The Box Is Closed Until At Least 6:15 AM on Monday, August 29th

Stay tuned to the blog for details as to when exactly we will re-open.

If you do an at-home, indoor WOD, post to comments.

If you’ve previously survived a hurricane, post experience to comments.

If you need inspiration on at-home, indoor WODs, check this list of Vacation WODs (some of which can be adapted to an indoors setting). And don’t forget the classic “Jailhouse 10.”

Picture courtesy of the Be Better blog.

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Here’s what’s on tap for Monday’s WOD:

A: Deadlift 5-5-5 @ 70% effort with perfect form
B: Over the course of 20 minutes: Find max unbroken double unders


  • Ralph

    Did Murph tonight w/o the 2 mile run in my basement (treadmill wasn’t working). 41:58

  • Sam G

    60 Burpees for time:

    2:41, almost threw up.

  • Michael C

    Scaled “Angie”
    60 pullups
    60 pushups
    60 situps
    60 squats

    19:10. Doorway pullup bar made kipping tough

  • Angelika

    10 rounds.

    10 hand release push ups, 15 squats.


  • Madeleine

    CrossFit Zurich ( is kind enough to have me as a guest this week.

    Five rounds for time:
    3 cleans
    20 burpees.

    105#, 13:38.

  • Hari

    Bloomberg Hype: It’s going to be worse than a CrossFit Hero WOD.
    Reality: It was like 10 minutes on the eliptical.

    I can see hedging his bets, but the subways didn’t need to be shut down until midnight. (How many hours could it take to move the subway cars to where ever they needed to park?)

    The busses didn’t need to shut down at all. If the City was safe for cars, it was safe for busses.

    • Michelle

      Eight hours I read

      • Hari

        And at 8:00 PM on Saturday, when the system was fully shut down, the storm was still 12 hours away. The trains could have shut down at 8:00 PM, and the busses could have run to midnight.

        • Michelle

          I think the people who drive the vehicles had to get home hari 🙂 though it appears some of them must have slept in the bodegas . And the great news was that the town shop was open today. Because everyone needs bras and underwear in a storm.

    • Steve Slo

      “Emergency preparedness, done right, means getting shit on 95% of the time for being overly cautious, and then being declared a visionary the other 5% of the time.”

      – I think I had a scoutmaster who said that.

      • keller

        good quote

  • Peter F

    5 rounds for time

    10 HS Pushups
    10 pullups
    20 squats
    20 pushups
    10 burpees


    And earlier today…. tabata double unders. Low score was 5. Not too great, but it helped quell the boredom.

  • Zoe

    There’s a weight room in my building, so I did the mainsite WOD from a few days ago:

    5 rds
    15 deadlifts (135#)
    15 toes to bar

    13:07… That was rough on grip, I felt like my time could have been better. Having some chalk would have helped too, since at the end I could only get a few reps before sliding off the bar for the T2B, even though I felt like I could have kept going.

  • Kevin K

    Bikram. Lame.

  • Jason L.

    100 burpees with a #20 vest in 7:15