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Wednesday 110914

“Lucky Guy”

In teams of three, complete each set of exercises in order, only one person working at any time:

Run 1 mile
100 Pull-Ups
100 Push-Ups
100 Squats
100 Situps
Run 1 mile
45 Cleans 135#/95# (Post Elements: 95#/65#)
45 Ring Dips (Post Elements: Bar Dips)
45 Dead Lifts 225#/155# (Post Elements: 185#/125#)
45 HSPU’s (Post Elements: use 1 45-lb plate)

As an example: One person runs 1/4 or 1/2 mile, then the next person runs until 1 mile is completed by the team. Then start dividing up the pull-ups, then push ups, . . .

How to raise $250 for Fight Gone Bad 6
It’s 6 o’clock; do you know where your arse is?
How bad do you want it?
Seasonal eats: Figs, Tomatoes, Peaches
Bicycle visionary
The bad quarterback league

From Paul B., pictured below: “Just got back from a trip to the Tetons out in Wyoming where I climbed the North Face Direct route (shown in purple below) on the Grand Teton… for time: 20h:24m:18sec (car to car).”

Paul is joining us for Fight Gone Bad 6, the fundraiser, this Saturday at CFNYC. I asked him to answer a few questions about FGB:

1) Does FGB, the WOD, scare you? Yes. It makes me anxious.

2) If yes, which parts are the scariest? The minutes before the start and the middle of the 2nd round.

3) Do you know your current PR on it and do you think you’ll do better this time? I haven’t done FGB in a while or many times for that matter, my PR is 234. I think I’ll do better this time.

If you’d like to donate to Paul’s FGB6 page, click here.

It’s not too late to join us for FGB6 this Saturday. If you want to join our team, click here. If you’d like to donate to one our participants instead, click here. Either way…THANKS!

Here’s a map of the Tetons where you can see Paul’s ascent (the purple line):

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s WOD classes:

A: Cleans Sumo deadlift high pull 8-8-8

B: “Dirty Sanchez”

30 Handstand Pushups (Post Elements: 20)
10 Pull-Ups
20 Handstand Pushups (Post Elements: 15)
20 Pull-Ups (Post Elements: 15)
10 Handstand Pushups
30 Pull-Ups (Post Elements: 20)


  • Hari

    Post-Elements This Friday

    in so far:

    Chris, Courtney, Jai, Madeline, Michal, Mike A, Natasha, PJ

    Where are all our new Elements graduates?

    Who else is in?

    • Nick W.

      I finished Elements some time in August, but have a conflict. Sorry I can’t make it but I’ll be at FGB Saturday morning. Looking fwd to it.

    • Wendy Greene


    • Jason W


    • Fernando Moreno

      Hey count me in for Friday, just finished elements last week!

    • Rick Gray

      finished elements 2 weeks ago. i’ll be there. thanks

    • Lisa and I will be there

    • Neal

      Looking forward to dinner Friday!

  • drake


    You better show up at 7:30 pm today (Wednesday) for today’s WOD! We missed the last time WOD.

    I’ll definitely be there, barring some horrible incident at work.

  • Richard

    My best attempt at creating this workout on BTWB:

    • Richard

      35:26 with Cassie and Mike.

      This wasn’t as scary as I thought, but I did scale the pull-ups, cleans, deadlifts, dips, and HSPUs.

  • Erika

    36:30 w Jeff and Devin. werq!

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s filthy wod!

    • Jeff

      good job, guys!

  • Cassie, Seattle Mike, and Richard

    Breakdown..I think
    1 mile – Richard 800m, Cassie 400m, Mike 400m
    100 pull-ups – Richard 33 (thin green band), Cassie 33 (jumping and kip), Mike 34 (kips?)
    100 push-ups – Richard 20, Cassie 20 (off box), Mike 60
    100 sit-ups – Richard 40, Cassie 40, Mike 20
    100 squats – Richard 33, Cassie 33, Mike 34
    1 mile – Richard 800m, Cassie 400m, Mike 400m
    45 Cleans – Richard 15 @ 95#, Cassie 15 @ 58#, Mike 15 @ 135#
    45 Dips – Richard 15 box dips?, Cassie 15 box dips, Mike 15 ring dips
    45 Deadlifts – Richard 15 @ 185#, Cassie 15 @ 103#, Mike 15@ 185#?
    45 HSPUs – Richard 15 box HSPUs, Cassie 15 HSPUs, Mike 15 HSPUs with Abmat?
    Great work team!

    • Richard

      Did bar dips, and I think 20 HSPUs (since they were off a box) — hopefully I didn’t slow us down! Great job team!

  • Jason E.

    Richard, I couldn’t access your link. I created my own attempt at mapping this workout on BTWB too. You can find it by searching “Lucky Guy”.

    Worked with Ian and Jenna today and finished in 43:21. It was Jenna’s first WOD and she did awesome!!

    • Richard

      I think I had my custom workout session on private – whoops. Should be viewable now!

  • Excellent WOD today!

    44:15 (Scaling: 2.5″ band – parallette dips – 45,25,10 plates HSPU)

    Team: Me, Anthony, Cindy (visitor from London, ON)

    I went in thinking it would be best to split up the reps evenly (i.e. 20-20-20-13-13-14), but Anthony had a great round-robin strategy that played to everybody’s strengths really well. If we hit a wall after 8 pullups, just relay to the next person and keep it going. We ended up being much more time efficient that way. And we needed to gain on efficiency after Cindy got lost on her first run. Oops…well it was understandable but unfortunate. We each did 800s, and they spared me a second run (thanks guys!)

