Introducing…the “Dirty Sanchez”

Please let me interrupt the jokes about the name of today’s WOD to talk to you for a minute about Fight Gone Bad 6.

As the blogger for CrossFit NYC for the past three years (at least), I’ve had the joy of bringing you the WOD, pictures and stories of our members’ triumphs both small and large, and daily links on anything and everything crossfit-related (and not) that I thought you, our readership, would enjoy. And in case you didn’t know it, our readership isn’t just made up of CFNYC members, or folks contemplating trying CrossFit at our gym. Our readership includes military service folks in Afghanistan, crossfitters in the midwest, paleo adherents here in New York City and beyond, and all sorts of folks (hi, mom!) who enjoy what we offer here on a daily basis, ad-free.

Three years ago when we first participated in the Fight Gone Bad fundraiser, I offered to be Team Captain because it made sense that as the gym’s blogger, I could reach out to our members on their computer screens and encourage them to sign up or donate or both. I had a blast that first year when we only had 2 weeks to assemble a team and fundraise. We raised a ton of money given our small team and short time frame, and I resolved that the next year would be even better.

And it was. Last year we were 9th worldwide and raised over $28,000. All who participated told me how much they enjoyed the event and promised to join in again this year.

And here we are this year with many returning faces but also plenty of new ones. And we’ve been fundraising and training and getting psyched. I’ve been busy telling you about many of our members who are ready to participate at FGB6 this Saturday and have been working their tails off to put us currently in 8th place worldwide on fundraising with the biggest team out there (118 people!).

So now it’s my turn. I’d like to make an appeal here that if you enjoy what I provide here on a daily basis, at the behest of CFNYC ownership, then please consider donating to my FGB6 page.

We don’t take ads on this blog and never will. We provide the daily links for free and always will. Consider a donation to my page as a donation towards this blog and the free service we provide. Give what you can, even if it’s just $5 or $10, it really will help these great charities help those in need. Thank you so much!

At last year’s Fight Gone Bad:

Thursday 110915

A: Sumo deadlift high pull 8-8-8

B: “Dirty Sanchez”

30 Handstand Pushups (Post Elements: 20)
10 Pull-Ups
20 Handstand Pushups (Post Elements: 15)
20 Pull-Ups (Post Elements: 15)
10 Handstand Pushups
30 Pull-Ups (Post Elements: 20)

Better health: It’s less complicated than you think
Wasting time is not a waste
Kitchen essentials
Yoga for the type-A
Chorizo mini-meatloaves / Baked bimbimbap / GOBlin deviled eggs

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s WOD classes:

A: Snatch Practice

B: “Rusty Trombone”
As Many Rounds as Possible in 12 Minutes of:
400 Meter Run
5 Deadlifts

C: Post Elements / Pre-FGB6 Dinner


  • chris f

    Allison…i have an issue with FGB fund raising. My company wants to match $1500 of what I’ve raised. The problem is that they must do so with a check directly to the charity (they need to for regulatory and tax reasons). Who do they make the check out to and how do I get our fundraising profile to reflect the donation? I imagine we want the Black Box total donation number to see this impact before the event in case it helps move us up in the ratings. If you need to, you can ring me at 917 697 9074. – c

    • Hi Chris, that’s great that your company is willing to do a match! The FAQ page on the FGB6 website explains all. Here’s the link to the FAQ, which is a PDF file:

      And thanks for being one of our top fundraisers–YOU ROCK!!

      • chris f

        Thanks Allison. That’s much easier than I thought it would be. Looks like I’ll have $3285 once the check clears…still hoping we can do it via credit card so it hits before the event.

  • Hari

    Black Box Dinner Tommorow Night:

    in so far:

    Chris, Courtney, Jai, Madeline, Michal, Mike A, Natasha, PJ

    Who else is in?

    • Jai

      I have a plus-1 if that’s OK.

  • Also, as you survey the little that’s left of your hands, you’ll likely be happy to know that, after today, you have more than a week with no pullups.

    • As I was reading this I was using an exacto knife to remove my fresh flaps. I was ready for Fran tomorrow, but if you say so I guess I gotta heal now…thanks…

      • Cassie

        I was doing the same thing..except I used a blade..oh the lives of crossfitters..THANK YOU for no more pull-ups.

