Josh will open the gym at 7am on Monday, August 29th

Please stay tuned to the blog for info on when classes can resume (presumably at some point on Monday). Given the transportation issues still in effect and the fact that many of our instructors don’t live within walking distance of the Box, we’ll post here (and/or in comments) once more is known about when we can re-open. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Josh will be teaching the morning classes beginning at 7am. That means the only Monday class that is canceled is the 6:15am class. Thanks, everyone!

Monday 110829

A: Deadlift 5-5-5 @ 70% effort with perfect form

B: Over the course of 20 minutes: Find max unbroken double unders

Radical Woman Q&A with CrossFit athlete and affiliate owner, Kate “Killer” Rawlings
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The efficient caveman cook: Preparing food allowed ancestors to reduce chewing time
How–and why–the ADA keeps doctors from diagnosing early diabetes
Gluten-free flour from the French Laundry

Here’s Jamie doing a hip mobility warm-up series called the “Agile 8s” (click here and scroll down for details on the warm-up).

Q&A with Jamie about prepping for Fight Gone Bad 6 at CFNYC:

1) How long have you been doing CrossFit? I started doing CF about 2 years ago, just before Thanksgiving of 2009.

2) Any guess as to how many times you’ve done FGB, the WOD? I have done FGB 3 or 4 times before, as a WOD. When I first started doing crossfit, the affiliate I went to didn’t have rowers or boxes, so we did a bunch of “something else went horribly wrong” type workouts a few times, which were always fun. I think the format of the WOD is great for getting people to push themselves to and beyond their capacities, and I wish we trained in this format more often.

3) What’s your most favorite/least favorite movements in this WOD? Is the minute of rest an okay answer? I think push-press or rowing is my favorite movement in the WOD. My strict press isn’t much greater than 95# or 100#, but I can rep out at 75# fairly well. Somehow I managed to get pretty good at rowing over the past year, and when I say pretty good, I mean by beginner standards. Least favorite movements have to be wallballs and box jumps. Sumo deadlift high pulls are close behind. Once the bar starts wobbling, it is tough to get it back under control and that can really mess with your rhythm. Now that I’ve covered all five movements…

4) Which will be more impressive: how much money you raised or how high your score is? I hope it’s the money raised. The last time I did this WOD was in April and I scored a 292. I was happy, but I’d really like to break 325 on this try. These numbers matter to me, but, at the end of the day, have no significance beyond the four walls of our gym. If I can raise some money to help someone who lost a parent or loved one protecting the freedom’s all of us take for granted, then I think that is worth much more than any number that goes up on the whiteboard.

5) Why are you participating and why should others join in? The short answer is because it’s fight gone bad. The real reason why I am participating is for the causes it supports, the Special Operations Warrior Fund and Camp Patriot directly benefit the loved ones of those that have paid the ultimate price for things we take for granted. These individuals and their families have given their lives, the least we as a crossfit community can do is give 17 minutes.

You can donate to Jamie’s FGB6 page here.

Join Jamie in the fight by joining our team for FGB6 @ CFNYC!

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s WOD:

A: Mobility Work

B: Four Rounds For Time @80% Effort
Row 500 Meters
Rest 3 Minutes


  • Jamie

    Red-Eye Reduction?

  • kevin p

    Bus service is running. Subways need water to be drained from tracks and stations then need to be tested before passenger trains can travel. LIRR and Metro North both have extensive flooding and trees in the way of tracks. In a nutshell there is still a lot that has to be done. Just because you’re not knee deep in water doesn’t mean there wasn’t damage don’t that needs to be repaired.

  • kevin p

    Damage “Done that doesn’t need to be repaired”.

  • 315/315/335
    60 du
    3 burpee backtucks

    • Richard

      “Front handspring step out, round-off backhandspring step-out, round-off back handspring, full-twisting layout.”

      • erika

        don’t forget the spirit fingers.

        THOSE aren’t spirit fingers.. THEEEEEEESE are spirit fingers.

    • Jeff


  • Cassie

    15 DU with a skip in between..more practice needed..i would like to try the “canad-unders” from now on
    caroline we will miss you, come back to visit with your new american husband!

    • Richard

      Ditto, Caroline – 615 won’t be the same without you!

  • Michael C


    65 DU

  • Jai

    Hi, everyone. Thought you might be interested in an alert I just received. After Irene, blood bank supplies are low and likely to drop lower due to the upcoming holiday weekend. If you can, please donate.

    • Thanks for posting this. I used to donate regularly but had to stop because of having low iron stores.

      If you’re healthy to donate, you should. If you’re tough enough for crossfit, you’re tough enough to give blood!

  • Nick W.

    215, 225, 245, 265, 285
    8 double unders, my nemesis

  • A. 175lbs
    B. 35

  • Caroline

    A. 143-163-183
    B. 29 Canada-Unders, 15ish America-Unders.. got bored

    I am going to miss you all more than I can say. You have an amazing community at this box and passionate knowledgable coaches.
    6.15 you are such a great group or athletes and the only people I would want to workout with so early in the morning. Thank you for all the PRs Sara, no way I would have multiple strict pullups without you!!!
    All the best
    Caroline (Vancouver, Canada)

    • erika

      aw, i’m so sad i missed you! good luck with everything caroline!!!

  • Sam G

    5/3/1 deadlift 95%

    5@ 280
    3@ 317
    5@ 355 Very Happy up 2 reps since last 95% and 10lbs, could have did six but my hook grip mixed grip was getting serious.

    Assisted exercises
    15x 10 reverse hypers, off my ghd in my garage

    60 body weight push ups.

    102 double unders, stopped because my back started to hurt jumping on concrete is not a good idea.

  • Hooray for a deload week.

    DL’s at 195#, nice and easy at this weight.
    36 DU, PR

  • Steve Slo

    Work got canceled and so I caught the 3pm class.
    #185 DL’s.
    2 Double Unders (sadly, that IS a PR)

    Worked on the snatch and the snatch balance after class.

  • Jim S

    205 / 215 / 215
    Got 8 in a row once, 5 in a row twice and a whole lot of ugly triples.

  • Vince

    DLs 105-125-135

    DUs either 150 or zero, I still have no idea.

  • Annie

    A: 153
    B: 26

  • Hari

    A: 235, 255, 275
    B:8 (Down from 50!)

  • Ralph

    A: 245-265-285
    B: 25 (blah)

  • Eric

    A: 225, 245, 245 Very light but really trying to work on form and get out of the “more weight at all costs” mindset

    B: 12 LMAO!!!!!! I broke double digits. Hooray

  • Sanjay

    A: 165-165-165
    B: 139 double unders. The one thing I’m alright at!

  • Sofia

    A- 133-143-153
    B- 28 bleh

  • Jay

    225, 245, 245
    129 double unders