A couple announcements:

1) New 10:00 AM Saturday WOD Class, effective this Saturday, September 17th. (This class does not replace the 10am Free Beginners’ Class.)

2) If you’re participating in Fight Gone Bad 6 with us, please be sure to click here to sign up for the hour during which you’d like to participate. Thanks!

3) As announced previously, please note that we are out of towels until Tuesday evening. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

4) Please post to comments if you’re in for this Friday evening’s Post-Elements/Pre-FGB6 dinner at Rare Bar & Grill. Who’s invited? Anyone who’s recently graduated (or about to graduate) from the Elements Workshop, anyone who’s been a member for a little while or a long while, anyone who’s participating in Fight Gone Bad 6 or would like to say hello to those who are, and anyone who’d like to socialize with her or his fellow crossfitters while eating a juicy steak.

Monday 110913

A: Wall-Facing Handstand Push-ups

B: “Fran”
21-15-9 reps of:
Thrusters 95#/65# (Post Elements 65#/43#)

Some cool fitness challenges
Developing a deep, barefoot squat
Training for the truly overwhelmed
Mango pudding
It’s different here

Coach Will jumps for joy at the very thought of doing burpees:

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s WOD classes:

A: Press 3-3-3

B: Weighted Pull-Ups 1-1-1-1-1-1-1


  • Hari

    Post-Elements / Pre FGB 6 Dinner Friday, September 16

    Courtney, Erika, Jai, Madeline, Michal, Mike A, Natasha

    Who else is in?

    • Jason W

      I’m pretty sure I can make it to dinner this friday

  • kev p

    Will, stop giving Castro ideas!!

    • hahaha – lets have a crossfit flashmob

  • 8:02 (85# – Jumping Pullups)

    Sept 1st – 7:49 (45# – 2.5″ band)

    Hand is still torn from Friday, and despite many layers of New Skin I knew I wasn’t getting through 45 banded pullups without gushing all over the bar. I was happy with my time…next time we do Fran I’ll try 95 lbs with jumping pullups to see if I can get through it in under 10 mins.

  • Richard

    BTWB has a really cool new “Quick Log” for diet, shoes, soreness, mobility, etc.

    • Saw that…easy to click through…LOVE it!

  • Nick W.

    Fran: 5:46 Rx’d

  • Kawasaki-san

    1st fran: 4:55 (bar weight – Jumping pullups after 15)

    2nd WOD so kept the weight low on thrusters to get form down. will scale-up going forward. want to figure out how to kip (jumping off the box just throws my rhythm off)

    • with time grasshopper…

    • Richard

      Nice job, Chris!

    • Cashew

      I had to clarify who this was..I think I will start posting as Xu-San, that’ll confuse everyone.

      Chris, you’ve got to stop doing JUST benchmarks WODs, you start with Elizabeth, now Fran heh, making it extremely difficult for yourself!

      • Kawasaki-san

        right?? hopefully we’re just thumb-wrestling on wednesday, otherwise I will need help walking…

      • Richard

        No, I like “Cashew.” Should I start posting as “Dickie”?

  • erika

    are you kidding me right now, WILLIAM!

  • Jason W

    3:40 rx’d (PR)

    Thrusters (21) (8-7) (5-4)
    Pull-ups (21) (8-7) (6-3)

    Not sure how i feel about this as I wasn’t feeling particularly well this morning, so I made a game plan and stuck to it. By far the least painful fran i’ve ever done as I wasn’t writhing on the floor afterward, but this WOD still has a way of crawling all over you for the 20 or so minutes after you’ve finished.

  • 3:54 rx’d (Hurricane Irene Saturday…not today)

    today did 5 rds of:

    4 snatch
    4 ohs
    4 lunges


    i like doing circus tricks to make the blog…ha!

  • Meagan

    Finally scaled appropriately so that I don’t keep the gym open for hours while everyone else goes home, has a nap, and comes back while I am still huffing and puffing:

    5:34 (32#bar/jumping pull ups).

  • Wendy Greene

    I’d like to come to the dinner!

  • jenntang

    I’m going to be in Chicago tomorrow and was thinking of dropping into a Crossfit gym there. There are two affiliates near my hotel: Atlas and River North – has anyone been to either and if so, which would you recommend? Muchas gracias!

    • Akash

      I went to Windy City CrossFit and they are really good over there. Huge space. Not sure if it is anywhere near where you are, but just thought i’d throw it out there.

  • Michael C

    5:27 #75

  • 6:54 RX

    First time at RX. Ouch. Thanks to Kev for yelling me through my collapsing lung moments.

  • Jim S

    My first Fran RX’d. Always used 75# before.

    • Steve Slo

      Way to go Philly!

  • Fran is weird…the crappier I feel, the better I do. No sleep, no food, maybe a little sick? And I PR. In fact 63 seconds better. Oh well, I’ll take it.
    Fran: rx’ed 5:17 PR

    • It’s clearly your Jedi training shining through

  • Annie

    Fran Rx’d 8:24

  • Hari

    6:09 (75 lbs)

  • Eric

    Great job everyone.

    7:41 Rxed (PR). Progess not perfection, the last time this came up I DNFed…LMAO

    Thanks to Drake and Sean M for the tips

  • Jay

    6:29 Rx’d

  • mike r

    4:03 rx (pr)

  • Sam G

    10 rounds not for time, but I was competing with a friend so it got ugly.

    200 meter run
    5 push ups
    10 squats

    Did about a 3 mile walk after that.

  • Steve Slo

    Thin (medium?) blue band

    Major improvement over last time:
    #85, thick green band, 9:55

    If I can get my pullups in WOD-shape, then I’ll be going rx next time around.

  • Andy g

    7:30 rx’d PR by almost 1-1/2 minutes and that’s w/o Sara yelling at me.

  • Jai

    Am trying to be nice to an arm injury so that it heals in time for FGB, so I changed this to a not-for-time WOD of 21-15-9 presses (33#), front squats (33#), sit-ups.