Friday snatching

A. Snatch practice

B: WOD (Compare to 100816)

Three Rounds For Time:
30 Wall Balls 20#/14# (Post Elements 14#/10#)
30 Squat Snatches 75#/53# (Post Elements 45#/33#)

The new rules of strength training
9 tips for coaching technique
“Once you are real, you can’t be ugly”
Tweaking traditional diets: The template
How to dump sugar…for good
Hook grip or not overhead

Walk like a duck:

* * * * *
Here’s a preview of Saturday’s WOD:

A: Press 15-12-9

Three Rounds For Time:
Run 400 Meters
30 Thrusters 65/43 (Post Elements: 20 Reps)
30 Pull-Ups (Post Elements: 20 Pull-Ups)


  • Dan

    I’d like to find a website / iPhone app to track WOD progress (particularly weights used and time to completion). Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

    • Richard

      I’m a very big fan of “beyond the whiteboard.”

    • Michael C

      Such a great idea I decided to search. I found the “WOD-CrossFit Logger” for the iphone. It costs $4 but it has good reviews. So far so good.

  • Sara

    18:36. This one sucks.

  • Erika


    19:44 22# bar, 10# ball. So tough

    • Richard

      Love it!

      • erika

        you would! 🙂

        • Cassie

          of course he’s Dickie

  • erika

    PS – good luck to will and peter & anyone else competing in the subway series tomorrow! WERK!!!!!!

  • Michael C

    15:32 #20, #45
    Definitely underestimated this WOD.

  • Matt M

    15:42 rx’d

  • Cassie

    what a great wod after a 3 week hiatus…great to be back!

    18:19, 33# on the snatches..

    • Welcome back! Great to see you back at the box…

  • Cassie


  • 75# – Scaled volume to 20 reps per round – 19:57

    …hard to the core…

  • Alex P

    Dan is pretty good. I think it has an app, but I’m not sure.

  • Manny

    14:58 or something. Scaled to 45# hang snatch because I suck at snatches.

  • Jason W

    19:52 rx’d

    wallballs: (30) (10-10-10) (15-10-5)
    snatches (10-5-5-5-5) (5-5-5-5-5-5) (Malcom X)

    not my finest day. the less time you spend overhead and in the hang position, the better off you’re going to be. the key is to keep the bar moving on those snatches. if you pause at full extension overhead, you’ve lost. if you pause at the hang on the way down you’ve lost.

    I’ve used WOD and Mainsite Tracker apps. None work as well as beyond the whiteboard which, rumor has it, is coming out with an iphone app soon-ish.

  • Jamie F.

    5/5/Max @ 315 LBS – 11 Reps

    Wall-Ball/Snatch Couplet:
    33:08 RX’d.

    Not my finest hour. But stuck through it. I think what Jason said made a lot of sense. Was hanging out with weight overhead for way too long and it ended up taxing me when it didn’t need to.

    • Same here…looking back I held some of those for a few seconds each. Maybe if I didn’t I’d have gas in the tank for a 4th round of 20 (my contingency plan). As it happened I was utterly destroyed after 60 reps of each. There’s always next time…

  • Sophie

    Here is the link to the August Newsletter, if you did not receive it via email, please let me know.

    email: srblahdATgmailDOTcom
    subject: newsletter distribution

  • Nick W.

    That sucked.
    20#, 45# hang snatches: 18:49
    Just started an account on Beyond the Whiteboard and so far so good….

  • Jeff

    I’m only halfway through the Bret Contreras article. It’s awesome.

    • Sean M

      “The spine was meant to stay in neutral your entire life and should never be moved. For this reason, side bends and Russian twists are out, along with getting out of bed, tying your shoes, sitting, and picking up loose change off the ground.”

      Best line.

  • Justin Katz

    Wall Balls 20#
    Squat Snatches 22#
    Thank you Cassie for the birthday wish!
    Great job today and welcome back!
    You were truly missed!

  • kevin p

    Thanks to Adam R and Carlos for checking out the play! Great seeing you guys there!

    • Carlos

      Everyone: This weekend is your last chance to see Kevin’s play, and it’s phenomenal.

      • Adam R

        Agreed. Kevin gives a great performance, the play is intense and intimate, I highly recommend it.

  • Madeleine

    19:59, 53# power snatches.

  • Annie

    Kevin – I was planning on seeing it on Sunday but now it looks like the hurricane is going to make it difficult. Hopefully it doesnt end up being so bad!

    • Richard

      …and I’m with Annie!

  • keller

    speaking of hurricanes – any schedule updates we should know about for the weekend or will they be announced as we see how this pans out? i am planning on running through gale force winds to get down there tomorrow and sunday!

  • **Mandatory** evacuation of Zone A (see yesterday’s map link)

    …per the mayor –

  • Hari

    We will have a 9:00 AM and a special 10:00 AM WOD on Saturday. We will close Saturday at 11:00, unless we announce otherwise. We will be closed on Sunday, unless we announce otherwise.

  • Annie

    Thanks Hari for having a 9am and 10am! I will obviously be there for the later time 🙂

  • kevin p

    Tonight is my final show. Come check it out! It will be amazing.

  • Jeff B.

    Kevin, It kills me I’m missing your show. Frickin’ hurricane!

    19:48 Rx

  • Eric

    Break a leg Kevin! I was going to check it out this weekend, but the hurricane blocked me too.

  • Ari

    17:29 RX’ed
    That was a sneak attack, way harder than expected.

  • Annie

    24:25 (14#/42#)
    Thanks to our new coach sully!! you were very helpful

  • Ralph

    First DNF tonight.

    My lower back felt all kinds of messed up after round 1 with just the 45# bar. Pretty disappointed, but what can you do? Can’t wait ’til Monday so I can try to redeem myself.

  • Kevin K

    Thanks for doing the 9 and 10 tomorrow. See you then.

  • Steve Slo

    Wow… Trader Joes is so fucked right now.

    • Steve Slo

      …but more on topic…

      First round at #53
      Second and Third rounds at #45

      Full-squat snatches quickly became power-snatch/front-squat combos
      Not my finest hour.

  • Sam G

    5/3/1 Squat

    7@275 up one rep and 5 pounds, will take it had fun squatting with Alex and Sean, give me feedback that i defiantly need.

    Assisted exercises
    3×10 reverse Hypers on GHD
    Snatch 95lbs x12