workout’. Why can’t they call it events or something else? It kinda gives the impression that these elite Crossfitters are on tv just ‘working out’.

  • Matt M

    A. Snatchs 3 x 3 at 95lbs
    B. 3 rounds plus one trip down the stairs: 315lbs

  • Jim S

    A: practiced at 65#
    B: 4 rds @ 185#

  • Ian

    I think the WOD names should be hyper-linked to their respective urban dictionary entries.

  • Madeleine

    B: Four rounds, 225#

    I subbed 500m rows for the running. I suspect the twelve minutes actually ran out while I was doing the fourth round and no one told me, though I’m not complaining.

  • Lisa

    I see there is a whole other world of WODs to be named, in addition to the Girls and the Heroes……….

  • John

    See everybody at rare. Will be a little late.

  • Ryan S

    95lb Snatch Practice

    5 rounds at 215lbs

  • Steve Slo

    A) practiced at #85. Felt pretty good. I need to practice these untimed more often.

    B) #225 – 3 rounds + 400m

  • Lisa

    Thorough snatch practise was much appreciated.
    4 rounds plus 1 deadlift, 123#.
    I left a black leather jacket hanging on the coat hooks. I will get it on Monday.

  • Jay

    115# snatch practice. forgot oly shoes, did in chuck taylors

    5 rounds + about 300m @205#