  • Richard

    A. 65lbs
    B. 9:12 with Green Band for Pull-Ups and Black Band + Red Band Harness for HSPUs.

    Looking forward to a no-pull-up week!

  • Erika

    If you see Sara coming at you in a slow shimmy with her arms outstretched, don’t be alarmed. She’s not seizing, she’s giving you props. E-props. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if these props are customized for me but I sure as hell hope she encourages everybody this way.

    A. 53#
    B. 20 hspu w 3 ab mats seemed too easy so Sara took one away and replaced it with a 10# instead. Banded pullups. Breakdown is 20-10-20-15-10-20. 7:11

  • A: 75 – 85 – 85

    B: 20-10-20-15-10-20 – 10:56 (red band pullups – 45-25-10 HSPU)

    For those who didn’t see it, I’m sure they’ll have replays this week of the first four (of 12) episodes of the Crossfit Games on ESPN2. The coverage is excellent, but more potent are the CF commercials. We really, truly, need a new space as quickly as possible or there will be no way to accommodate the New Year’s resolution explosion. The Crossfit boom is upon us. Let’s treasure the 5-20 person classes while we can, but let’s also welcome the new wave of folks as CF gets more popular. Set your DVR for next Wednesday…this is an enormous milestone for Crossfit.

  • Ross


    Had a great 8am workout today and after sweating through the last 30 pullups with a 10lb band found out that the box is out of towels!

    Working out in the morning only works for me if I can grab a shower afterwards and I depend on the towel service to dry off. Can we please rectify the towel situation? My coworkers don’t appreciate the drowned rat look.



  • Akash

    VERY frustrating morning. No towels available for the 7am class (I know at least one other person was affected). I don’t know how this problem keeps popping up every once in a while but it is such a basic thing that almost every gym provides, I’m shocked that we can’t get it right.

    I had to run to the 99c store and run back for my shower, making me late for work and thus defeating the purpose of actually coming to the 7am for once (usually an 8am’er or evening guy).

    I’ve calmed down now, but was seething earlier….

    • Akash (and everyone else)-

      Our apologies. We just ordered even more towels this morning. Like jump ropes, these walk out the door at a pretty rapid clip, and because of the laundering turnover, we often don’t realize the overal supply has dipped until we’re out and pissing people off.

      More generally, we’re doing out best to keep up with growth – next week, for example, we’re moving all the beginners and Elements classes to the 4th floor, which should substantially reduce crowding / mayhem. But there’s plenty we’re still not getting right, and we’d like to hear about it. If you have complaints, ideas, etc., feel free to email me ( at any point. We often don’t get things right the first time, but I think we’re pretty responsive in getting problems fixed.


      • Ian

        I’m sure you guys have thought this through but wouldn’t it make sense to have beginners on the 3rd to mitigate noise complaints form the 2nd floor? Will Open gym still be held on the 3rd floor?

        • Hari

          Upstairs is a temporary fix. It is not practical to buildout the upstairs at this point.

    • Hari

      To add to Josh’s summary:

      We really are scrambling to straighten out lots of details. We’ve been absorbed in getting more space. The way the towels think keeps getting screwed up is a mini case study. We spend several hours each week in a meeting trying to anticpate what will blow up next.

      What follows is a glimpse into my head, and not in any way an excuse:

      The original intent was to have large carts filled with fresh towels, so that we would always have more than enough. The cart was quickly hijacked to hold med balls. That didn’t work, and the cart is now kind of wrecked and sitting tilted in the back. Seeing that and the frequent incidents of no towels, we made an executive decision to order real med ball racks. This might have seemed like a no brainer, but it turns out that every time we saw that the shipping literally cost more than the actual equipment, we blinked. So, now we have med ball racks (and a ton of new bars, since we’re moving some of the older stuff upstairs to the new Elements space).

      In the mean time, I blew a fit because we ran out of towels again just this weekend. I caught the situation, and had Allison post on the blog. Last night, I got absorbed with the new equipment arrival and missed this morning’s disaster waiting to happen. In part, Kristina and I also got sidetracked dealing with the fact that our cleaning person had called in sick at the last minute, and so we were emptying garbage, etc. The one thing we forgot was that the cleaning person brings in the towels.

