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From Josh:

Honor the 10th anniversary of September 11th in CrossFit style:

1. Saturday, September 10th:

Black Box member Sean Rogers co-founded the Civilian Military Combine, an awesome mountain run / obstacle course with a CF-inspired “pit” (testing thrusters, box jumps, burpees and KB swings).

The race is this Saturday, but it’s still not too late to sign up.

They also desperately need volunteers to staff / judge the pit.

We’ll provide transportation from the Box early Saturday morning for participants and volunteers. It should be a lot of fun, and a great chance to put your training to use in the outside world.

2. Sunday, September 11th:

Air Force pilot and crossfitter Chris Pace is starting from Arlington Cemetery on Friday night, biking 150 miles north, then running the next 100 miles, to end at the Black Box on Sunday morning, all without stopping to sleep or eat along the way.

Come celebrate his arrival (some time between 9am and noon). Or, even better, come jog the final stretch along with him once he crosses into NYC. (Email for details).

Thursday 110908

A: Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1

B: WOD: “J.T.” (Compare to 110721)
For time, complete 21-15-9 reps of:
Handstand Pushups
Ring Dips

Just wanted to put out a reminder to our members that Friday, September 16th is our next “Post-Elements Dinner” (which is also a pre-FGB6 celebration) at Rare Bar & Grill, starting at 7:30pm. Who’s invited? Anyone who’s recently graduated (or about to graduate) from the Elements Workshop, anyone who’s been a member for a little while or a long while, anyone who’s participating in Fight Gone Bad 6 or would like to say hello to those who are, and anyone who’d like to socialize with her or his fellow crossfitters in general while eating a juicy steak. Join us, won’t you? Please post your RSVP to comments!

Here’s a photo from back when we called the dinners “Rest Day Dinners” (same concept, different name). Doesn’t it look like tons of fun?

What will YOU try for 30 days?
The CrossFit Games are coming to ESPN2!
The milkman cometh
Preparing for a beat down
Gym offers ‘air napping’ class

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s WOD classes:

A: Back Squat 15-12-9

B: 15 Rounds of the following:
30 Seconds: as many reps as possible of pull-ups
30 Seconds Rest

Post total pull-ups to comments.


  • Michael C

    255-275-295(fail)-275PR-no time for 5th

    15-12-9 w/ 2×45 plate HSPU and rings

  • Richard

    Looks like CF NYC is now on BTWB. Is someone going to be posting the WODs?

    • I’m working on it; we’re trying to upgrade the account, but we were initially set up as beta testers waaaaaaaay back when BTWB was first launched, so they need to update things a bit for us. Coming soon, I hope.

      • Richard

        That’s awesome!

    • BTWB knows good business that’s for sure. Just last week I charged a yearly membership. Today I got a full refund 12 minutes after an email to support about it. Seems they’ve earned themselves a tweet from me (which means I’m about to tell about 20 randoms and 300+ bots about BTWB).

  • A – 315 – 365 – 405 – 425F – 425F

    B – 19:28 (21-15-9)

    HSPU w 45-25-10 plates
    Parallette Dips
    Pushups on knees

  • Aaron

    A. 275-275-295-305-315(PR)

    B. 13:13 (15-12-9)

    • Aaron that is an incredible PR. More than twice bodyweight yes?

      • Aaron

        Yeah, I weigh about 140 so I was really happy with that pull.

  • Matt M

    A. 315 – 335 -365 -385 – 385
    B. 20:31 as rx’d
    Need to continue work on HSPU.

  • Jason E

    A: 135-185-235-255-255
    B: 15-12-9
    Box HSPUs
    Bar Dips

  • brian

    what time is the transportation to the CMC ?

  • Hari
    • That was a real brain-melter Hari. Thanks for sharing…

  • erika

    i’m in for the dinner on the 16th!!

  • Jai

    I’m in for the dinner on the 16th!

  • Jim S

    A: 255 275 275 280 280
    B: sub’d piked pushups or HSPU’s. Feet on top of a 5′ ladder.

  • Mike A

    I’m in for dinner.


  • Andy g

    5/3/1 lifting tonight, squat PR, 280# thanks to Justins excellent coaching.

    • Sam G

      YEA BUDDY!

  • Hari

    A: 285, 295, 395, 315, 325
    B: 20:40

  • Sam G

    Integrated 5/3/1 deadlift deload into today’s strength portion

    5@ 150
    5@ 167
    5@ 225

    Then “J T” which was a flaming pile of doo doo

    18: 28 RXD the first round

    second round 1 ab mat

    Third round 2 ab mats and kipping

  • Madeleine

    Count me in for dinner on the 16th.

  • Steph

    A: 123, 143,173,173,193

    “J T”
    B: 16:57 HSPU – 2 Ab Mats for the first 21 then added an 10lb plate added half way through 15,

    Ring dips on GHDs

    Thanks for the tips Clark/Clarke (sp)?!

    • Steph

      Drake! Not Clarke! What is wrong with me! So sorry!

  • Seth

    A: 225-245-265-265-285 (PR)
    B: JT-RX’d (10:06)

  • Michal

    I’m in for dinner too!

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