    Anthony and I RX’ed the lifts and I was certain that the cleans would be brutal and the deadlifts would be cake…um…well..yeah so much for expectations…the opposite was true.

    Fun WOD…I was sure that tomorrow was a no-go after seeing it last night, but so far I feel pretty good about giving it a whirl. Why not…it’s just high-rep cleans, pullups and HSPUs. Not like we’ve overdone any of those lately ;)…

    • Richard

      Agreed — really fun WOD.

    • erika

      i agree — i thought the cleans would be difficult but they were cake. i struggled w the deadlifts too!

      and yes, definitely a fun wod. it wasn’t as bad as i thought it’d be!

  • Annie

    Had so much fun this morning! Great team Scott and Alexei. Time: 39:40 (I think?)

    Alexei – Come visit us again!

  • Aaron

    32:20 or thereabouts. Stef and Seth killed it this morning, they did a great job of picking up my slack when I started to fatigue after the second run. Really enjoyed this one, the team workouts are a lot of fun.

  • Jason L.

    36:57 with Stefanie…this workout put me in a bad place for a good hour after we finished

  • As nobody seems to have deduced this on their own, the workout is Murph plus Elizabeth and Diane. Hence the name.

    • Richard


    • Richard

      How heteronormative. 😉

  • Nick W.

    36:06 with Lisa, Aaron and Ted. Since we had 4, Sara added 10 extra reps to each of our exercises. Not too bad until HSPUs came up. First team WOD for me and it was fun.

  • Ian

    Congrats on the ascent Paul. Were you solo?

    • Paul B.

      Thanks Ian. No, I had a partner for this, first real climbing in @ 15 years.

  • kevin p

    These wod names just keep getting better and better.

  • Jenny A

    Yeah, Care to explain how tomorrow’s WOD got its name, Josh?

    • Hahahaha.

      For what it’s worth, I also hold the distinction of being the first person to use the phrase “wet their pants” in the Wall Street Journal, and as part of an elaborate college prank ('n_Chicken) once got Time to print the phrase, “for five dollars, I’ll give you the reach-around.”

      Which is to say, the WOD names only go downhill from here. 🙂

  • Josh R

    Ok, this does sound fun. I’ll be there for the 8:30.

  • Thor

    Please tell me we have a “Cleveland Steamer” in the future!!!

    • Not this month, though Friday is Rusty Trombone…

      • Richard

        What about the Dolphin?

    • I guess I’ll have to take a rest day when they bust out the Arabian Sand Goggles.

  • Jenny A

    I am crying right now. Thanks for the best laughs in a while.

  • Michael C

    31:? With Dougie and Cindy. Fun WOD!

  • Jim S

    I’m still cracking up from the WOD names, but I’ll try to mark down my time…
    I could have really used a team, but alas, was on my own today. So, … I did 1/3 of everything. Cleans at 95# and DL’s at 185. Only thing that wasn’t as RX was piked HSPU (feet 48″ off of the ground).
    Felt pretty good until I got to the squat cleans and DL’s. Was a bit dizzy by the end of that sequence.

    Is the box just doing Fight Gone Bad this Saturday? I normally drop in on Saturday but wasn’t sure I’d be in town so I didn’t sign up for the fund raiser.

    • Steve Slo

      Hey Jim,

      If you’re gonna be around, you should definitely sign up for FGB… I think I’m down for 3pm.

  • I was having soul-crushing flashbacks of Heavy Running before I started, but shockingly didn’t have to slow to a walk halfway through that initial 800M. I’m honestly surprised that 3 weeks has made a big difference.

    Dave, Jamie and I put up something around 35 1/2 minutes (finished just before the team of 4 my girl Lisa was on).

    Dizzying, slightly stomach turning, and oddly fun.

  • Kameron

    Kristy, Clara, and Kameron – 35:50. Scaled a decent amount. Still proud of the effort. Fun never hurt so good!

    • Cassie

      Are you a permanent evening member now? Sadness 🙁

      • Sam G

        He doesn’t like you, and would rather chill with the night guys!!! yeaaaaa

  • Ralph

    36:15 with Caitlin and Shelley. Didn’t keep track on how many reps each person did… But we finished, lol.

    Everyone kicked ass tonight! So much fun.

  • Steve Slo

    Steve, Eric, and John W.
    31:05 (I think… right?)

    Let’s see if I got this right…
    Ran 1 mile (John ran 800m)
    100 pullups
    100 pushups (in sets of 5s)
    100 situps (in sets of 10)
    100 squats (in sets of 15)
    Ran 1 mile (John ran 800m)
    45 Power Cleans @ #115
    45 Bench dips
    45 Deadlifts @ #225
    45 HSPU (used #45 plate; I did mine off a box)

    Will’s advice on how to divide the reps was pretty crucial.

    This started to hurt after the 2nd run… and I had nothing left by the end of the deadlifts. Really glad to have some badass, all-star teammates! It was fun. A lot of fun.

    Tomorrow is definitely a rest day.

  • Sam G

    5/3/1 squat deload

    5@ 122
    5@ 150
    5@ 177

    Love team wods I have to do them whenever they show up, fun times with Josh R, and Will

    Time was 32: something, we split the reps as we went , I preached all this crap about not going to failure and counting the reps you do before we started, then I did the opposite, silly me, was a load of fun, and can’t wait for the next team wod.

  • Eric

    Team WOD was fun, thanks to Steve and John…I think we were like at 31:20, but whatever. Great effort by all, we worked really well as a team.

  • Josh R

    That’s definitely the heaviest a 185# deadlift ever felt.