      Anyway, we’ll get it better soon. (And yes, we’re mildly nervous about the reaction to the CF Games running on ESPN 2.) One of the first things I learned in business school as that the only thing more difficult to run than a company in decline is running one going through explosive growth. Somebody has got to turn this economy around, and it might as well be us.

  • Jason E

    A: 75 lbs
    B: 10:23 ~ 30-10-20-20-10-30 (Box HSPUs and Green band pull ups)

  • Cassie

    A: 53
    B: 15:41..oy…subbed wall-facing HSPUs, which was great, for anyone else who still can’t kick up to a handstand after a year of crossfitting, this is awesome

    sara: cassie, you’re going into my coffee time, get moving
    me: seriously, this is motivation?
    sara: nobody’s watching
    me: EVERYBODY (from 6am and 7am) IS WATCHING

    • Richard


    • Kawasaki-san

      you go glenn co-co. you were amazeballs

  • Avery

    Women’s exercise magazines (fitness magazines in general) are basically bunk.

    However if that’s what gets more women in the door of Crossfit boxes, so they can start learning about lifting and get off the elliptical, I’m all for it.

    I am dying to know what Denise’s max deadlift is however…guessing it’s more than that dumbbell.

    • Jeff

      I’m going to say that slide #12 is spot on in terms of the CFNYC experience.

    • Jason W

      I don’t know what her max deadlift is, but she was a coach at my level 1 cert and I saw her banging out muscle ups during a break.

      Here she is WOD’ing with austin malleolo and spencer hendel:

  • Huge shout outs to Rich L., Josh R., and Norton for donating to my FGB6 page today! Rich visits CFNYC frequently from CF Marin and Josh and Norton are members.

    Thanks, guys!

    • More big thanks to those who already had donated to me: Aram, Andrea, Carla, and my mom.

      And to my newest donor, Garreth!


  • Nick W.

    Well that WOD was a complete shitshow but got through it with a little scaling. First time doing HSPUs:

    A: 75#
    B: 14:56 – HSPUs done with 45# and 10# plate below me scaling to 20, 15 and 10 reps and pullups RXd

    • Nick W.

      Oh and also a big thanks to Jason W. and Sara for the HSPU pointers including relaxing my facial expression because they were making them laugh. My one takeaway for the day!

  • Kawasaki-san

    A: 65
    B: 9:24 – PE reps (20-10-15-15-10-15) wall-facing HSPUs with weight under the head and used bands on the pull-ups.

    was out yesterday with strep – so was struggling on this work-out…but it kicked my sluggishness.

    thanks to Dickie and John for the feedback

    • Richard

      Nice job today, Chris. Tomorrow will be fun.

  • Jeff

    Why did portion A switch from cleans to SDHPs?

    • chris f

      it may be because of a mention to kevin last night by some loser (me) that said loser had never done a sumo deadlift high pull and sort of wanted to test one out before FGB on sat…

    • I too have never done a SDHP, and I started last November, so it was a welcome change to add yet another lift to my “not even close” category.

    • To get folks ready for FGB6 on Saturday!

  • Michael C

    20-15-10 HSPU (#45 and #25 plates)
    10-20-30 KPU

  • chris f

    7:28 or 7:58…I don’t listen well. RX w/2 abmats on the HSPU…that excercise remains my nemesis. Today was fourth in a row…tomorrow likely a rest before my fight goes bad on Saturday.

  • chris f

    PS: loving the new workout names. Please let me know if you need more along these lines…I have an arsenal that sound benign but are really quite awful…

  • Jim S

    A: 95, 105, 110
    B: 30/20/10 10/20/30
    Did the first 10 HSPU on a 45lb plate but that was going nowhere slowly. Switched to feet elevated on a 48″ step ladder. These things need a lot of work. Ordered some bands to harness up with. The pull ups were real at least. 13:53

  • Jeff

    25# plates
    alternating subsets of
    facing away/towards wall
    overhand/underhand grip

  • mike n.

    13:34 – strict pull ups, HSPU – 2 abmats. reps rx’d

  • Hari


  • I don’t know why I did this whole thing RX’ed. Sometimes ego needs to be put in check. Anyway 17:51.

  • Lisa

    That is great news about taking over the 4th floor. I understand the reasoning for keeping the 3rd floor in its current layout and using the 4th for beginners and Elements.